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Movie Comments

murciano 03/02/2018
I joined this site for guys like Andy Star and Ken Summers, gorgeous! specially: Andy SUPER Star!

Suitman63 03/02/2018
This is quite good but could have been very good - the cruisy set up is nice but in these scenarios it is not realistic for either guy to strip off completely (the whole public thing means guys are likely to feel they might need to do up again quickly) - it is a bit of a pattern that the set ups are often pretty spot on but then things collapse into something more formulaic.

kevdesu 03/02/2018
It was good. I want to see some suit or tie play.

Rainer75 03/03/2018
A sexy looking bald-headed guy with an impressive cock and sweet Andy doing what he can do best: servicing men! Good camera work and a suit up to the end and a tasty lake of semen as a dessert! There is nothing wrong and I'm happy because of this real MAP stuff!

Rainer75 03/03/2018
Dear Suitman63! This is not BBC. It is porn. Nearly nothing is realistic in porn - it's a true coming of dreams...

Sugarman06 03/03/2018
It's Andy Every other Week. Sighhhhh

masstiehemd 03/03/2018
it's the point of view that is closest to what I think! except for the end. I would have liked to see Andy flooding sperm tight tie of max and even on his very serious face ....

tiedupsuit 03/03/2018
Beautiful suit on Max. Andy always looks hot in the suit. Wish that had stayed on the entire time. Hope to see Max in another movie.

masstiehemd 03/03/2018
I quite agree with this opinion of Rainer75! Except for the end or Andy could have spilled Max's well fitting tie and even overflowing on his face (I'm thinking of Hector's cum shot)

Rainer75 03/03/2018
Dear masstiehemd! You are right. In that moment Andy was sitting on Ken and riding his cock I wished he would ejaculate on his fully suited partner. Unfortunately they changed the position and the mess splatterd on Andys stomach. I would have prefered the messed suit but after all that partly desastrous critics in the past it could be constructive to mention the fine things....

Rainer75 03/03/2018
Sorry for the double click and also sorry for mention Ken. Of course it's Max.

musclefucks 03/03/2018
Such a great big fat cock ... but la belle Andy can take anything! Well done, guys

keoni 03/03/2018
Nice hot scene. The holes in Andy's socks were distracting though. Really guys?

eiswirth821 03/05/2018
Hotter than hell; I loved it!

Suitman63 03/09/2018
That maybe so Rainer, but it should be believable (and a bit less predictable)...

Rainer75 03/11/2018
Believable porn is like tasty british food - a paradox! (lol) PS.: Would be nice to get in webmail contact with you because your comments are very often exactly what I'm thinking!

sparkovski 03/13/2018
More Max please. Would have loved to see the tie soaked at the end.

raven 03/19/2018

suitandtie 04/14/2018
Max looks great in his suit. Love his bald masculine head and thick dark beard. My favorite look for a man in a business suit.

topsuitedgam 05/08/2018
Why Andy took off his suit? What a waste... Men At Play supposed to dress up in suit and have sex.... Max is sexy by the way :)

robicart 11/19/2018
Max Duro would be so handsome WITHOUT that long beard. Love his dick.

robicart 01/10/2019
Max Duro is a beautiful hunk of a man even though his beard is too long.

robicart 02/13/2019
Max Duro and Andy Starr are so hot in this movie. It's so hat when Max takes out his hot dick and starts masturbating and then Andy does too. Love the across the two of them handling their hard throbbing dicks. Only wished Max had returned the favor and sucked Andy's dick. Andy riding Max's big shaft is awesome. Max's beard only have that length would be better.

robicart 06/05/2019
I like the setup. I like Max pulling out his beautiful dick and massaging it standing at the door then moving in and sitting across from Andy and he pulls out his beautiful dick and they play with them sitting there wanting to be together, which Andy makes happen.