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Movie Comments

lovnmen88 02/06/2015
Can we please get more videos with both partners wearing suits? This scene is hot but I'm paying for a suit fetish site, this is a little disappointing.

abc375266731 02/06/2015
love theo

Matt Jordan 02/06/2015
why can you not get what you want from the fetish from one guy wearing a suit? Do you not think the dynamic is more interesting when one guy is rougher - it creates a tension between suit wearer and casual guy?

BlackTie2006 02/06/2015
great outfit loved the cutaway collar and big windsor knot, so sex to see him get dirty in it but such a pity the tie came undone and off so suddenly when that is the most important aspect, wish he could have stayed fully suited with his tie the whole time.

BlackTie2006 02/06/2015
I agree Matt I like the rough with the suit, but the shirt, tie and suit should have stayed on.

woodyalert 02/06/2015
I'm so glad to see Theo back - and with my favorite!!

skibutt 02/06/2015
Hey Matt, I totally agree with you. Having one guy suited and the other naked, partially naked or in work clothes makes the suited guy so much more vulnerable and that increases the sexual tension. Then again you already knew that I like that.. Andy

Jon62 02/07/2015
Great to see suited guy getting messed up but, yes, would have liked suit to stay on till end and get even more trashed. But loved it... Nice to see Axel again too.

suitstudda 02/07/2015
I also with you Matt. If we are not risky, we will die. Finally, when will we see Landon Conrad and other guys in upcoming videos.

brisgay 02/07/2015
The kissing and passion between the two as they were fucking was HOT!

RQUEST 02/07/2015
I expected more; even different. I know you try variations on situations and scenes etc., but this flick was not hot on my cock at all. now The Shaft Room with Axel Brooks sends my rocket flying so to speak. Axel is a super hottie in a suit and shoes. I put in my vote for more suit-sex scenes with otc and shoes like Shaft Room.

Rainer75 02/07/2015
Shit on the "dynamic"!! What can be more dynamic when two ( or more ) suited men clash? Once a month the idea with the mixing may be o.k. but not in general. No - I don't agree.

Matt Jordan 02/07/2015
So , reading between the lines - you only like films with OTC socks in?

masstiehemd 02/07/2015
Once again there is debate! Subscribed to us in a site with theme on the fetishism of the suit and tie? Thus it has to answer the need for the customers!! And I agree with "lovmen88". Since first stages or I subscribed to MAP there is more and more relinquishment of the suit and tie during the last videos. We also know that you try to widen your clientele and thus videos become very often of commonplace porn movie, as we can see on "MEN". I propose an agreement to be tolerant: at least a video by month, the action ends or one of the actors is still in suit and tie and what his partner cums on his tie knot and on the shirt collar.... It is possible? I feel ready to support the other directions!!! I d'nt leave MAP because the quality of the videos are very good and the suit, shirt and tie that the actors are dressed are very good.

olderbutsexy 02/07/2015
Hot sex gents, congrats to cast and crew. Alex is such a pro and Theo certainly gives it to him :)

Matt Jordan 02/07/2015
SORRY SORRY SORRY BUT I MUST MAKE MY CASE ON THIS MATTER ( AGAIN, not sure how many times Ive had to do this in 13 years but anyway) . Since the beginning of January, did you not see the movie Vegas Vice? In this film DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT see 2 guys in suits one of which kept his suit on till the very end of the scene - the shirt and tie and suit completely fully on until cum shot. ON which other gay porn website can you see this??? Please tell me? CASE NUMBER 2 In this month also DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT see the movie Dr Ford, when a brand new handsome model to Menatplay is dressed impeccably in a suit from the first second till the last and becomes covered in cum having not taken off the tie, the suit, not unbuttoned one button of his shirt. AGAIN what porn site does this IN SPITE OF THE FACT that scenes where the suit is kept on are less profitable to the company than those where the suits come off. CASE 3 IN the movie also IN THIS MONTH, did you not see a brand new model to Menatplay Jalil Jafar wearing an amazing suit which he wore for most of the movie, fucking the guy , keeping fully suited, after which he took his suit off to then fuck the guy again.CASE number 4 ( oh theres only 4 weeks in a month so my rant must be nearly over) Last weeks film THE CATS AWAY had Robbie Bonanova Dressed in a suit ( having never been seen in porn so well dressed) again right through to fucking after which he took off the suit and tie for another turn at fucking . My final point is that last weeks film THE CAT's AWAY is infact the best selling film on Menatplay for over 2 YEARS. We HAVE to put in 'Normal Porn' to keep the business going so that we can , as we have demonstrated this month, keep the suit and tie fetish part of the site going. It is for YOU the members that we do this. WE CANNOT, produce suit and tie 100% fetish porn because unfortunately ( and remember I say this as a suit and tie fetishist myself ) Menatplay would not survive on this alone. SO to sum up. Please look back of the last few weeks and admit that there HAS NOT been " more and more relinquishment of the suit and tie during the last videos" and that we have intact kept up a balance of suits V flesh porn to enable Menatplay to continue . NO OTHER SITE does this. NO OTHER SITE knows how to dress a man to his best. Please note that and Appreciate it. Thanks Matt Jordan

sparty 02/07/2015
Great scene Matt, one of your best! Loved all the kissing and Axel, welcome back. Thanks Matt.

skibutt 02/07/2015
Excellent retort Matt! You can argue a case for me any day! Hang in there man. A

masstiehemd 02/07/2015
OH ! oh! cool Matt I have seen all the different videos that you describe! I m not against you. I m an old subscipter!!!! and I love your site.....

louse 02/08/2015
You put your case well, but there was no need. People seem to be blind (as a result of the watching the site too much?). I'm a big fan and I don't resent the mix of videos at all. Keep up the great work!

tiedupsuit 02/09/2015
Totally hot scenario and movie. Love seeing a handsome man get "dirty" in his suit. Hope to see more in the future.

hornymancholudo 02/09/2015
love all the kissing stuff especially when he kisses under his shoulders

tiedupsuit 02/11/2015
Had it watch it again. Something very arousing about a handsome suit getting all dirty. Love the scenerio too. Maybe next time the tables can be turned and the suit gets even more messed up.

auhottie 02/15/2015
Awesome to see Axel Brooks again - he is a sexy fucker. Theo is very fine too.

johnny5 03/04/2015
There is a comment below noting that this site has been up and running for 13 years catering to gents who prefer suited sex in various forms....that in itself is pretty damn cool. Really enjoyed this clip especially the kissing, fondling and of course Theo's suit getting all messed up, a crowning touch making the whole scenario that much hotter ( for me at least!)! Keep up the great work....LOVE IT!

Suitsfan 04/05/2015
Having Axel deliver the line "I don't give a shit about your suit" at the start of this video really raised my hopes of a genuine suit-trashing to follow! Theo's smart jacket did at least get a bit dirty with plaster dust (or whatever), but it would have been a great opportunity for some suit ripping - or some shirt ripping, at least. Another time, I hope! ;-)

RICHPLAYEC 04/27/2015

joedoe1000 05/16/2015
I am so glad to be back to Menatplay as a to read the comments section...LOL. This scene is one of the best that I have seen at MAP (and Matt Jodan...those are big words coming from me a sheer sock fan lover). Axel and Theo's chemistry was outrstanding and the views of the penetration of Axel well done. Of course....with nice sheer socks will be better for me...but it works. THanks Matt for this scene. Bring Axel back!

[email protected] 09/22/2017
Hi love this one had seen some pics on pinterest, and liked the suit getting mucked up so hot thanks

aidenzhang 06/30/2018
The passion between them is soooo sexy! Nice job!!!!