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Movie Comments

Great, Justin going commando under DJ! Love it!

Very good! I love the playing with the shoe, so horny, could be me.....:-) one of the best here of the solos! The only climax for me could be: two suited guys playing with the shoes of the other. More of that kind, please!!!!!!!

Men At Play at their finest and luxurious expression! WOW. Justin was amazing putting shoes on and working on his dick. The part caressing his own socks was so sensual. Those sheer socks are spectacular with that tuxedo. So fetish the moment of inserting

Wow hot love a tux thank you - not into shoes but the tux was wonderful

To a "civilian" this film looks real strange, but I loved every perverted minute of it. You MAP men get dirtier each week, this is just fine by me! If I remember Steve Hooper did something similar a while ago, but Justin, a PYT (pretty young thing) is abs

Jthomas...I agree with you..every civilian have a perverted fetish desire....Justin hair is awesome. Dark as his tuxedo and black sheer OTC socks...he is perfection from head to toes.

The tuxedo was combines perfectly with his sheer otc black socs.

Two performers playing with shoes and take them off and play with sheer socked feet

tux_man 12/03/2011
Hot - Hot - Hot Loved the tux - the shoes - the sheer socks

it's the best solo, i've ever seen... congratulations... absolutely hot...

tiedupsuit 12/03/2011
Love it!!! Love tuxes, especially when splattered with cum. Keep up the great work!

OK OK I get it. Personally I do not get the appeal of tuxes let alone socks or licking shoes but I appreciate there are those that do. What I do appreciate is the continuity in keeping it kinky, suited up, and messy (though for me Steve Hooper humping t

Suitsfan 12/03/2011
EXCELLENT work, guys - SO hot! Personally, I'm not even into shoes & socks worship, but I still found Patent Lust an erotically perverse pleasure. Of course, this may have a lot to do with Justin Harris - what a cutie! That hair, that face (especially

lofrluvr 12/03/2011
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for making a shoe-focused movie! It was so hot to see Justin enjoying the sight, feel, taste and aroma of his hot patent-leather shoe! For a hardcore shoe fetishist like me, there's nothing better! I would have loved to se

Justin knows how to play the role of a "fetish gentlemen" who likes smelling shoes and playing with sweat socks. MAtt and Nacho....we need to see a full action video with another performer to demonstrate his full talents smelling socked feet, shoes and th

Excellent review from shoe fetish fan....I am more into sheer OTC socks which were beautiful in this I say: before the socks are the shoes...the best combination in this video!

Put this Guy with others he is terrific...........have seen him on your rivals site, Hard brit. lads. Really horny!!

where are the screen pictures?

Great! big fan of you Justin. I have the same shoe fetish and this was awesome... congratulations...

100% agree with this view, for me over muscled tattod body builder types are NSE (not sexy enough). The suited hot guy with great hair is still my MAP of choice so keep on keeping on!!

laruee 12/06/2011
Im so very glad you made the change of the guys wearing sheer dress socks instead of goldtoes sheer socks are very sexy and I hope you continue this in all your up coming movies great job

Nacho / Matt: It is incredible how many positive comments you guys are receiving because of changing the old gold toe socks to the new OTC sheer socks that I sent you. Keep using the new sheer socks in future videos. Thanks!

Matt Jordan 12/06/2011
Well to be honest joedoe1000, 6 of the comments about sheer socks on this film came from you lol!

Rainer75 12/06/2011
Full shot.

It does seem to me that there are really only two or three people going on about the socks and shoes here (repeatedly).

What a fantastic cum shot The best I have seen in ages - made me shoot my load too !!!!

12/08/2011 true I love suits, shirts, leather shoes but sheer socks is the top accessory for a gentlemen :-). MAP lost many posted comments when you experienced website problems about a week ago. Based on the last 5 or 6 movies there are like 9 people int

thats exactly what I do when I'm dressed up in tux or tails ;) except that I rub my patent leather shoes against my cocked until i fully cum on the shiny leather ;) WOW, that was really perfect. It's like you slipped into one of my fantasies and acted

Waiting for Friday's new movie...

Justin is so SWEET an HOOOT ... I want to see moooooore of him ... By the way, isn`t it time for a New Year´s Eve messy food party in the MAP club? With Justin Harris in the middle ... and four or five other messy party guests fuck Justin and cum over hi

Fuzzguy 12/22/2011
Mr. Harris is a very sexy model...he makes you want to get right in there with the socks time, let him put the socks on, take them off and put a new pair on and give loads of time to the undressing and dressing...otherwise an

Justin Harris is waiting with his tuxedo, white shirt, bow, gold watch, TNT sheer socks and black shoes on the visit of Paddy Obrien....Paddy will be wearing also a tuxedo and will give to Justin and unforgetable night! Justin and Paddy will love this ide

Yes the boy is hot and the sox are even hotter. If you can have him fucked by one of your older male models- both of them in otc black nylon sox and shoes off that would be the hottest. Have him wear these tnt's why not- they are so hot. I think Justin ha

Its our thing- what are you going to do- shoot us?

Your are so hott! I have both a sock and foot fetish and after two years on this site, you are my favorite. Love the fact that you have sheer socks, a rockin body and just plain sexy. You have definitely turned me on more than a couple occassions. Yum

finally some really hot shoe fetish movie!!! love it

Sock, foot, nylon fetish here!!! What a hot man and hot video. Nice turn on....

NylonOTCs 03/07/2012
This guy, "Justin Harris" is the "Cat's ass", man.....DO NOT LOOSE HIM!!!....How Fucking HOT!!! that "look"so savvy and really manly!...and Justin, don't ever stop wearing those fantastic "Thick n thins", man!...You can show all the leg and feet y

Looks great in a tux! Way to do it, Mr. Harris!

Justin Harris is: Joyful Unique Sexy Torrid Intelligent Naughty Handsome Awesome Randy Raunchy Interesting Superior Cum back for more at MAP, Sexy, Handsome Justin! Limerick

Justin Harris, You young stallion deluxe-- You are scorchingly hot in a tux! You have such a perfectly sexy sense of naughty-- And, you obviously love to show off your beautiful body! And, you are a man of luck-- For, Neil Stevens is the stall

you are very hot

RQUEST 08/05/2012
Dang Justin! You are one hot white boi - I'm feeling you here. I have two lace ups you can play with anytime (wink).

Justin knows how to connect many fetishes in ones video: Suit, Shoes, Sheer Socks, Wanking, Raunchy! We need a Part 2 with Justin Harris. A blue suit with blue otc sheer socks will be fantastic. Justin is the perfect combination of innocence and lust.

is there such a thing as an uncut dick?! justin harris is fucking hot, but all of MAP men are uncut. a little variety, people!

Matt Jordan 12/14/2012
sorry bit confused - you mean you prefer cut or uncut? And btw we dont perform circumcisions at menatplay so theres not a lot we can do about the 'variety, people!'

Justin Harris is as handsome as any movie star. The fetishism of such a handsome guy is very exciting. I want to see more of him like this.

brisgay 02/07/2015
"And btw we don't perform circumcisions at menatplay" Best response ever! Made me LOL!

him01 09/08/2015
hi MAP, if using man's white handkerchief playing before and during fucking. it be perfect !

rickis75 06/12/2016

carter_ross72 11/04/2016
Justin Harris is as handsome as any movie star. The fetishism of such a handsome guy is very exciting. I want to see more of him like this.

carter_ross72 11/04/2016
Justin Harris is as handsome as any movie star. The fetishism of such a handsome guy is very exciting. I want to see more of him like this.

I love justin when he lick his shoes he must fucking with his shoes too