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Movie Comments

Rainer75 06/28/2013
Really nasty indeed and very stimulating! Good camerawork, exciting ankles and horny models! As Tina Turner sings: " You're simply the best! " Allow me two questions, please: Are there pics this time? Last two movies we didn't got some. Second: If Tomas

admin 06/28/2013
Hi Rainer, Thanks for the great feedback. Regarding the bareback issue although you do make a valid point, our choice to always use safe sex is not only for the protection of our guys. But also to set an example to people who may be watching our movies, e

bxlchris 06/28/2013
Great film! I particularly like the combination of suit & sleaze and how the backroom brought out the inner sleaze of the suited guy. It revived some happy horny memories for me! Keep up the good work!

joedoe1000 06/28/2013
You can never be wrong with Tomas and Logan. Next time lets see all actor wearing suits and see other positions (specially bottom actor lying on his back on a table with socked legs up while each top actor take his turn to get over the table to perform on

joedoe1000 06/28/2013
You can continue this series...with Nasty Boys 3

oikoik 06/28/2013
One of your best movies!! Nothing hotter then seeing a man being used by others while he is all suited up. Tie done up and everything!!! Honestly, I stopped watching when the tie was taken off and the shirt...but everything before that was incredible. T

hatetatoos-4-2 06/28/2013
Dear Matt and Rico: How do you do it? Week after week for the last eight or nine years you have produced sensual, gay films, and with few exceptions, handsome and sexy men. You are talented and brillant. This is a terrific movie. Logan Rogue never looke

MTKochie 06/28/2013
I agree and LOVE Justin Harris Bring him back :-)

olderbutsexy 06/28/2013
A real sex orgy! Logan and Tomas are excellent ...

lukitas1000 06/29/2013
I love Pau Casserras. Is the hottest boy I've seen! Congrats for the movie!

fuckedupincolle 06/29/2013
How are you guys commenting on the video? It says the downloads will be available on july 2nd here…

LORIS 06/29/2013
This is the movie we have been longing for since "Tease", if I remember well - a nice orgy in gay club somewhere... I m crazy about glory holes in real life and in a movies, love it ! Big plus - Logan all suited up almost till the end - so exciting ! Pau

Matt Jordan 06/29/2013
Hi, the movie is available to stream now so you can watch it online. It will be available to download an watch offline in a few days Matt

Virgoan 06/30/2013
Comments based on watching the video here. Was there ever a Nasty Boys 1?

Matt Jordan 06/30/2013
Yes there was a Nasty Boys (1) staring Axel Brooks. You can find it under his profile

tiedupsuit 07/02/2013
I agree. I too lost interest after the suit came off, as I usually do. Seeing Logan kneeling in a suit then receiving the facial was a total turn on.

I like to think that this is a married guy, on his way home from work, but he knows it is rush hour traffic and so he has an excuse to tell the wife why he's late. He just needs to figure out what tell her about the cum stains and why he's not horny to f

joedoe1000 07/02/2013
It will be great if in the future we can download the HD version of the scenes. MAP scenes are incredible hot, I am sure you can increase the membership and offer the HD version for download. The current versions for download still have too much pixelati

cassiolad 07/02/2013
Who's the guy with the incredible cock behind the glory hole in the scene with Tomas and Logan? More of him please!!

ajdamen 07/02/2013
I enjoy seeing a handsome, suited business men going down on a working-class man - and the fact that he took another man's load is fantastic! Also erotic is the tender kissing afterwards.

PERSONAL 07/02/2013
One of the best in a long time !!!

