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Movie Comments

jeremy_hunk 02/02/2018
A refreshing scene, a different setting and story line. Jean Franko is a picture of masculinity with a beautiful uncut cock. Great to see Eliad again. HOT

Jon62 02/02/2018
Nice one ! Would have liked that jacket ripped up the vent - would have been a nice additional touch. And, oh yes, white shirt rather than blue....But otherwise pretty good.

musclefucks 02/02/2018
Viva Jean Franko eterno

mojado69 02/03/2018
Damn, this is hot!! Absolutely sexy. A long time fantasy enacted!! Please, more wet, messy scenes.

jamiewet 02/03/2018
Always want to see wet clothing

masstiehemd 02/03/2018
With this new video, we make fun of fetish wet suit.... I like. Two small observations: I am not a fan of Isaac, I do not seem very elegant in his suit; As for Jean Franko I find his final shoot a little soft and not far enough on the tie of his partner (detail you say) in better reference the remastered movie "pool service". finally do not sulk our pleasure: good times - good video

Sherman 02/03/2018
Jean has a handsome hairy body and a great hairy cock. Enjoyed every minute of him and his hairy cock. Issac has no cock size and no hair and a bad partner for Jean. Jean deserves better with another partner and shows more enjoyment but that did not come off. No chemistry between the two of them. I will wait for next week to see what Men at Play will present us. The last five videos have been pretty boring. Good luck on future Men.

Rainer75 02/03/2018
Jean is really a man of splendor with a divine body (and gets a boner in cold, chlorinated water!). Chapeau! Eliad is also an interesting guy with "dachshund"-eyes. Unfortunately I miss his ejaculation - as a porn actor, that should not be a problem for him - even though the wet element might not be his thing. Bad. At the end we saw where the condom Jean was wearing was left - but where did he bring it? Mysterious...

bootrac2 02/04/2018
Wow! So very hot! Love guys getting wet in their suits and ripping too! Perfect!

eiswirth821 02/05/2018
I love the scenario -- and the gorgeous pool room -- but only one cumshot? Unforgivable.

fredbadguy 02/08/2018
I love wet suit. Why not a scenario in suit to a sauna ? A sweaty suit and tie...

shinysho 02/10/2018
Seeing him step into the water with his shiny shoes and lovely suit … so hot

shinysho 02/10/2018
Seeing him step into the water with his shiny shoes and lovely suit … so hot

halpofein 03/03/2018
Jean is perfection.

underarmour001 03/11/2018
More guys getting fucked with their suits completely. Rip a hole in the ass, throw their legs up, point those shoes to the ceiling and fuck.

Suitsfan 10/07/2020
I love the wet suit & tie (including black leather dress shoes) pool action - and the trouser ripping is definitely the best way to fuck a guy in a suit! I'd agree that, having trashed the trousers, Franko may as well have ripped the jacket right up the centre vent as well, but I loved the way he threw Eliad back into the pool when he'd finished with him - so hot!