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Movie Comments

Soooo, HOT!!! I didn't even get through 1/2 of the movie.

The absolutly hottest and nastiest scene ever. Best actors, one with a formerly broken nose - incredible sexy! - a lot of to explore, worth to look up and to enjoy countless times. Congratulations Matt and Rico - best horny entertainment for decades! Than

levitje 02/27/2010
what a disillusionment.. I'm used of stylish porn scenes on this website...

WeHoDad 02/27/2010
A little out of your usual style but very hot! Great scene - loved the shooter - very impressive.

Very different, claustrophobic, sweaty but very well done. Beautiful guys.

businessguy1 02/27/2010
Nasty, dirty, awesome! Best movie yet this year. Nice to see some fresh faces.

scottfin 02/27/2010
This is not my favorite. These guys are cute, but not hairy enough for my tastes. I don't care for the shaved groins. There was a lot more action that could have taken place in this film. Give me hairy men any day.

I have to admit, I have been looking for a movie like this for a long time. Something about a man in asuit being, and participating in a scene like that is the stuff of many fantasies! Thank you gents, I hope that this is the start of a series of "Nasty

Well done MAP! I love this film. I love the way the film focused on two guys in particular who are obviously attracted to one another in the beginning of the film. Then, as things progress, they are bombarded with interference from the other men, but t

WAY HOT!!!!! MAP you've outdone yourselves! This could have been a scene straight (interesting choice of words!) out of "Queer as Folk" (both the English and American versions) in the back room at Babylon. Rio and Brooks have such great chemistry toget

russcub 02/28/2010

Brilliant film but would have been marvellous to see all that come to be sprayed over the suit shirt and tie - what a lovely mess!

the suit & tie element is relatively small, but hell - what a beautiful and profesional movie, what a great chemistry between the men!! Will the cum covered jacket be on sale in the MAP shop?

This has got the be THE hottest, erotic, exciting movie I watched yet. It is so real I could not expect anything better; the melange of sex all around is unbelievable and the chemistry between these two is not a case of acting; they REALLY enjoyed this

Though I admit, it is a well done movie, I could not refrain myself of thinking about the quantity of wax and ink spent to make all these beautiful bodies to be unnatural, artificial. Why to be ashamed to be men and not "prepuber" at their age? Don't we l

already got excited in beginning wheh suited hunk appeared and I thought I heared water gushing.... anyway, still a very hot movie; loved the load on back of suit, could have been more ;-)

Great movie. Wish there was more cum shots on the the suit jacket though.

Hope there is more show like this

Yes agree with all that, very hot idea, would like to see it again with more suits and more mess, let's see a guy get trashed.

tiedupsuit 03/02/2010
Absolutely loved this movie. I agree with many of the comments. Would be great to see multiple cum shots on the suit. Maybe have Levi, in a beautiful suit, at the receiving end of a huge white shower.

greasemo 03/02/2010
Great movie but to dark. Was hopeing to see more cum shots. Nice anyway.

greasemo 03/02/2010
Keep it cuming just like that but light it up. Couldnt see much.

Whos the shorter shaved head guy hairy with the s or 5 tattoed on him?

HOT HOT HOT. Loved the film guys, all the guys looked amazing and very very sexy. Would liked to have seen maybe 3way fuck, or others guys fucking but its one of the best yet.

its supposed to be dark, that's what makes it can see everything just fine....would love to see more of this type. def. keep the dark atmosphere!

Very, very HOT but somewhat difficult to identify one naked guy from the other due to the darkness of the photography. However, Rio was superb in all his glory. That gorgeous body, great ass , sweetcock. Who could ask for anything more????!!

who can help me, why i can't see the movies all

perry 03/12/2010
This is my third time to watch this movie. I get excited everytime I watch it. We need more like this. Thanks MAP. Perry

I shot the biggest load watching this movie. Awesome! I wish I had been part of the action. Loved it, more like this please.

does anyone know why i can't see the movies??

the dark atmosphere is awesome!!!! You can see everything perfectly and it makes it so realistic and erotic....please have several sequals and I will keep rejoining!

aljuarez6 03/14/2010
This was great, for sure. But the second half (without any suits) could be in any other porn site. How about a sequel where EVERYONE is suited? Or even better, tuxed? A darkened opera house hallway!

