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Movie Comments

dsmale 02/07/2014
Paco has it all. The eyes, the hair and the willing. The editing is bad. You simply take away all his sensuality with that shimy suit that noone would wear in an office. I meant it. Dress him in black, tight pants and a nice suite. You ruined hios face an

Matt Jordan 02/07/2014
Hi Dsmake, sorry you're not into the suit, it appeals to a specific fetish of guys in to high shine suits - so if its not your thing hopefully you get off on the naked stuff. Cheers Matt

Rainer75 02/07/2014
Welcome Paco to the MAP-stable! Your masculine latin attitude fits perfect and your acting made me stiff at once ( and will work uncountable times in future! ). I don't agree dsmale with his critics about style in this vid. Shiny suits in Germany become

masstiehemd 02/07/2014
Definitely, we are not a friend with Men AT Play at this beginning of the year; I admit to have no attraction for this hairy Latin, in a shiny suit (well done for those who like the shine) and this tie knotted without any taste..... Sorry but I find him

georgeroundy 02/07/2014
For heaven's sake guys turn on a few lights! Paco is VERY promising, pair him up soon please. For my own taste I would have liked to have seen Matt "help" him a little. Looking forward to next weeks film though. Geo.

jaime alfonso 02/07/2014
creo que es fantásico, y espero que no pase como con Gianluigi. que nos quedamos con ganas de verlo en acción con otro de su talla

penfold 02/07/2014
Each to his own..... Paco welcome..... totally beautiful from the hair to the piercings and the wonderful cock!! Truly enjoyed the video watching a man pleasure himself so much was a terrific turn on... and that beautiful suit.... wow!!! What a combin

gary.c 02/07/2014
Paco é um homem muito bonito, parabéns menatplay pelo bom gosto sempre n escolha dos modelos...

Jon62 02/07/2014
I love men in shiny suits. Its sexy. Keep up that theme for future. For me, prefer with white shirts though.

Inked_Mark 02/07/2014
Hells yeah!! More Paco please. Would love to see this guy in a fourgie with Rogan Richards, Paul Wagner and Landon Conrad.

woohoo62 02/08/2014
That chest, thighs, cock. Sign me up! The man is beautiful and, personally, loved seeing him cum all over that chest. Damned sexy. Hope we get to see him play with someone equally sexy! (Not Landon Conrad tho... that guy irritates me. And his voice;

harvey 02/08/2014
What a beautiful man!! Despite another member's comments, I actually like the suit. But Paco could wear a burlap bag and still look good. MAP, please give us more of him. I would love to see him paired with Rogan Richards. My mouth is watering just t

miviro 02/08/2014
I would EAT Paco!!!!!!!

whosdattt 02/08/2014
was moving a bit too fast to make it the sensual exploration of his body that the film I believe was going for. It was just a bit too contrived and obvious, which is rather a shame because the model himself is really quite stunning and a the slower pace

ken4cock 02/09/2014
Paco has a llithe, flexible, toned body that he knows how to display to advantage. The sharp, gray silk suit and matching tie contrast effectively with the deep violet shirt, both of which are a smooth, elegant foil for Paco's virile, hirsute body. The pl

NylonOTCs 02/09/2014
"Taco Paco"...HOT!!!.....Hey man, you look really hot in that snake skin like suit!..Dont ever stop, man!...Matt on here is correct. I hope the dude enjoyed the body!..That suit with those thick n thins WHOA!!!....would love to find a "Paco" next time I h

Suitsfan 02/09/2014
Personally, I like the shiny suit - and I like Paco even more! What a handsome, sensuous hunk - five-star face & hairy body, to be sure, and his passionate writhing was a turn-on. As it happens, I'd have been more than happy if the video had climaxed wi

olderbutsexy 02/09/2014
Solos can be quite boring, but this one is dynamite. This gent knows what it is all about. So erotic. Bravo Paco and bravo MAP. (And love this suit on (and off) him!)

kiki1964 02/09/2014
Wow please have Paco take the most beautiful cocks you can find. After seeing him finger himself and writhe in pleasure I am obsessing about him on his back, side, and Doggy style getting fucked. I rarely comment but he is amazing. That is worth the price

Manier 02/09/2014

jayny2la 02/10/2014
Amazing! Paco just made me glad I did not cancel. Now put Paco with Alex Marte and let the show begin.

Rainer75 02/11/2014
Several gay bloggers are now introducing MAP's Paco. The response is overwhelming and more euphoric than by a lot of MAP-subscribers. It's silly! By the way: Why MAP stopped publishing advertising photos at their own blog? That has been a great plus for

joedoe1000 02/13/2014
Paco Es un attore porno con mucha clase! Vogliamo vederlo indossare abiti e belle calze trasparenti. (Paco is a porn actor with a lot of class. I will like to see him in a dual or threesome action wearing suit and sheer socks. Perfect for a bottom perform

joedoe1000 02/13/2014
Paco Es un attore porno con mucha clase! Vogliamo vederlo indossare abiti e belle calze trasparenti. (Paco is a porn actor with a lot of class. I will like to see him in a dual or threesome action wearing suit and sheer socks. Perfect for a bottom perform

joedoe1000 02/13/2014
After Paco...what is next for tomorrow St Valentines a lot of love for suits, shirts, ties, sheer socks....Thanks Matt and Rico

joedoe1000 02/13/2014
Matt-Rico , you guys are doing a fantastic job. The actor is perfect (manly and attractive), well directed (so much flirting, sensuality), and smart clothing (shinny suit takes the attention of viewers, the long sheer socks....awesome- he is tall and fits

joedoe1000 02/14/2014
Tops and Tails....that is going to be a hot one! Thanks Matt & Rico for the trailer.

joedoe1000 02/14/2014
HAPPY SAINT VALENTINES DAY!!!!! Ready for Billy and Denis

cactusman26 02/16/2014
Sensuous and artistic. Normally I don't like 'onesomes' but this presentation is terrific!.. Thank you Paco..

stardusted 02/19/2014
Nice a fan of the socks

caligula17 02/19/2014

kiki1964 02/22/2014

hurry79 02/23/2014
I'm with Kiki! please more and more of Paco

Swedetodd 03/11/2014
Can't download!!!

suits4me 03/22/2014
A really hot sexy man, beautifully clothed and filmed. Loved the nipple and arse play. Spectacular!

arpiefordham 03/30/2014
How did your cameraman keep his hands off!!!

joe123 04/21/2014
sheer socks are silly on real guys.

everhard12321 05/28/2014
I love it when he's face down, ass up!

Marcusc100 08/09/2014
Would love to see much more of Paco, he's the total package with all that dark fur as the icing on the cake ;-)

jdmenatplay 09/15/2014
Paco is the reason I just joined Men at Play. He's easily my favorite gentleman on any site. Hope to see more of him. Oh...and if he ever does a solo video in a leather jacket, I will sell my house, car, and any internal organ I have two of and will th

klaus 12/12/2015
wow ... hot!!!

Dickard107 02/25/2017
You must use Paco and Dato Foland in a scene together it would be a classic

Aerialgreen 04/19/2019
Paco is a huge turn on to me, watching his videos do it for me every time, it's how passionate he is at all times ~ wish you guys would feature him more.

rabelais 06/30/2019
Paco est un super mec bien gaulé, on a envie de lui bouffer le cul, de lui sucer la bite, de bouffer son foutre, et de lui rouler des pelles de première ! 'adore quand il se pince les tétons il me fait bander et jouir !