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Movie Comments

Paul is gorgeous - handsome and love all the fur without being an OTT bear. He really needed to get that spunk out and I would like to see more of him. It's a pity so much of the suit had to come off as I loved the way it clung to every inch of him - Da

Matt Jordan 05/18/2012
This one is actually from a retro clothing shop - I wanted something with wider lapels, and trousers a bit flarey ( non of this modern skinny stuff!). Love the way it clings to his arse and thighs then flares out at the bottom. You know me if it was all m

Rainer75 05/18/2012
A crisp and refreshing idea to produce modern vintage! And a crisp and refreshing american (?) guy who loves to flirt with the camera! A guy with a sexy body but not beeing a muscle-colossus, without tattoos but nice natural fur, hands groomed and juicy a

Matt Jordan 05/18/2012
I just read Pauls own blog. Read it here or just go to our blog ( top right navigation) where I reposted it. He talks about how he felt so good in the suit and actually says he has a bit of a fetish for them too. It make

Yes, this eye contact of Paul's really does it for me. And Matt, as usual, excelled again in his close-ups. Great work, Matt. And congrats that your hand did not shake a bit making these shots of such a wonderfully furry body as Wagner's, or is this rathe

Too bad... this handsome man who has a very beautiful body, wearing a beautiful dress suite & tie, which offers good video ... but he wears cowboy boots ... it would be super good with beautiful dress shoes with laces.

Matt Jordan 05/18/2012
What is it you dont like abot the concept delcroix? you dont like the boots?

This guy is seriously hot and I just can't get enough of him!

Big fan of Paul Wagner. Hope to see more him at MAP soon.

Matt Jordan 05/19/2012
From Paul Wagner: “My very first scene has just come out for MenAtPlay! I’m very excited, and I’m surprised its out already since I was only just there filming a couple weeks ago! Talk about a quick turn around. It’s a solo scene. I’ve been r

Such a sweetypops, and for god's sake get him back in a suit with another suited guy and having full suited sex.

uliofberlin 05/19/2012
What a nice ass - Wehre is my belt? :-))

dazzyboy 05/20/2012
Although I'd watched and enjoyed Paul Wagner on other sites before I wouldn't say he was one of my favourites...until now. After seeing how hot he looks in a suit I'm viewing him in a whole different light. And the fact that his comments seem to suggest h

Love that shy smile; he's really cute. But look at the boots on this cowboy. Something's up; yeah, he unholsters that big, smoking six-shooter. Fire away, cum what may. There's enough ammo to take on a whole passel of bad dudes. Can't wait to see him top

randycop 05/20/2012
hot movie! I am normally not a fan of SOLOs, but that one is very good. The suit outfit fits well on him and I am very pleased to see cowboyboots on him - as much as I LOVE good dress shoes - but here the boots are better for all coming with it, the bel

I am not a fan for solo films per se, but he does a fine job. It would be nice to see him with another man or 2,,,

Paul is handsome and HOT, liked the natural hair except for his ass. For me personally I would have liked his ass, crack all shaved. One other thing just for me ...if he would of sat on the saddle horn, that would have been my Paul Wagner

I grew up watching 70's series as Dallas, Matt Houston, and many others showing hot men wearing suits and cowboy boots, in some ways it was my first approach into suit erotica... when I started to think nothing different could be found in Suit and Tie sit

elem212 05/22/2012

by the way, Rico and Matt made an excellent work here, It makes me think they revealed some of their own personal fantasies here... simple but truly effective

The slow tease was incredible. He is super hot dressed and undressed. His cock is the stuff of dreams. Woof.

Never mind, Matt. Yes, I am not too much into that cowboy stuff. But as said, that's a matter of personal taste. You did an excellent job. I just love how you make your solo models flirt with you(r cam). Get going and enjoy as I do.

Interesting.... Well you can mix it up. He has a suit fetish so get him in another one and make him go all the way in it, he seems game for it as well as freaking gorgeous.

truly sexy. he really enjoys both feeling and handling himself as much as flaunting it. nice suit, great fit. fantastic ass.

yeah empty them bollocks for me you big-dicked handsome bastard, else I'll put the crop to your arse lol

stardusted 06/08/2012
nice ass, but not a fan of the boots.....

Yee haww!!! and suits are so HOT!!! But, next time, how about a shined pair!!! So much nicer than those dull ones!!!

A Gay Man's FANTASy, love everything about him..More, more and then some more.........

I agree totally Matt, boot cut all the way baby!!!

LORIS 06/28/2012
Paul knows how to be sexy - the way how he communicates with camera... Besides he looks great in sui&tie - very MAP man ! Great hairy body and nice cumshot at the end.

Paul is sizzling hot!! One of the most sexy, desirable men on video! A fantasy made gorgeous flesh and bone!

very sexy.

the best ever !!!!

want him in my bed

nice sexy man with a very hot cumshot

sexy in those cowboy boots

I don't usually like SOLOS, but this one was death-defyingly sensuous and sexy.......Paul Wagner is so gorgeous.......I'M IN LOVE !!!!! HI, PAUL !!!!! yogi, tucson desert, in early [email protected]

love paul wagner he has a great cock and ass and hairy chest love to fuck him anytime and likewise

Heeroyuy5674 10/06/2013
This beyond sexy; his body is just beautiful, his big dick is a dream come. I want to fuck him so badly.

actor117 03/26/2015
the boots a SEXY idea, no otc socks to go with them, makes him look like a hick..

Joaquin69 02/22/2016
Not too bad, but personally I prefer the model without boots or shoes.

bootjack 06/15/2016
Very hot video. Whoever had the idea for cowboy boots and have Paul leave them on: THANK YOU!!!!!

actor117 07/22/2018
if only there were otc dress socks with those boots