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Movie Comments

stardusted 04/20/2018
Damon heart, back to back, why?

musclefucks 04/20/2018
Manuel is such a stud, what a fucker! Good chemistry between the guys, great performances, thank you gents

blaze 04/20/2018
Very sexy, very good film. Well done guys.

explorer310 04/21/2018
Great video. Love Manuel Skye - what a stud! Should pair him with Denis Vega.

Suitman63 04/21/2018
Where did you get that fabulous double breasted suit?

tiedupsuit 04/22/2018
I agree. Gorgeous double breasted suit. Loved seeing it splattered with cum. Hope you were able to clean it up for a future movie.

brian74 04/23/2018
Well done!!

williamk 04/23/2018
Manuel and Danie Robles please. They would drown in the cum!

raven 04/26/2018
Damon and Manual get better with each new installment and were especially passionate with each other with this latest installment. I like their stunning physiques, their nice, conservative grooming, their dearth of tattooing, their cleanly shaven butts and balls, and the energy they put into their sex. The pairing was quite passionate and seemingly enjoyed by both men. I am happy to see Damon eliminate more of his feminine mannerisms with each new production. Indeed, I believe I would enjoy joining these men for a threesome, or at least as a fly on the wall. Thanks for your extraordinary performance! RAVEN

stardusted 04/28/2018
More Manuel sky

raven 05/17/2018
Couldn't resist watching these hot, beautiful men go at each other again. Manuel and Damon have beautiful bodies, impeccable grooming, tremendous energy and give each other passionate climaxes with voluminous ejaculates. The photography was superb. The only thing lacking is a flip fuck by Damon with Manuel. I think Damon could pull it off with confidence and gusto. Thanks for this pairing. I hope you will keep working with them! RAVEN

raven 08/23/2018
I especially enjoy returning for another helping of Manny and Damon and trust you will provide their audience with another helping now and again. Damon has come a long way with Manny's coaching and it would be great to see them again with another script/scenario. Thanks for the entertainment! RAVEN

Choco 09/02/2018
Hi all, I’m new. This is my first time log in however the loading part seems slow. Understand it might be network connections, just want to know is that any tips to smooth up the loading part?