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Movie Comments

Sherman 03/10/2017
Jean, You did it again with your beautiful body. Enjoyed your large "hairy" cock and thanks for sharing your hairy ash hole. Nice. Also again a great cum shot on Dani's face and enjoyed him sucking your cock after your cum shot. Good video and enjoyed Dani's questions to you at the beginning and your straight answers. Jean, having sex three times a day, you certainly give great cum shots.........welcome back Jean. I did enjoy your video with Mike. That video was a "A" plus.

Sherman 03/10/2017
Jean, you are great. " Mantrap" was your best video with Mike. Mike has such a large thick, "hairy" cock and enjoyed you having Mike bounce up & down on you and then you finished with a good "cum shot". Your hairy. Large cock is a joy to see. Like you with no clothes on. Beautiful body.

Rainer75 03/10/2017
This Jean franco really is a "beast". Love him - guess how his cum tastes...

Mick4984 03/10/2017
Jean makes me go all funny, what a sexy ass. MAP used to be filled with videos of this quality now its only about once every 5 or 6 videos. We really need Jean to play a hardass boss who strips his junior employee of his clothes and his dignity and orders him to rim his lovely ass before spanking him then fucking him, MAP really needs a boss-employee video and soon

musclefucks 03/11/2017
Great work guys. Jean is an icon, a pounding sex machine ... and looking so good too. Thanks to all concerned

masstiehemd 03/11/2017
Bravo!!! J'aime beaucoup, en costume cravate un sur deux jusqu'au bout. et beaucoup de jus sur la chemise et la cravate. Très bien . ça devient rare mais ça vaut le coup de subir d'autres videos pas toujours à la hauteur de ce qu'on attend. Merci l'équipe Bravo!!! I like very much, in suit and tie one on two up to the end. And a lot of juices on the shirt and the tie. Very well. That becomes rare but that is worth undergoing other videos not always as high as what we wait. Thank you the team

Sugarman06 03/11/2017
Does Dani have a Foot Fetish? Pair him up with Vega for some foot fetish play and hot cumshots.

Sherman 03/11/2017
Men At Play..........your rating system is not right with Jean. You gave Medicate a 93 and. Mantrap a 76. "Mantrap" should have a much higher rating for Mike and Jean. The best part of this video was Mike with his. "Hairy" thick, large cock bouncing up and down on Jean's beautiful body with his "Hairy" large cock. This was a great scene and Jean's cum shot the best. These two men should have a 100 rating. Good video in months with the two gentlemen.

Matt Jordan 03/11/2017
Hi Sherman, we dont rate the movies - you the viewers do. The rating is an average of all the people who have voted on the scene. It isnt set by us thats up to you and everyone else!!!

NylonOTCs 03/12/2017
This was awesome, guys!!!...Jean and Dani are two HOT beautiful men!!!...Dani has a nice face, mouth, ass and loves nylon feet!!!..mmmmm fantastic, erotic, yum!!!...Thanks! MAP!

Sherman 03/12/2017
Matt Jordan, how & when do we vote????? Sherman

pascha2 03/12/2017
Hi, thank you to the director and photographer of the video for showing us the shoes of one of your beautiful models, they are exciting (models), the scenario is great, besides zooming on the shoes ... we love a lot. Michel from Quebec Canada

Sherman 03/13/2017
Wow.........Good video Matt are doing better. Matt, how do we vote for each of your video's?????????? This one deserved its rating. Great job.

Matt Jordan 03/14/2017
Hi Sherman, you vote by clicking on "HOT" or "NOT" . from the sounds of it for you this is definitely a "HOT"!!!

Sherman 03/14/2017
Matt Jordan.......Where do I vote on Men At Play.? At the beginning or per video. Is there a cat agony on thhe video where we. Vote? Thanks for your help. Sherman

Suitman63 03/14/2017
Prefer Franko when he is rougher and would like to see things getting mixed up a little more on here - Dani is a very good bottom but we've seen it too often now, there is more fizz when it is unexpected like when Hector got put in the Lion's Den.

Suitman63 03/14/2017
The voting facility is a good idea but I am far from convinced it ends up meaning anything as the vast majority of movie watchers don't bother and or are not representative.

Sherman 03/27/2017
Enjoyed the beginning with Dani asking Jean all the right questions about his sex life and at same time. Jean getting a large hard on with his large "hairy" cock. Good moving video. Jean is one of your best bodies on Men At Play "today".....handsome man. Enjoy every morning. Thanks.

joedoe1000 03/30/2017
Dani Robles is my favorite in suit..unfortunately neither actor was wearing sheer socks. Will wait for next scenes showing suit/sheer socked actors.

Sherman 04/15/2017
Jean, you have a great "hairy" long cock. Sexy....enjoyed you. Dani, you are boring with little hair and small cock.

Sherman 10/10/2017
Jean, again, you are the best with that "thick, black bush" and a good cock. You have a sexy body and provide all of with excitement. You give us all a hard on watching youk and would love to bury my face on your hairy thick bush and your cock. You just completed the "Jock & Gents video and that video shows your entire handsome body. Great job. More of you please. 10 October 2017.

Pozlthrsub 07/11/2020
Love Jean’s cum shot! Would of loved to drink that volipuminous load!!! Woooof!

marcantony2 09/09/2020
Day one and immediately I am impressed. Such talent available, I'm sure I will be a contented bunny every night.Thanks M.A.P.