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Movie Comments

Virgoan 01/25/2019
Nothing uglier to me than shaved pubes, regardless of how well-endowed or handsome the man.

musclefucks 01/25/2019
Guys! This is SO HOT, great sex. Bravo to cast and crew. One tends to forget how good the best porn performers are. Long days, many takes, people around as you fuck/get fucked under hot lights, staying hard and cumming at the right time ... super stuff, gents

pornboy1 01/25/2019
I prefer full bush too. This movie is hot. Obsessed with Lukas!

Suitman63 01/26/2019
Weird film with even weirder squeaky noises all through it

mtmslg 01/26/2019

Rainer75 01/27/2019
Voting says everything.

blotski 01/27/2019
Not bad at all ... except. Totally shaved pubes. Why do I find that disturbing on a grown man? They look like oddly inflated boys. And it's not hygienic either. Shaved skin is broken and open for infection. Just use soap.

DesertMan 01/27/2019
Looks, 10. Dance, 3.

Inmonitorlight 01/30/2019
The actors look nice and all, but the squeaky noises are very distracting lol. Sorry guys

RQUEST 01/31/2019
Y No Clue?! Get with it! We luv sheers!

icewheel 02/02/2019
not your best production and it shows with the votes. my former comment was deleted because i guess criticizing an actor's weird orange tan is considered being "too mean."

robicart 02/04/2019
Two hot guys. But a movie that misses the mark.

robicart 06/10/2019
I simply do not understand the low rating since I love to see Maikel sucking a big dick.

ROBICART 07/15/2019
Hate the shaved pubes on both guys. Loved the last part with Maikel sucking Lukas's big dick.