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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 06/27/2014
Edu Boxer is always so elegant in suit and tie; it's a pity that the young student does not shoot his juice very hardly nor very far, but it is good , he shoot one' load on the tie of Edu! Good vintage!

hatetatoos-4-2 06/27/2014
This was an enjoyablle film. I was pleased to see Edu Boxer remained fully dressed during the entire movie.

suitedattitude 06/27/2014
Edu is lovely the daddy idea is hot. However is his suit drip dry? He goes in a pool then is mysteriously dry?

colik 06/27/2014
Edu sucking cock fully suited....OMG!!!!

olderbutsexy 06/27/2014
Cute boy, hungry for cock, and Edu is so hot ... great sex guys, bravo

bxlchris 06/27/2014
Bravo guys, Edu is a brilliant daddy and his Spanish dirty talk is a real turn-on. Allen's cocky defiance giving way to greedy need for daddy cock was a turn-on too. Keep up the good work!

Jon62 06/27/2014
Edu, great. Liked the wet suit thing and Edu wanting a covering.

stardusted 06/27/2014
Edu is hot in a suit, no like twink.

azzaro69 06/28/2014
It would be better if edu's pants is halfway stripped down so that we can see his sexy asss. Just sayiinnn

miviro 06/28/2014
What's with the pimply ass??????????

NylonOTCs 06/28/2014
Edu and Allen were so awesome!. Wow .. what a great body on Edu..put some nylon socks on those HOT feet, did it again!...Touche'. men....loved it!!!

ken4cock 06/28/2014
Latin man/boy love--too hot to cool in the pool. How about lad plays with dad's Windsor; loosens it, opens the collar button and caresses papi's neck and beard while they deep tongue kiss.

coxnsox 06/28/2014
beyond boring...

everhard12321 06/28/2014
That occurred to me to but I can overlook that faux pas because the video was a turn on. Good work.

Tuxedoboy78 06/28/2014
Love...But WHY you never make a movie like this with guys in tuxedo on pool???

Okay 06/29/2014
I want that necktie!!!!!

Suitsfan 06/29/2014
Like Everhard, I'm more than prepared to give this miracle quick-dry poetic licence on account of enjoying that pool scene so much! My only wish was that Boxer and King (who is absolutely gorgeous) would have both gone fully underwater, taking turns to s

ilst 06/30/2014

ilst 06/30/2014
I just prefer men over twinks

Matt Jordan 06/30/2014
there is a man over a twink in this film

TuxedUpStud 06/30/2014
More tux action would be nice. I miss the good old days when Matt would tux up and get messy with mud or paint or whatever filthy liquid was available. Anyone recall the 12 Days of X-Mas he and Rico did? Now THAT was a hot, hot series.

cactusman26 07/01/2014
Nice butt shots. Like to have viewed Allen's naked physic, looks to be highly masculine. Enjoye`d,

cactusman26 07/01/2014
Nice butt shots. Like to have viewed Allen's naked physic, looks to be highly masculine. Enjoye`d,

cactusman26 07/01/2014
Nice butt shots. Like to have viewed Allen's naked physic, looks to be highly masculine. Enjoye`d,

cactusman26 07/01/2014
Nice butt shots. Like to have viewed Allen's naked physic, looks to be highly masculine. Enjoye`d,

edfries 07/02/2014
I know exactly what you mean. Agree 100%

coxnsox 07/05/2014
I tried to watch this again but as soon as the boy was barefoot, I lost interest. I've dropped other memberships but always stick with MAP because your hot sexy men play with their dark socks on!! That is your key differentiating factor in the porn mark

LORIS 07/07/2014
Fantastico ! Edu is guapisimo in suit&tie, so sexy, so masculine. I have never been fond of twinks but OK - from time to time as a part of the story esta bien. Great come back of Edu already in previous movie with another hot Spaniard Dani Robles. Edu,wh

kbmack1 07/10/2014
needed more sock shots!!!!

southerngent29 07/16/2014
Incredible video....FINALLY a suit in the pool!!!! Thanks!!! Only wish it had been filmed in scene order where his suit was wet and clinging to his body throughout the sex..Apppears to have filmed the dry part first. Too bad. Wet clothes and sex is i

barbeito75 07/22/2014
Edu is the fucking stud of studs! Please make a movie with Edu and Dean Monroe together!!

sebastianxxx 07/23/2014
I like that very much - dressed macho man with naked boy - very nice - especially the expression on the boys face after 16.00 - he has just come and waits to get Edu Boxers big load ... would be nice to see that boy in a gang bang scene with several dress

Fdennis 08/23/2014
Wow! These two are so sexy together. I loved this. Would have liked Edu to swallow and swap some cum though.

protoskore 08/31/2014
THANK YOU !! for making another video of wet suit - please make more of it - it's so amazing to see men getting into water in his suit

joedoe1000 09/12/2014
Perfect chemistry between two actors. I love the Allen's performance, so sexy and provocative. Edu as the daddy putting order in the house is so hot. I will recommend you do a series with Allen on how to seduce friend's dads. Allen is spicy, fresh and so

blotski 10/29/2016
I LOVE Edu Boxer. One gripe - there is an amazing shot at 16:10 looking up at him as he's about to come but we don't get that angle when he actually does come. So disappointing. Bad editing.