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Movie Comments

Anonymous92 01/11/2019
The colored part of the movie poster should be a part of the movie. I would love to see Vadim Romanov worship Andy Star's pecs from behind. Watching Massimo Piano showing great interest to Flex' pecs in Blackout was and still is an amazing experience. Please, Men At Play, more pec worshiping!

masstiehemd 01/11/2019
Very good week with this video! two well-dressed guys who keep their jacket and tie to the end. That's good!!! we would have liked to see the cum schot on the tie and not on the canapés but the best, the wiping of the cock full of cum .... steamy

Gael1206 01/11/2019
So this is a decent video, but the videos are all the same now. Guy #1 sucks guy #2's cock....#2 eats #1's ass.....#1 gets fucked from behind and then they move to a different position before the cum shot. How about mixing it up a little?? Show some creativity??

tuxedo1967 01/11/2019
At last a bit messy...

kevdesu 01/11/2019
I waited so long for a really sexy messy video

Sugarman06 01/12/2019
Ho Hum. Sleeper. Again. No creativity. Hire some writers, interns, somebody.!!!!!!!!

mtmslg 01/12/2019
That was kinda fun. Andy is very handsome and kept his shirt and jacket on so I didn't have to see his crazy tattoos. Love the wet and messy stuff. Keep bringing that!

Rainer75 01/13/2019
Well, I agree Sugarman06 and also Gael1206 for 100%! But in this film one of the most famous and cutest pussy in porn business is getting fucked from this extraordinary masculine russian Vadim Romanov with his adoring cock. So I had my pleasure and don't mention the plot and the boring routine. Always Vadim has only a little amount of ejaculated cum, but this time it's worth wiping the mess up with a silken tie. He seems to had fun and so I did.

musclefucks 01/14/2019
WOOOOF! Blazing hot. Vadim is a star fucker and what a cock. Andy takes it all the way, like the superstar he is. Thanks guys!

eiswirth821 01/14/2019
Fantastic job by everyone.

Frits600 01/14/2019
I want to see cum shots on the suit jacket, and, even hotter, cum shots on the lining of the suit jacket!!

robicart 01/14/2019
Happy that Vadim's pants are light colored enough that his big hard dick outline shows and can be wonderfully massaged. And then taken out a beautifully sucked. The rest of the movie is less than the best.

robicart 06/11/2019
Really liked Andy massaging Vadim's hard dick and then taking his dick out. And worshipping and sucking it. Just wish Vadim had sucked Andy's dick.

robicart 06/25/2019
Vadim's dick and balls are just so awesome and Andy knows what to do with them.

kelle68 11/03/2020
YES, that´s how men fuck! Give a damm shit on the clothes and sofa!

Jack60470 01/08/2022
Vadim Is Stunning ! And He Knows how to WorK a Suited Arse ! awww more of this !!!!