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Movie Comments

citypana 09/16/2016
I can not see the movies dowlouloded in my mac. What i should do?

actor117 09/16/2016
The socks on the men are hot!! suits maybe stay on longer....?

Matt Jordan 09/16/2016
Hi sorry you're having trouble with the download - can you please email [email protected] or just press on contact at the bottom of the page and someone will be able to help you out with your specific issue.

Rainer75 09/16/2016
Hector is nice as ever, Aitor a bit pale and less significant. The story? First lessons of spanish language and then the usual running off. OK - what kind of sensations we want to see? More finesse and class, more subtlety and sin. Just MAP-stuff! Try more for the new beginning, please!

suitstudda 09/16/2016
Its good to head from Matt. Many rumor of whether you were still with MenAtPlay, including Rico. In the future do MenAtPlay intend do more video like Pure Suits? I also would like to see a more deep compassionate video, where the actor just let the hair down, ie., flip-flops, deep kissing scene (where the hands are running through the actors hair), just to name a few. I leave up to you and your team.

suitstudda 09/16/2016
Dear Rainer75, I have following your comment for year now and I wonder, "Have you ever thought about joining the MenAtPlay team?" Thereby providing your knowledge and experience. It a suggestion. MenAtPlay can always in-depth intellect.

suitedcboy 09/17/2016
Hector has such a great record here as the best looking suited sex participant. As a nude actor he is just another in a huge sea of naked fish. A damned HOT fish.

blakfoxx 09/17/2016
Not a fan of shaved bodies and assholes, that said Hector's got a great butt!

musclefucks 09/17/2016
Great kissers :) Nice work, gracias boys. Hector so beautiful, can really fuck too; lovely cock, exquisite arsehole ... but sorry to see he's started with the tattoos - they're so addictive :(

NylonOTCs 09/19/2016
HOT!..HOT!...HOT!....WOW..From "Head to Toe"!!!..Thanks Map!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Rainer75 09/19/2016
Dear suitstudda! Of course I know what you really want to be notified. In future I should keep my snout or alternativly open my own portal and show my astonished users that I would really do a lot better. In fact I firmly believe that I can give some good, promotional impulses. This shows all my previous professional life - often I have the right instinct and better sensitivity. Of couse creating a pornwebside is something completely different and very complex. Nevertheless the production of the films seems very retracted over the years and monotonous sometimes. Furthermore Matt and Rico have clearly shown they have difficulties by accepting criticism and seem to be very "stubborn" in details. Both have done a sensationell pioneering work - they have created a unforgettable standard of male handsomness and erotic. But nowadays they seem to be stuck - there is no creative development beside the unneccessary "Spanish Attitude". Why should I not proclaim my opinions and desires when some other users lament for years about the right socks?

raven 09/20/2016
Hot, Hot, Hot man sex shared by this handsome pair.. . Eye contact, kissing , oral-genital play and a sound fucking given Aitor by Hector led to a spectacular release of anxiety and tension captured with great photography . The mutual pleasure generated by these fellows was quite palpable and enjoyed by this MAP patron. Please continue with your artistry!. RAVEN

kennyj2254 09/22/2016
Absolutely amazing. That's what we want to see more. Suits and sex in socks,close up as well. Please more of this

skotish 10/09/2016
HECTOR DE SILVA is good at being a top, but his whiskers distract me every time. If only he could shave them off!

suitstudda 10/14/2016
In the upcoming Hector De Silva video, he is in a flip-flop, but I would like too see in a pure suit where everythings stay on. Mabe Matt Jordan and/or Rico make it happen. Secondly, lately there have been what I call scene patching or scene justing,i.e., "Wrong Place," where one moment you are watching a deep compassion love actions, then all the sudden nothing is out of place and you back to scene one. Skotish, please view "Wrong Place." For Matt and Rico please do something about this, because you are starting to become like other prone websites.

Suitman63 10/22/2016
I was so excited to see that Hector would be back as I am mad on him and he is so good at doing it all in his suit and then he wasn't in one so disappointed. At least there are the others and I do hope he's back with his suit on soon. I know things are next to impossible sometimes but it would be so good if Hector and Dani could be paired up in a fully suited scene - they complement each other's top and bottom-ness and would both enjoy getting into the whole sub/dom suited, messy, and kinky thing.

Sherman 03/17/2017
Hector, you have a beautiful body and very handsome but you have an average cock and "no Hair" around your cock. Not a sexy motor. You cum shot was poor in comparison to other video's. Do not like skinned cocks.

robicart 05/06/2019
This one had such great potential, but it did not reach that great level that it could have.