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Movie Comments

MANSMAN 04/06/2018

musclefucks 04/06/2018
Nice sex, Logan is a good top, and he's looking so good too

Frits600 04/07/2018
Very nice. Great sex. And very nice hot suits!!

mtmslg 04/07/2018
Beautiful suits. Very sexy. Adding Logan to any film raises the bar!

Jc9022 04/08/2018
Loved Logan wanking Damon Almost to cum them stopped, complete tease and control over him. Great tan lines on Logan too very nice. I’m a big fan of underwear so would like to see more of that.

CutawayShirt 04/08/2018
Both actors are fantastic. Thank you so much, I want more!

Sabypierre 04/08/2018
Scène très excitante. Logan Moore est plus beau que jamais et son partenaire est également très séduisant. En outre il garde sa chemise pour jouir dessus ce qui manque parfois dans des séquences précédentes. Bref, du bon boulot.

oliverg 04/09/2018
effectivement assez excitant dommage qu'il n'y en ait pas plus sur la cravate

masstiehemd 04/10/2018
je suis ok avec cet opinion

loosetie13 04/11/2018
Very hot. Logan looks hot as always - especially in a loose tie. Damon is sexy as too, would love to see him loosen that tie of his one day soon.

loosetie13 04/11/2018
Where are Damon's shirts from? Love MAP's choice of shirts - definitely stands you out from other sites.

Suitman63 04/13/2018
Yes the kit is nice but I fail to see what all the fuss is about - it's all a bit crass and unclear, are they supposed to be roommates who suddenly fancy each other when doing some acting role, makes no sense at all. And I am afraid I have wholly gone off Damon.

DesertMan 04/16/2018
Logan is all man. Great body. Beautiful dick. I prefer men. Damon should butch it up several notches. If I wanted a girl, I'd get an R.G. This could have been an exceptional video if you had cast two MEN at play.

rickdick 05/18/2018
Logan should use less steroids his ass would not be so full of pimples

oliverg 05/25/2018
La cravate est tellement sexy surtout avec quelques traces sugestives