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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 12/22/2017
the tie of Hector is ruined ...... with shit when he drives it in the ass of Andy .... awesome and exciting ..... and finally the sperm of Andy who ejaculates on this pretty tie. Andy's tie is beautiful orange and black for the other half - I have to find a tie like this !!! Good video especially with Hector my favorite- The games with ties is intense I like!

sockswpb 12/22/2017
2 hot guys!! great scene .

musclefucks 12/22/2017
VERY sexy film with top class porn performers who really connect; thanks gents! Andy is magnificent when he gets fucked and Hector is a superstar; only, please let's see his body again!

kevdesu 12/23/2017
This was one of the sexiest films I've seen all year. Great Christmas present!

kevdesu 12/23/2017
That orange tie is from Tommy Hilfiger.

kevdesu 12/23/2017
When he sticked that tie in his ass, that was so sexy. I wish there was more action like fucking him with the tie in his ass. That cum shot on the tie was so sexy.

mtmslg 12/23/2017
Nicely done. And thank you for NOT showing Hector fully naked. He is such a handsome, sexy man, but OMG, WTF was he thinking with those tattoos????

Suitman63 12/23/2017

Sherman 12/24/2017
Handsome gentlemen with nice surroundings. Enjoyed Andy’s black rim glasses and how serious he was in helping Hector with his speech. Hector, you needed to show Andy some excitement by sucking his cock. You did a great job in fucking his beautiful ass. Great cum shot Hector on Andy’s face. I still prefer the environment and the chemistry of the video of Check In and Check out. Handsome hairy large cocks.

masstiehemd 12/24/2017

raven 12/25/2017
Both Hector and Andy performed well but Hector would have looked better with a partner closer to his own athletic build. Even with his rather full beard, his professional business attire, conservative hair cut, hairy chest and respectable genitalia and ejaculate,Andy seemed kind of small next to Hector, but he took Hectors's ejaculate like a man. Trashing of a beautiful tie up your partner's ass does not turn me on in the least and is needless to say unsanitary,Guys. Andy should bulk up if he can, let his pubic hair grow out, keep a shirt on, but maintain his warm, thoughtful, kind and likable demeanor which seems authentic. Happy Holidays to Everyone at MAP! You are the Best! RAVEN

Dan1762 12/25/2017
Nice that they left their suits on so long. (Was hoping that I wouldn't have to see Andy Star's awful tattoos.) Excellent facial at the end. Necktie up the butthole was an extra nice touch.

trophyboy 12/28/2017
Andy is hot, cute, handsome and sweet. I would love to see him getting fucked by Flex, Denis or Enzo. He's the reason I joined MAP. Keep this guy around and I will definitely renew my subscription. Overall, I am satisfied with this site. I love the guys, I love suits and I love Castilian Spanish.

suitedcboy 12/28/2017
Hector never disappoints. Andy is proving to be one versatile stud. As a top or as a bottom he is great. The tie insertion was HOT. I would not have thought I would have been so aroused by something like that but WOW. Great Movie!

Suitsfan69 01/07/2018
Very much agree with both the suits being retained, and keeping Star's tats covered. He's a fab-looking guy, as long as they're disguised somehow . . . Whatever, he and Hector make a VERY handsome couple, and the video is hot!

kapukane 01/08/2018
Hot but guys please no lower back tattoos! ...and easy on the tattoos they are not attractive.

Suitsfan69 01/09/2018
A tie up the arse 'unsanitary'? Yes, I suppose it is - but licking your playmate's arse before shoving your cock in his hole probably doesn't quite meet medical hygiene standards, either.

Suitsfan69 01/09/2018
As you say, Hector never disappoints! I loved the way he ensured his tie was perfectly positioned to catch Andy's spunk load - which he then smeared around Andy's face. Even better, Hector shot his own load across Andy's handsome face, before proceeding to lick it partially clean while sharing passionate, cum-flavoured kisses. That's what I call a turn-on climax! Well done, MAP - and well done, Hector & Andy!

Suitsfan69 01/09/2018
PS: I found both of these things in Mentor dead sexy, though!!

RQUEST 01/13/2018

loosetie13 01/19/2018
Andy is amazing! Looking forward to seeing more of him. Loved loved loved his orange tie, as well as that pristine white cutaway shirt. Where was that from? Would love one myself :-)

musclefucks 08/29/2018
Such beautiful, classy men, such uninhibited, hot sex ... deffo on MAP's A-Team

tonejock 11/16/2018
Excellent facial at the end! Bring more scenes like this!

raven 04/08/2019
The facial that Hector gives Andy is iconic and allows one to overlook Andy's inking.Hector and Andy are a handsome pairing and enjoyable to behold! Thanks guys! RAVEN

robicart 06/05/2019
I love Hector's cum shot.