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Movie Comments

Godot 08/24/2018
Boring. I rejoined MAP after about an 8 years absence. I doubt that I will be sticking around. I started to watch this one and fastforwarded to the end so as not to waste too much of my time.

Rainer75 08/24/2018
Love to watch masculine Antonio Miracle masturbating his cock using his nice hands. But the movie is uninspired. For me a "one to One" with Mr. Miracle would be better than this lame, weak and boring story with a twinky.

icewheel 08/24/2018
not good

Sugarman06 08/25/2018
Fire the rioters immediately ! Rock bottom you guys have gone. U may consider uploading 2 films per week to try to get it right. Nothing creative and exciting about this one.

Sugarman06 08/25/2018
Typo: Writers need to go

stardusted 08/25/2018
Ken is a hottie, he needed a suit. More like an assistant role type.

stardusted 08/25/2018
Miracle was being lazy, no suck,no rim, boring.

raven 08/25/2018
This production looks and feels like Pedophilia and nauseates me watching it let alone paying to view it. I think todays' installment should be removed and put away for good. . MENATPLAY is not about MEN PLAYING WITH BOYS. This week I payed for a 90 day renewal. I would like a refund if you can't fulfill your weekly installment with mature looking and acting male models. RAVEN

margaret1 08/25/2018
Ken is and looks like a grown man in my opinion. I thought this scene was tense and very hot. For truly creepy stuff you would have to check out Helix, Staxus and BelAmi where the appearance of some of their models is downright disturbing. Never found that to be the case here.

Suitsocks 08/25/2018
Very hot! Would have been a better scene for us socks guys if we saw some socks licking ! Maybe next time???

musclefucks 08/25/2018
Mmmm, hot sex, excellent chemistry. Very sexy boy, a star bottom is born. And Antonio knows what to do. (Plenty of cum too). Thanks gents

RQUEST 08/26/2018
Half Way Hot! Antonio can cut a suit so well and I loved his socks and shoes. It would have been nice to see Antonio turn Ken on his back on the floor to make Ken's hardon fuck that brown wingtip and sock for a little while. Ken exploding at the end was amazing.

margaret1 08/26/2018
I just don't understand. I came to watch a second time and review the comments, i commented below yesterday. This scene is brilliant from conception to directing to the models. Ken wants to get fucked in a bad way, so as to practically fist himself and Antonio delivers his fat meaty cock hard. No sucking, just hard pounding fucking from his cock sticking out of snug fitting pants. And both cum shots are like bombs exploding from their balls How in the hell does that rate 42%? One of the best scenes hands down this year. Wow.

margaret1 08/26/2018
I love Antonio too but I just couldn't disagree more about the scene and Ken Summers is far from being a twink. Check out Helix, Staxus or BelAmi for that genre.

Rainer75 08/26/2018
Not a twink? I think Helix, Staxus etc. would lick their fingers for getting Ken. He should be happy to look as young, because I think most gay men prefer this kind of "sons". But not me - my penis responds with watching the real stuff, the mature men. They are allowed to be sruffy, bald-headed, wrinkled and experienced with suits. Let's see Ken in 10 years again....

eiswirth821 08/27/2018
Exceptionally hot. Great cumshots. 4 stars.

margaret1 08/28/2018
Your quite right. Being in his twenties Ken would obviously fall into the twink category based on his age alone. I guess my point was focused more towards the petit almost frail looking 18 and 19 year olds who seem so feminine to me that watching water boil would get me going faster. Thanks for the reminder, Rainer75. I too will take a hot masculine man any day of the week. Add a little wear and tear all the better. Cheers Jay

sabe1949 08/28/2018
I know many men on this website love their suits, but for the rest of us, it would be nice to have the tops fully nude, show their furry chests and love the cum eating finale.

Rainer75 08/28/2018
First time this day I had to laugh loud. Your comparison with the boiling water was so funny. Let's become friends. Cheers Rainer75

Richie2675 08/30/2018
I want socks and hairy this was dulll

margaret1 08/30/2018
Would be happy to. Glad you had a laugh.....Jay/San Francisco

explorer310 09/16/2018
I second your comment.

suitboy100 03/16/2020
Seeing this a second time around and l can tell you very hot. Love the fact that Antonio who has a hot uncut cock takes it out of his suit fly and plays with himself while watching Ken. In this case the older younger works here. Then he gets intensely fucked by Antonio. Love the fact Antonio kept his suit on which l love here. Both cum shots were hot.Job well done!!!

Lar 02/19/2023
Hot. Just so hot. Both men are sexy and charismatic. Ken Summers had the job as soon as he walked in!