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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 10/24/2014
A good film with two sexy men. I wish Gabriel wore OTC SOCKS.

otc_socks 10/24/2014

otc_socks 10/24/2014
He should at least have wearing black otc socks and not those fenenine short socks. You can do beter.

DFWTailor 10/25/2014
Give it a rest negative Nancy

DFWTailor 10/25/2014
Great movie loved it.

Bluedog 10/25/2014
Seriously ... Who's looking at their socks ..? C'mon man its a suit fetish site ..... With lots of handsome men in situations we'd like to find ourself in - often ;)). Who is looking at the socks

everhard12321 10/25/2014
This is a suit fetish site, guys, not a sock fetish site.

NylonOTCs 10/25/2014
I liked it!...I love the bedroom sexy eyes on Edu...very HOT "Policia". Both extremely!, beautiful cocks with great cum shots for sure...Agree it's a suit cite gentleman, however!, ... a pair of sexy black OTC TnT's would of added some delicious "icing" moving on up to those set of "cupcake" buns with those sexy legs up in the air on Gabriel!!!...Nice job, MAP.

joedoe1000 10/25/2014
Menatplay is a fetish website which includes luxurious suits and accesories such as ties, cufflinkss, shoes, and socks. Matt always established a new benchmark when he produced a spectacular scene. There is a lot of effort from MAP team in order to film a new scene: casting, bring talent (flight/hotel), scenography, clothings etc. Some weeks the scene will fulfill our fantasies and next one the ones from other viewers (not ours). We will need to be more mature on our feedbacks...remember that this comment section represents the voice of the customer, express how well actors perform the scene. I am suited/sheer socked fan and understand that not every week Matt will dress actors with sheer socks (which is understandable). Thanks Matt for all the great movies you produced for all of us!

joedoe1000 10/25/2014
Everhard12321 tll us how good is the scene for you?

hugo2014 10/25/2014
Great flic! I agree...who cares about socks looking at these guys. Socks are the last thing on my mind. Edu is HOT! They are intense together

Matt Jordan 10/25/2014
Thanks Joedoe wise words. But I can't take any credit for this brilliant film. It was all down to Rico and the Spanish team. Really great job

oreolvrs 10/25/2014
love the way you mixed police and suit fetishes together

masstiehemd 10/25/2014
Good movie at first with the trying to pick up and the masturbation in the car it is the fantasy which I like. He can see full of scenario on this theme and especially all the sperm there which goes on the tie! Hummmm delicious

joedoe1000 10/25/2014
Rico and the Spanish team did an excellent work. Edu is a great actor. Keep up the energy and postive attitude! Spain has great actors such as Denis Vega and Dani Robles which looks glamorous in suit,white shirt and sheer socks. GRACIAS RICO!

mtmslg 10/25/2014
Not complaining, just asking: Does anyone shave anymore? MAP has featured the hirsute for DOZENS of movies in a row. Are beards even allowed in law enforcement? Uniformed patrol officers are not permitted to have beards in USA.

Bensbox 10/25/2014
The dominance of Edu Boxer is irresistible..! I just watched the preview and had to join up, again! Great job, Edu..!

joedoe1000 10/26/2014
It is nice to see MAP using beautiful accessories on suited adds more luxury to the scene. MAP produces high quality executive films to attract multiple fetishes keeping suit as the main one....they need to keep a diverse portfolio of scene to maximize profit.

ken4cock 10/26/2014
Great show of machismo! This is what most cops probably are about--enforcement, pure and simple.

suitedattitude 10/26/2014
This is more like it! We've all had this fantasy and great to see it come to life.

craigdb 10/26/2014
when no one gets naked and i don't see naked bodies, i lose interest

olderbutsexy 10/26/2014
Edu is a beast :)

Matt Jordan 10/26/2014
wierd. whats interesting about a naked body?

Matt Jordan 10/26/2014
Have you missed the huge resurgence of the beard not just in porn but in fashion and general day to day life. Its a fad that will pass but for now it seems to be in full flow

wolfioti 10/27/2014
I actually quit the site for a while because nearly every scene (and there is only one scene per week) featured the models in those sheer hose...sometimes completely transparent....ack! I love a guy in a suit, but the sheer, feminine hose always turn me off....regardless of how hot and masculine the models are. I was a member for years and years but canceled because it was catering exclusively to that particular fetish in each and every scene. I will give it another go and see how it goes. If it keeps becoming more like Gentlemen's Closet, I'll have to quit again.

wolfioti 10/27/2014
A really hot scene. Love seeing a cop for a change. More of this please. And thank goodness the ugly feminine sheer hose didn't make an appearance.

