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Movie Comments

kyleisbird 09/11/2015
Would like to see Hector's socks and playing bottom role

505cents 09/11/2015
Flex is sexy

loosetie13 09/11/2015
I my goodness guys - this one was sexy as hell. Best this year, perhaps? It brought to mind Boardroom Files IV, but even hotter! Loved Xavi loosening his tie and then keeping it loose for ages, and when he did take it off he kept his sexy white shirt on f

loosetie13 09/11/2015
Plus - loving the beards! Men look so hot with them.

joedoe1000 09/11/2015
Later I will submit my comments

olderbutsexy 09/11/2015
Super hot stuff gents, a great movie, profound thanks to all concerned. Lovely guys, Xavi is a gem and Flex is magnificent in every way. I go for dark, bearded guys with muscles and big cocks, so your casting is spot-on for me; but just for a change,

Jgland24 09/11/2015
More manservant sex

olderbutsexy 09/11/2015
And, such a lot cum from Xavi ... a class act

otc_socks 09/12/2015
So boring nothing special no black otc socks. Scenes like this you can find by the douzins.

joedoe1000 09/12/2015
I have mixed feelings for this scene: 1. This is the 2nd movie in which Hector de Silva keep pants and shoes on. Why Hector did not undress and let other actors at least lick his ass? Versatility is critical for any actor at MAP. 2. Definetely this is a

NylonOTCs 09/12/2015
Good flick! doubt... However, Xavi and Hector needed to lose the shoes playing with Flex!. Relax with shoes off and ready to maneuver that hot mouth and ass of Flex!!!...Esp. Xavi climbing up on an expensive table with shoes on!..Mother wouldn't like

everhard12321 09/12/2015
Well, I just shot my load and hit the ceiling. How about the rest of you?

limerick 09/12/2015
Hot scene! Hector is so very handsome!!

marcekeller 09/12/2015
Good movie. But I would like to see more of Dallas Steele, Axel Brooks, Thomas Brand and Adam Champ.

Ryans 09/13/2015
I loved the manservant, butler theme. Great. Please let the manservant wear a butleroutfit ? But a good direction.

Ryans 09/13/2015
I loved the manservant, butler theme. Great. Please let the manservant wear a butleroutfit ? But a good direction.

Timmaness 09/13/2015
More Xavi please. His dominant presence is very hot.

Getcrossed 09/13/2015
I like Héctor da Silva!!! He is really great!!! He should fuck Denis Vega!!!

Mike24467 09/13/2015
Flex the best man of the world.

hugo2014 09/17/2015
so freakin' sexy and hot! WOW

germansuitguy 09/17/2015
01:10: "No need to get dressed." Great strapline for the new MAP! I'm a bitch, I know.

raven 09/17/2015
Great threesome! Your best since Gentlemen was produced some time ago. Any chance of a double penetration? Would enjoy seeing these handsome, well-endowed men together for another business meeting. The perform very well together. Good job! RAVEN

Sam1101 09/18/2015

hotsuit 09/19/2015
agreed with Raven, best since Gentlemen

kapukane 09/26/2015
Ok now this was hot!

chashenrybas 10/03/2015
yummy threesome

kbmack1 10/04/2015
best movie in awhile, would have been better without pants! no OTC's was a big disappointment.

stardusted 10/05/2015
would like to see this hot men with there otc showing

glins 10/22/2015
great movie and this guy flex is something good.....he really know howto please another man

leogreg 10/23/2015
A very hot all male action. Very hot tongue kissing. My dick (penis) is hard like a rock when looking at the video.

BradMorganLDN 11/03/2015
Nothing sexier than guys who wear a fitted, tailored suit! HOT! I worked in the City for 17 years and would have a hard on walking around the office

ovg23 11/08/2015
The kissing in this one is intense!

Suitman2163 11/14/2015
I do love Hector in a suit and he has that I enjoy wearing one thing going on so lets have more of him going the distance dressed up

sparty 12/27/2015
I agree, loved it !