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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 09/22/2017
disappointing! just 5 minutes, and the man in tie undresses ... The continuation for me is uninteresting - a banal fuck of two naked guys ..... where is the originality of Men At Play .... we wait for next Friday

Suitman63 09/22/2017
Agreed. It should be clear by now that (loyal) members at least want more action with the suits on but you just ignore this.

Sugarman06 09/22/2017
Siiiigh!!!!!!! Not the good kind either

Rainer75 09/22/2017
Mr. Boscatto looks better than ever. He must spended a lot of work in the gym lately. Also the former undiscussable hair cuts seem to be history. And he fits his suit perfectly - a pity he got naked so extremly soon. Mr. Castellano is a nice guy also - I'm sure he will look even better while suited. This time naked is enough to show us he got no tats - halleluja! No tats - what a find - much more important than his huge cock. Loved the "story", loved the lasting views on Mr. Boscattos manly, veiny "paws" - very sexy.... But a suit-fetish side with less than a quarter of the film without suit? Why do you tease us so much and soon give us an icewaterbucket and show us porn we can watch in every cheaply produced ordinary porn side? I don't know to be angry or disapointed.

musclefucks 09/22/2017
Emir is the ultimate man. No matter how big, he takes cock like a star. And welcome to new hot MAP fucker Hugo. Senor Boscatto is one of our chief assets, but maybe time to see him on top again??

superslim456 09/23/2017
One of the reasons that I subscribed to this site was to see them in suits more; however, I have an EXTREME fetish for the dress socks that they still wear during sex...maybe having more scenes of them with suits on, while still catering to us foot/sock fetish folks would be appreciated! Please and thank you!

CutawayShirt 09/23/2017
Oh no, Mr. Boscato undressed to fast! He could have dressed up Mr. Castellano at least with his tie. But I liked the foreplay.

Sherman 09/23/2017
Actually, a very boring video. Erie just getting fucked by Hugo. Hugo did have a good cum shot.......I prefer men with larger cocks but more important "hair" around their cocks. They were shaved and I find this not a sexy cock. Very disappointing as Hugo could have a hairy cock with his beard and chest having hair. It was just a fucking scene with no excitement by either one of them. Also poor environment for the video. I will wait for next week and maybe we can have Mike, Dino or Jean with their hairy cocks...............

barneylincoln 09/23/2017
Iv'e always had a very soft spot for the solemn faced Emir B. Lovely body, in a suit maximim sexy! I would have liked a little more suit-play, but most of the films lately have exceed my expectations so no cause for complaint. let's see more Hugo, suited-up would be nice! Best Wishes MAP...Barney.

NylonOTCs 09/24/2017
I think Emir is HOT!!!....Hugo is a great addition to the "family", most def. would blow him in a HOT NY minute!!...Great Sex fucking...but please!!!...put some TNT OTC's on Emir next time!...He is too, Business Savy, too HOT, too COOL, for just Gold Toes!!!...(that wont stay up!) keep the suits on longer also , I agree!...It was great though guys. I loved it!!! Ps...Question for Hugo, (with that awesome cock!) what bars do you hang out at ???

jmchc68000 09/24/2017
Would love to see Hugo Castellano totally soaked in suit and tie. is so hot !!!

mtmslg 09/24/2017
What the hell was Emir wearing? A blue suit jacket with mismatched gray pants and a sloppily knotted tie . . . C'mon, I don't mean to nitpick, but this is not the MAP I've loved for years. Seems like you're phoning it in. The LEAST we should expect from a site dedicated to men in suits is proper styling of the clothes. I know you can do better. I am a very patient subscriber. (If you throw me a bone once in a while with Logan, or wet play, or a threesome or, best of all, Logan involved in a wet play threesome --- I'm happy.) But lately, it is really hit and miss and with the things that should be obvious: Great clothes on handsome men.

Matt Jordan 09/25/2017
Im not sure who mike and dino are?

DesertMan 09/27/2017
Two gorgeous, masculine men and so eagerly into it. Very hot. Emir has the perfect body. Hugo has the perfect cock. Loved the socks-in-the-air fucking and the cream-shower at the end. I agree with those who felt Emir should have left his suit on a little longer. And, perhaps, Hugo might have cleaned up Emir's creamy stomach with his his tongue? Oh yeah.

raniesuit 09/28/2017
Ehhhh, what´s going on with MAP??? You are going the wrong way... After several years, you get less interesting models, worse outfits, and directors that have no clue of what´s sensual..... This is land of amateurs, sorry sorry sorry..... A children school theatre does it better, (but of course without this embarrassing porn issue)

raven 10/13/2017
Pretty mechanical ,not terribly erotic sex. I liked Emir's haircut and suit but would have enjoyed more plot development and foreplay. Good looking models but no chemistry whatsoever. Try again. RAVEN

robicart 09/22/2018
Hugo is good looking and sexy and with a beautiful cock. It's a shame to not see more of him.