Suitsfan 10/27/2014
There are hundreds, probably thousands, of gay male porn sites featuring naked bodies in everything they produce. Why subscribe to a suit-sex site if it's only naked flesh that turns you on?

loosetie13 10/27/2014
Oh yes give me a stubbled or bearded man over a clean shaven one any (every) day of the week!

woodyalert 10/27/2014
Unless these movies are aired in reverse order from when they are filmed, Edu just gets better looking and better looking. How does he do it?=

woodyalert 10/27/2014
Matt & Rico: I read some of the comments and my sympathies go out to you. From my point of view, your models are such incredibly, fantastically beautiful men that I don't care if you have them sitting around a card table playing parchesi; I could watch them for hours!

randycop 10/27/2014
Great job well done of the team for THAT movie! Edu performs very convincing as a cop and I like very much the mixture of suit and uniform in general....So thank you for that, MAP!!! They also play well together. Hey, my fetish are shoes more then suits even, but I wouldn´t complain because of that. The cop is wearing boots and that is okay, because it is more close to reality. A cop on a bike would even wear high and polished Dehners...and I would like to see that also....:-@ But so everybody has his own taste and preferences and never you can satisfy everybody, okay?

loosecollarntie 10/28/2014
Loved it, very hot!

up4anything13 10/28/2014
Awesome. Really liked the subtitles.

Suitsfan 10/29/2014
Very horny video; I love the cum-splattering over Gabriel's shirt, jacket & tie! And, although I've not always been a major fan of Edu Boxer, he's perfectly cast in this role. He comes across (and cums across) in totally convincing style! I'd love to see a follow-up feature in which Edu also takes a piss over the kneeling suited businessman, before ripping his wet trousers off for a fuck. And if I'd been Gabriel, I couldn't have resisted licking Edu's cummy cock clean after he spunked all over my tie - but perhaps that's just me. ;-) Whatever, this is another wank-worthy addition to the expanding MAP library of video keepers; well done, guys!

DFWTailor 10/31/2014
EDU is my new favorite guy on here, I could be wrong , but he seems to really get into the suit thing when it comes to humiliating the guy in the suit and messing up the suit?

johnny5 11/12/2014
Soooooooo HOT!!!

renesito 11/14/2014

18061974 11/20/2014
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academy74 12/23/2014

ken4cock 01/07/2015
Cops-and-sex is always a win-win combo. Nothing tops a rambo cop exercising his authority to the hilt.

larfenix 02/21/2015
Damn this scene is so perfect!!! i love it.

Albertochile69 04/26/2015
I like it so much!

silvacub 05/06/2015
I bought the membership here because MAP has hot models, but in my opinion scenes like this one are a waist. The histrionic value of a porn actor should not be his capacity to mimic a policeman (Hollywood has plenty of those) a porn actor in my opinion should be someone attractive, and able to convince with his entire naked body that the sex is real. Porn directors should focus more in eroticism than the creation of stories and depiction of characters.

silvacub 05/19/2015
everything! a naked body is the most erotic and powerful piece of art ever created, and it's ok to keep the models dressed for a while to satisfy your paraphilia, but I want nudity.

silvacub 05/19/2015
Interesting question? I guess the answer is "for the hot models". Why don't you go to The Men's Warehouse and masturbate looking at the suits hanging from a rack?

ken4cock 06/21/2015
I keep cuming back to this one, again and again. Great performance by Edu. Gabriel is a lucky sucker, and I think he really grooves on the good fucking he gets. Corruption definitely pays off here.

ken4cock 06/27/2015
Hey, guys, give us some more like this--you know, macho uniformed types (police, security guards, military) plowing the shit out of hungry, faggot assholes. Would especially like to see a muscular air force pilot, wearing his satin flight jacket, face-fuck and pummel the butt of an unsuspecting bottom.

ken4cock 07/12/2015
Gets better each time I watch. Can you give us the subtitles lacking for most of the film? Really want to understand what Edu is saying as he fucks the shit out of Gabriel.

Nawty 11/28/2015
I love hot cops and suits. Great combo .

reggie42 01/07/2016
Very very HOT!

olderbutsexy 02/02/2016
Good second viewing ... and Gabriel got what he wanted ;)

olderbutsexy 02/02/2016
And the lovely Mr Gabriel has the best cock-and-balls combo on MAP. Not to mention a fabulous arse, great legs, and he is so wonderfully responsive to being penetrated :) Edu a great fantasy of the brutish policeman who fucks you, although is a little too nice to be really scary. Thanks to all concerned in cast and crew

olderbutsexy 02/02/2016
Great comment mate x

wkllbt123 07/22/2016

masstiehemd 07/25/2016
Je suis si excite en revoyant cette video que j'ecris en francais! Pour un fetichisme addicte costume cravate, le scenario entier est bon: l'arret en voiture dans un lieu publique et la masturbation que Gabriel execute est un fantasme recurant, tout en cherchant du regard un voyeur partenaire , c'est extra! Ensuite la baise avec le flic : sucer, branler, enculer tout est tres excitant! Enfin l'appotheose avec l'ejaculation puissante de Gabriel sur sa chemise sa cravate... Et l'ejaculation de Edu sur la cravate et je nettoyage de sa bite avec la cravate.... FORMIDABLE!!!!

darius33 01/24/2017
Legendary EDU! Love him!!!

Pozlthrsub 07/05/2020
Love both money shots! Bottom dude will need a new tie though I’d love to lick it clean! Lol

StevetheMan 01/06/2021
I'd love to have both fuck me and I'll swallow their cum and not ask them anything but can we do that again, Both are hot and Sexy I'd love a cop to bang me like that here!!! WOW

ROBICART 03/12/2021
So well made. With such sexy guys. Wish MAP still made them like this.