Virgoan 07/02/2013
Thanks, Matt!

smoothpete 07/03/2013
Great sex - some of the best sex is in groups in a place like this

smoothpete 07/03/2013
Great sex - some of the best sex is in groups in a place like this

smoothpete 07/03/2013
Great sex - some of the best sex is in groups in a place like this

Mcleader 07/03/2013
Definitely worth the wait to watch on my iPad (although honestly Matt, I'd prefer to watch on a Friday like I used to be able on here!) and great to see Tomas back with Logan since their last gigs. I also hope to see way more of that new muscle. Very hot

joedoe1000 07/03/2013
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY TO ALL USA MEMBERS! Lets celebrate this day with a great movie from MAP.

suitedattitude 07/03/2013
Yes I agree (basically) - hot scene and set up (and I dig the models and this particular suit, I have this thing for peak lapels just now) but it gets a bit nicey nicey as opposed to nasty nasty when the suit comes off. The great thing about movies like

suitedattitude 07/03/2013
And Nasty Boys 3 (The Pure Suit version) would get us suit fetishists climbing the walls with lust!

you need more hot hunks that like to eat cum. Watching a man shoot into another man's mouth is just way past hot. If they are clean, there should be no problem.

Suitsfan 07/05/2013
Seriously hot guys and action - definitely five stars for the sleazy suit action! (A sexy suited guy who's happy to kneel on a dirty floor and take cum all over his suit & tie, AND in his mouth, is a star worth holding onto, guys! I hope we'll see more

suitedattitude 07/06/2013
actually having cum watching it again I think this movie is the dog's doo-da's until his jacket shirt and tie fly off way over 20 minutes in - just wasn't necessary when they were all so carried away anyway - so one blip in a great job.

suitedattitude 07/08/2013
And where did his suit come from, surely not Tom Ford?

businessguy1 07/13/2013
Yes I'm curious about the suit too. What brand is it?

One of the hottest videos ever on this site! More like this PLEASE!!!

tweee 07/13/2013
I like your style Suitsfan as far as possible scenarios (I prefer the oral foreplay to the actual climaxing both in flicks and real life!) that could have been included in this clip but, pretty hot as is! The high point for me, no pun intended was watchi

centurion 07/18/2013
you sort of know Logan won't go with any old rubbish when you clock his fantastic summer grey suit, burnt umber tie and flare-away collar. I knew my budget was doomed when I saw the trailer for this (Nasty Boys 1 is a preserved treasure) and it was def d

Bensbox 08/24/2013
TOP DRAWER, as usual.

Matt Jordan 09/23/2013
Sorry just seen this - its from

tiedupsuit 09/27/2013
Tweee, that was also the highpoint for me. Oftentimes, I find myself watching the oral, skipping the anal unless it involves ripping or is rough while suited, and going straight to the suit spunking. It is a shame Woody's suit jacket was off when he rec

sparklingman 09/27/2013

aerograham 05/05/2014
Love to meet?

Bigjoe8 05/09/2014
Top 10

Jiffy 06/26/2014

rac77584 07/01/2014
This was a great clip. It hit almost every fantasy. Do more like this please. And Logan Rogue is oh so delicious!

sebastianxxx 07/30/2014
Logan is just great

MCoelit 10/12/2014

wincester86 01/08/2015
Great :)

everhard12321 03/29/2015
How could I have missed this buried treasure. The scenario here is genius: a suited up guy taking on multiple cocks and slurping copious loads of jizz in an arcade. Clean cut men in smart attire enjoy sketchy sex best of all. This video makes me pine for

brianeby 04/17/2015
Four actors credited, but Five in the film. Who is the mystery dick behind the glory hole for the last 1/2 of the scene?

seahbh 05/12/2015
just the thought of these 4 fucking handsome faces is reason enough for a jerkoff, till the cum runs dry.

seahbh 05/12/2015
just the thought of these 4 fucking handsome faces is reason enough for a jerkoff, till the cum runs dry.

marcekeller 08/15/2015
Thomas Brand is the best. He should do another movie for men at play. Probably with the new silver fox Dallas Steel and Darius. Or with the handsome Adam Champ.

Dan1762 01/05/2016
This one is still super hot. Time for Nasty Boys 3!! -- love the dirty sex club scene.