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Movie Comments

505cents 08/21/2015

Mcleader 08/21/2015
More of Mr. Castle please. Woof!

markbound 08/21/2015
Very hot! Always love the doctor involved scenarios and this one even better with a surprise flip. Two hot men fucking wildly, love it!

LORIS 08/21/2015
Well, not an achievement this movie - James Castle is fine and I enjoy watching his tight collar especially while rimming his partner's asshole. Jose Quevedo is handsome, very handsome, but somehow not involved in the action - lack of passion that reminds

olderbutsexy 08/21/2015
Thanks gents ;) good work

Paul 08/22/2015
This is probably one of my favorites. I love then kissing with shirts and ties on most of time. Thank you for the great work.

NylonOTCs 08/22/2015
Very well done!!!...loved it. This had what I really like here. Two HOT fucking machines, fantastic shots of the OTC nylon socks..Whoa!...Super good MAP!....Just what the doctor ordered!...Thanks! Can't wait to see Jose and James in more like this!!!

stardusted 08/23/2015

itsbest19 08/25/2015

Suitsfan 08/25/2015
Both guys are very good-looking, and James Castle is especially sexy (albeit best viewed when his over-sized back tattoo is under cover). The highlight of this video for me, though, is in the last minute, when Jose shoots over James' neck and chest, then

auhottie 08/26/2015
Fantastic. One of the best. Great work. More of these two please.

dsmale 08/27/2015
sound lost partway through

robicart 08/27/2015
I really like Jose's look!

tvforeverus 08/28/2015
I am I the only one totally in love with Jose Quevedo? God a real man with a real body on MAP...I can get lost in that hairy body any day. I cannot wait for the sequel and the trequel where the good doctor fucks his way in and out of our fair MAP hospital

ilst 09/14/2015
You're certainly not the only one!! How he hesitantly allows himself to enjoy James' shoulder massage more and more, so erotic. And what his slow undressing reveals step by step, sigh!! I fell for him immediately ....

hotnuts 01/07/2016
Gross! what are those? Anal warts?

johnbh50 01/22/2016
No. Skin tags. Perfectly harmless and very common. Could be some in your future.

scottt31 08/01/2016
Far too much oooohing and aaaahing during the sexual activity. Why do directors think we are incapable of appreciating their artistic efforts without this annoyingly repetative and often desultory soundtrack. An occasional "Oh my God!" followed by "You'r

blotski 10/14/2016
Two amazing guys spoiled by some awful photography. The second cumshot was dreadful, no face and half the dick missing.

Robin 10/06/2022
Wish there would be more scenario like this.