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Movie Comments

MANSMAN 03/30/2018
Damon is gorgeous.......GOOD FLICK.....

masstiehemd 03/30/2018
not terrible this last video of men at play. Damon Heart was a lot more sexy in a tie suit in "Rain Date". Although I appreciate a beautiful body without horrible tattoos (like those of Teddy Torres !!! on the other hand I do not like the look of Teddy - excuse me - and in this particular sequence! He does not wear with elegance and ease the tie suit and soon he gets rid of it. Good! never mind! it will be for next week .... or more .... we are still faithful to MAP, this is the only site where we can see porn - costumes ties socks, shoes - quality and varied. I do not want Teddy in particular, but there are actors we like, a little, a lot, passionately, madness (like Hector) and not at all!

Rainer75 03/30/2018
Now, Teddy Torres ended up with MAP, after he pretty much plowed through all the other porn studios. He is certainly a sociable, comradely, funny and nice guy, but in a suit he seems completely out of place and feels visibly uncomfortable - at least he wears it to the last, but probably only to hide his gruesome tattoes. The chance to establish Damon Heart as a suit icon has been messed up and the action lags to standard porn levels. No nice easter egg for the MAP fans and a renewed wait for next week starts. Too bad.

Suitman63 03/30/2018
Will you never learn...

jeremy_hunk 03/30/2018
Teddy Torres is absolutely HOT ! Would love to see him more here in MAP. Looking forward to see him again ... naked !

sockswpb 03/30/2018
.. it seems they don't. ....

eiswirth821 03/31/2018
Nice load from Damon to finish off this hot scene.

margaret1 03/31/2018
Great scene. Love both models. Personally I don't care for tattoos but an appreciate those who do.. Teddy your a even with tat's! To me Im pretty sure that sporting them has no effect on your performance. Damon your a hunk. woof

tiedupsuit 03/31/2018
Damon looked absolutely amazing in the Rain movie. Enjoyed seeing him on the receiving end, but would have been so much hotted had he been perfectly suited and remained suited throughout

masstiehemd 03/31/2018
ok with you dear Rainer75

Suitman63 03/31/2018
it is one of those I glance at and can't be bothered to watch even once

kevdesu 03/31/2018
I don't really care about the complaints of tattoos but the movies that I enjoy and a lot of people here enjoy are the movies that involve messy suits, ties, squares, whatever. A few of the latest movies such as Mentor, Reckless, and Rain Date were amazing. I think the audience wants more of that.

musclefucks 04/01/2018
Mmmmm - Mr Torres shows lots of promise ...

mtmslg 04/01/2018
Damon is sexy, but Torres looks VERY uncomfortable in his clothes. (And the tattoos are RIDICULOUS . . . So thank you for covering them up as much as possible)

loosetie13 04/02/2018
Love Torres' sexy tie! Where is that from?

Matt Jordan 04/03/2018
With the blue skinny blade? Thats a Tommy Hilfiger

loosetie13 04/11/2018
Thanks! Thought it might be.

robicart 09/02/2018
Why directors and/or actors think that spitting in the other guy's mouth is sexy completely eludes me!

robicart 09/02/2018
Damon and Teddy are very sexy.