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Movie Comments

loosetie13 06/16/2017
Loved it! Flex is so hot in that white shirt and loose pink tie! Very sexy. Where's the shirt from? Super hot, super crisp.

jeremy_hunk 06/16/2017
Flex is still hot but this scene is rather disappointing.

sockswpb 06/16/2017
regular only. Flex is hot, but not in this one.

musclefucks 06/16/2017
Mmmm, thanks as always guys, but not the best. Transitions not well-managed, Flex has looked better .. but this new rough trade, young and (not so) dumb and full of cum indeed ... he fucks like a rattlesnake! Very promising, young Ricky Blue :)

Dan1762 06/16/2017
Yes -- our man RIcky is hot. Now let's suit him up!

MANSMAN 06/17/2017

everhard12321 06/17/2017
Yes, the plot is unoriginal, Ricky Blue (gay-for-pay) is unimpressive, and both he and Flex have too many pimples/razor bumps on their groin/ass, but I'm happy Flex is back, suited up, and hungry for a cock, any cock, up his big, juicy ass.

gladys10 06/17/2017
prefiero ver a flex con otros pornostar..el es demasiado bueno y este chico nuevo no me gusto para nada

carlos12 06/22/2017
No kissing, no passion, nothing!!!! MEN AT PLAY this video is very bad.

Sugarman06 06/23/2017
Where are the previous comments?

mtmslg 06/24/2017
good question

Sherman 06/25/2017
This is thhe worst video to date. Boring men with boring cocks.............Just BORING.........................................

ROBICART 01/03/2020
I loved Flex feeling up awesome Ricky Blue in those tight jeans. He wears them well. Feeling up his hard dick through those jeans. Loved it. Ricky loved it too.

ROBICART 02/26/2020
Ricky wears those jeans so well and his dick gets hard and Flex massages it and Ricky pulls out his beautiful dick. I'd love to suck on that. I love it when a straight guy like a man sucking his dick and eating his hot ass.