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Movie Comments

abc375266731 02/20/2015
Earlier than before! lol

abc375266731 02/20/2015
Earlier than before! lol

kred65 02/20/2015
There is no sound on the latter part of the video

brocfore 02/20/2015
Great movie, love Isaac, but no sound on the last half.

loosetie13 02/20/2015
Both models are incredibly sexy, but I'd love to see Dani loosen his tie for once! That would be very horny.

Rainer75 02/20/2015
That's what I call a suit-porn! Well done guys, team and actors. I remember Isaac with some ugly tats but wearing a suit that way he is every inch a gentlemen and looks fabulous. You guys from MAP gave him a great debut and I hope this beefy, nasty, tall hunk will perform very often with his new studio which is a peak in his career. And I remember he is a great bottom, too... So there is a lot of to dream about Isaac! So throw away your pissy leather outfits and fill out the classy suits with your excellent body, Isaac!!!

loosecollarntie 02/20/2015
Hot film guys, loved the full suitsex session, no sound though half way through.

olderbutsexy 02/20/2015
Isaac is a hot fucker :) And Dani loves his bottom role. Well done guys. But why do we suddenly have everyone bearded ? ;)

Bluedog 02/20/2015
Isaac .... Top man ;-). Nice job MAP .. The guys almost fully suited throughout.. like a suit fetish video

admin 02/20/2015
Erm ...could it have something to do with fashion and models choosing to grow them? Rico

brisgay 02/20/2015
Please fix the sound issues Matt and Rico.. I was getting so turned on and then the sound went!

sparty 02/20/2015
I guess you don't need sound. Don't believe they said a damn word through the whole scene. Strange. You get two stars from me!

Jon62 02/21/2015
This is more like it. Really sexy movie and proper suit porn. Dani is always good and Isaac was great in his tight white shirt and red tie. Loved it and fact Isaac stayed dressed whole time.

raven 02/21/2015
I had sound for the duration second time around and it is even better with the audio. Dan and Isaac are a great pairing all suited up. Both men look great with their tats sufficiently cover so as not to distract the viewer and not to detract from the full suited professional appearance of these handsome, knock out good looking men at play.. The prolonged prelude to unzipping created great sexual tension which built up to a great shared climax. So what's the problem with well-groomed beards? The ear jewelry was not screaming out at us, the way I like it. Nice production guys; don't hesitate to produce more of this kind of video! Raven

dodger37 02/21/2015
I am at the 2 1/2 month stage of a 3 month membership. It is likely I will not renew. I have had far more than enough of Dani Robles and his many, equally well-inked thug companions. Really, I live less than an hour from Los Angeles. If I wanted to visit "The Hood", it's basically in my back yard already. Darius Ferdinand and other pure angelic types better start making more frequent appearances or I am history. Over and out!

everhard12321 02/21/2015
Excellent film, guys. Isaac Eliad is a true find and I am eager to see him in other Menatplay vids. He wears a suit well and his body is phenomenal. Although Dani Robles has never been one of my favorite models (honestly, I avoid films starring him) he more than rises to the occasion in "Perfect Strangers". I'd go so far as to say this is his best film. And kudos to you for ramping up the suit play. It's been a long time.

hamptowr 02/21/2015
Isaac Eliad is an excellent addition to MAP. Look forward to seeing more of him.

tooshiny 02/22/2015
This is now one of my top films. I think it is the first time loafers have been shown and they were patent. Feel like I've waited a long time for that. More patent shoes. Maybe even an opera slipper with a tux. And OTC TnT socks. Spunk city. So hot. Loved it. Especially with the worship. And as per usual the models were so hot.

karlcocksuit 02/22/2015
Lovely perfect

everhard12321 02/22/2015
I wish someone would tell these porn stars that tattoos do not make them sexier.

NylonOTCs 02/22/2015
Wonderful gentleman!....Isaac is def. HOT as fuck!...He knows how to plow that ass on Dani and his sweet round porky little ass!!!....LOVED the OTC love from Isaac...How fucking erotic as he moves forward into that cupcake creamy ass of Dani's. Cant say enough here...keep'm cuming with hot panting, hot sex and HOT nylon TnTs!!! will watch this one a few times more I know that!

abc375266731 02/22/2015
YES! I agree with every word of yours! Patent loafers, opera slippers and OTC TNT! Hot as FUCK!

abc375266731 02/22/2015
Congrats guys! This is PHENOMENAL! I love these new guys MAP delivered in the few past weeks: Jalil Jafar, Malek Tobias, Will Iden, and Issac Eliad as for this week. And the beard, are you kidding? HOT AS FUCK! I especially enjoy the parts when Issac having fun with Dani's TNT socks. This is truely a suit-fetish porn. Thanks, Matt and Rico and other guys of the crew!

Matt Jordan 02/22/2015
We can't control how models choose to look. If you think these hnadomse suited men look like thugs you have some very pretty thugs in Los Angeles !! Over and out!

RQUEST 02/23/2015
Loved alot about this suit-sox-sex flick, but can MAP please make some suit-sox-sex flicks without all the moonpie/rimming!? It would be nice to get through suit/sox flicks without it, not every flick should have ass eating in it, especially the suit/sox highlight flicks. Save the rimming for the barefoot/sockless flicks LOL. Still love MAP though and the cum shots for both were incredible. Good to see Dani and issac just let it rip on that pool table.

RQUEST 02/23/2015
Dani was looking super hot in this one, I wish there would have been more play with Dani's sox and shoes - that would have been superhot, but as always they drop that shoe right on the ground instead of playing with it a little while. Maybe in the future??

NylonOTCs 02/24/2015
Can't get enough of this one, MAP.... Isaac and Dani are too fucking cool, HOT and so erotic!...The suits,sex and so super luscious are the dark OTC TnT's that Isaac licks on!...(delicious heels, legs are great but he can suck on Dani's toes also next time!) .....HOT HOT HOT!!!. MAP... The plow job from Isaac on Dani's plump tasty ass, Whoa!...Okay!, It's gonna be hard to top this one!...But I know you will....x0x0x0x0x and them some!!!

ajdamen 03/03/2015
Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

ozwalker 03/04/2015
Isaac Eliad IS SO HOT.

johnnyt43 03/06/2015
Love your site Matt, Been here for years, tired of Dani in every video and his unfortunately ugly tat on his beautiful ass.

joedoe1000 05/16/2015
MAP....thanks again for this beautiful work of art. The scene covers so many fetishes and was well directed. You brought out the best of these 2 actors. getting hotter in each scene and becoming ready for a top role. Love the look of both actors from head to sheer socked toes (defenitely you can tell how much attention actors pay to their appearance which deserves a big applause). Dani is my favorite, because is very professional, pays attention to details, has an amazing body and enjoys the ride from beginning to end....he is genuine! Ready to see more suits and super-sheer briefs & socks on Dani Robles. Thanks Matt for bringing our dreams to scenes!

LORIS 06/28/2015
Isaac Eliad is superb - oozing powerful, dominant masculinity he reminds me Edu Boxer. Love the scene with some extraordinary moments - when Isaac takes out slowly his beautiful dick at the bar or when he licks so sensually Dani's TNT socks or.... Bravo MAP !

Mookdb243 07/25/2015
All things Awesome. Make more bloke this one. Isaac seems to have a natural foot fetish. Big turn on in your videos.

joedoe1000 08/07/2015
Dani and Issaac as executives playing hard on a pool table at a bar...SENSATIONAL! For me one of the top 5 scenes of MAP website. Love the flirting, sheer fetish, spread leg fuck action, and strong penetration. Bring them in a threesome with maybe Massimo, Hector or Flex.