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Movie Comments

stardusted 05/18/2018
DanI is a very pretty man, but tired of him being a bottom.

masstiehemd 05/18/2018
rated cum shot very good sequence. First dani always as strong and abundant then that of Max on the shirt collar, the tie and the face of Dani! HUGE and now wiping and licking the tie in the end !!! really super exciting bravo MAP

stripedtie13 05/18/2018
I'll take Dani any way we can get him

musclefucks 05/18/2018
Good sex boys! Max so huge in every way (but not too huge for Dani). And such screamers (hah-hah) ... thanks guys

RQUEST 05/18/2018

RQUEST 05/18/2018
and I hate him as a top - he is an excellent bottom, especially in sheers and nice shoes

Sugarman06 05/19/2018
Great foot play infused into the hot sex. Do they both have a foot fetish? Pair up Max and Dennis Vega in sheer socks. Vega likes foot play.

eiswirth821 05/19/2018
The cum these two studs produce could repopulate a small nation. Well done!

Rainer75 05/19/2018
Dani is a natural born slut and ever will be. Chapeau, Dani!

Rainer75 05/19/2018
Dream on, Sugarman06 - They are performers and did what the director wanted.

Rainer75 05/19/2018
This italian stallion has it all! Max Duro has a fine body but isn't a gym-junkie. He has a irresistible smile and is manly bald-headed. And don't forget his rock-hard, beautiful shaped big cock! Has he saved his load for several days? Nice. Must have been a feast for senor Robles - the cum result says everything!

kevdesu 05/19/2018
This was another hit. Great cum shot. Love it. Since the yellow tie was destroyed by ink, it would've been sexy if Max wiped Dani's ass with the tie or even stuck it in him.

mtmslg 05/20/2018
Even with those crazy ass tattoos, Dani is one sexy power bottom!

RQUEST 05/21/2018
DAMN! I love this video. I wish they had on TNT sheers but I love this video. Dani (and Rojo) are two the hottest bottoms on here in sheers. WOW!

suit77 05/21/2018
Absolutely love it!! That‘s what MAP is all about - at least one stud leaving on his formal attire and getting it soaked in cum! Really got me off that this time the collar got drenched... more please

Suitman63 05/24/2018
except he didn't

brisgay 05/27/2018
Great to see some suited ass again after so long!

rickdick 10/30/2018
Sock smelling and licking was fucking Hot!!! We need more of that :)

robicart 06/16/2019
Loved Dani's cumshot. Max's cumshot wasn't bad either.

Hungry Guy 06/15/2021
Great scene. Dani truly is enjoying all that Max has to offer. Max is so sexy and hairy. I just want to taste and lick Max from his feet on up. Save me some Dani.