This is the hottest movie to date - can't wait to see more like this guys - GREAT !!

camaguey 03/16/2010
In any language this film is!

lemonline2 03/19/2010
Axel is a stud, but this scene could have been hotter if he and his partner had flip flopped. Let's see Alex take it as well as he gives.

dracuscalico 04/16/2010
It was smart casting to make sure the background people were not attractive enough to upstage the stars. Another great choice is the minimal dialogue during sex that allows viewers of varying tastes and backgrounds to "fill in the blanks" in their own mi

Rio is awesome - such a beautiful guy - and I love this movioe so much because his head gets pulled back as he is fucked and his beautiful throat is exposed and touched (I'm a bit of a neck fetish/breath play freak).Rio is so hot - I'd love to see some br

axelbrooks 04/22/2010
Thank you from the inside of the Soul, is a very beautiful gift, which they often fail we express in our own words, so it is necessary talent who can write the sentiment emerged from the depths of heart, and say "THANKS" to the mother. a father, teacher,


smoothpete 06/24/2010
Fuck I love sex clubs - funky lighting and testestorone atmosphere - very sexy scene

Axel wearing a blue shirt with contrasting white cutaway collar with collar stiffeners - It doesn't get much hornier! Just wish a little bit more attention was given to the clothes and especially that collar. Nevertheless, Axel, you are a God!!

simply the best!!!

Superb video. Axel your each body part draws unavoidable charm and pleasure!! Love u...

Have I spotted Johnny Wilson in this vid? I think he's the naked guy who shoots over Rio at just before 19 minutes. I was hoping we'd get to see him again. Would love to see him suited up!

if you enjoyed this movie please vote for us at the Hustlaball Awards 2010. Nasty Boys is nominated for Best Group Scene. We're also nominated for Best Studio and Best Sex Website. so please vote here

Mr. Brooks looking very smooth in the grey suit and Hackett shirt takes a walk on the wild side. Jesus, what a fantastic film.Axel gives a great performance in everything you throw at him, all those sexy wet kisses had me hard in no time. Lovely. The way


Drewtex 04/22/2011
Damn, that is the hottest sex scene I have ever seen!!!

Bloody HOT scene the only thing missing was Christian Alexander !!!

This one deserves the Oscar! Axel's cock is f**king gorgeous. Would love to taste it, all of it. I want to see more like this one, with more participants and a bit more lighting. Grr.

Hoy guys, gorgeous dicks, massive loads, smart suits; what more does a wanker need? More of the same, please!

LOVE the cum on the suit jacket -- more of this please!

Love the Hustler boy!! where can I order one for me!!!

Very hot scene.I keep coming to this one again and again. Bring us more like this.

Me too, very horny

very hot man sex ill be back to watch it again

Time to cut another orgy scene at Nasty Boys with Axel and friends. The venue and men are grreeat for getting off. Raven

rabelais 08/21/2012
je regarde toujours cette video avec autant de plaisir !!

more of this is right. esp with rio. he is soooo hot.

juicer 11/04/2012
So hot, if only every dungeon was so full of such hot guys i'd go more often, more of this would be good

ba1966 11/05/2012
so sexy and erotic backroom sex is so fucking hot Axel Brooks YUMMMM

juicer 01/29/2014
So hot and sexy

juicer 06/10/2014
That is so hot and juicy, great bodies

Juraguy 08/03/2014
Brilliant scene. So fucking hot. Will keep me happy for ages. Just love the group scenario. More please.

marcekeller 09/09/2015
Axel is super hot. You should pairing him with Dallas Steele

marcekeller 09/09/2015
Axel is super hot. You should pairing him with Dallas Steele

marcekeller 09/09/2015
Axel is super hot. You should pairing him with Dallas Steele