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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 12/06/2013
Not terrible sequence! Even if Landon stays there dress suit and tie, his partner Dan is not very beautiful and with tattoos! No, this week I am not strained with Men At Play

hatetatoos-4-2 12/06/2013
I was happy to see Landon Conrad again. He is a very sexy man. I would love to see him with the handsome Pau Casserras. Dan Broughton is not very exciting. A few days ago, I took a tour on the web of other male porn sites, and found them boring and unima

yosauro2 12/06/2013
for ever Landon Conrad more and more with him

sahsteve1 12/06/2013
Why is it that a lot of your movies recently only have 1 guy in a suit? I joined this site because I like BOTH guys in suits with ties correctly tied to start with. Should I look elswhere?

masstiehemd 12/06/2013
It is because we know the other sites boring porns that we are subscribed to Men At Play. Even if I agree with you on the good work of Matt and Rico, nevertheless I am requiring so that this site answers my fantasies - the men in suit and tie and who fuck

Matt Jordan 12/06/2013
i guess its because everyone has different tastes. I personally think there is more sexual tension when two guys are not equal, whether thats in body type, or status, or in the way they dress. I came up with this scenario cause its a fantasy of mine to be

Matt Jordan 12/06/2013
Hey thanks, I'm glad you see a difference in the style of our site. I actually never look at other sites because I dont want to be influenced by what other companies are doing, otherwise we end up doing what we think we should be doing rather than what we

gary78401 12/07/2013
very sexy video--love the young man Dan Broughton in his work clothes, and how he was striped of them, he has a awesome slightly hairy chest, and uncut penis that made for a hot scene with Landon.. sexy scene as always

gayabandon 12/07/2013
Great movie. Love the contrast of suit and worker. Hmm. Matt, Rico and team do soem really good stuff. Thanks.

suitedattitude 12/07/2013
I get that. What would help would be a bit more attention to the suit - both camera angles (i.e. from point of view of workman) and some verbal "mmn, nice suit" (yanks it) etc. That would stop the suit looking like some afterthought which is what annoys

Rainer75 12/07/2013
Yes, very sexy indeed. Love the sequence most Landon servicing Dan from behind with the mercyless grip of his knowing hand. I would spurt at once - Dan could hold it - congratulations! Nice film in a long row of nice films, but: New layout is not working

HERBST08 12/07/2013
could you please keep the socks on the bottom's feet?

cactusman26 12/07/2013
Good entertaining video., Some unusual well angled clear camera shots and close ups. Fetching full handsome body Dan, Mmmmm!. Would like to have seen Landon eventually fully naked plus a little more deep into and more full exposure of Dan's spre

tiedupsuit 12/08/2013
Matt, great scenario. I have the same fantasy. Scott Hunter had mentioned in one of his comments that he wanted to be abused while suited by a bunch of guys. What are the chances of making your fantasy come true, using Scott as the distinguished suit?

mbutterfield 12/08/2013
Awesome video, it made it sign up immediately! Dan is so cute and believable as just a normal guy, and Landon is hot as ever - especially by keeping his suit on!! The only thing that lets it down is the set up/ storyline.. just a bit more thought and bett

bazildon 12/09/2013
Great film love dan broughton hope to see more him

ilst 12/21/2013
Landon Conrad is unbeatable, whether he tops or bottoms. I love his chiselled face, those longing eyes and his mischievous smile as well as the beard and the model like haircut, not to mention the perfect body of course. He is so sexy in each of his movie

georgeroundy 12/25/2013
Very pleased to see Danny B. make his appearence on MAP. Next time get him suited up, he'll be really hot! As always Landon is of my favorites. Nice to see the grey suit jacket, I believe another model wore the vest and pants previously.

tiedupsuit 01/10/2014
Just watched this movie again. Love Landon in a suit. Thinking that this could become a series, depicting the downfall of a suited banker who is addicted to sex. Maybe the next installment could be Landon, all suited, having rough sex with a mechanic i

coxnsox 02/27/2014
I watch all movies where Landon is featured but when Dan lost his socks, I lost all interest.

karlcocksuit 02/28/2015
I love this movie. The site foreman/boss fucks the workman. Dan is sexy you should bring him back again. Landon is sexy also with his smouldring eyes & seductive smile.

seahbh 05/06/2015
a gay man's wet-dream comes true: having an amorous, lustful boss who cleans your dick with his mouth, appreciates your body to the extent of sexual intercourse and the sex was good and enjoyable. what is there to complain in such an office setting? i won

kelle68 07/26/2018
hot as shit, just cummin on the boss´pants....

robicart 04/20/2019
Two really nice guys. They love to suck dick and do it really well. Thanks.