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Movie Comments

suitedattitude 05/31/2013
So when are we going to get another pure suit type movie?

Mcleader 05/31/2013
Great piece of work guys. Love Harley getting verbal and his uber confidence. More of him and Scott please, guys. I'm thinking Harley might also make a great recruit for the bank manager role!

hatetatoos-4-2 05/31/2013
Dear Matt, Another great movie from MAP. I admire how you do this week after week. I love Harley with his chest hair and wearing garters - very sexy. I wish Scott had kept his clothes on so we did not have to see his unpleasant tatooed body. I do not un

Matt Jordan 05/31/2013
Hi thanks for the comment, but I think you got your names mixed up - Harley is the guy with tattoos cheers Matt

Rainer75 05/31/2013
I Love this film! I love the story, love the action and yes: I love Harley Everett!!! I know he's not the real business-type-guy most of us prefer but he is tall, dominant, masculine and makes masturbation phantasies come true with his hard cock, his stee

Okay 05/31/2013
Love the green necktie, love the black one too, because it is not taken away during the blowjob, well a little but ok. Hope you are making a movie again soon, where they at least keep the necktie :)

hatetatoos-4-2 05/31/2013
Thanks Matt. It is Scott that I like. He is terrific. I would love to see him with Landon Conrad or Woody Fox.

sidevents 05/31/2013
Once again, Porn stars usually have tattoos, thats just the way it is, I wish Matt could just go into the City of London and spot conservative business types and convince them to do this :-),,,,, but now that is not reality.... LOL I do so love it when

ronylh 06/01/2013
very good scenario and acting.. we were expecting to see more of Scott's sheer socks.. he was suddenly fully undressed.. that was disappointing somehow...

RQUEST 06/01/2013
There was no need for the top to take his sheer socks off - enough said - halfway decent flick

olderbutsexy 06/01/2013
Hot raw sex ... Scott very good

77mojito 06/03/2013
Lucky Scott he got a gorheous cock. HOT ! awesome !

joedoe1000 06/03/2013
RQUEST...I totally agree with you, Matt's very thin sheer socks look so hot for that suit (perfect for summer time). Unfortunately disappear very fast from the scene. Maybe next scene will have Matt as bottom actor with thin sheer socked legs up.

joedoe1000 06/04/2013
mmmmm ...just guessing what will be next on Friday.

Spycker 06/06/2013
cool movie.... except the tattoos.... sorry..... but they are just a bit of a turnoff

banquero8 06/08/2013
I dont like tattoos

VintageMan 06/13/2013
yep, ditch the tats. A distraction for sure.

ba1966 06/19/2013
i am diggin the tats...kind of guy you just wnat to get your ass destroyed by YUMMM

italtopcop 06/19/2013
I will take a hot handsome man loaded with tats anytime.......Keep up the great work.

Great movie. Loved the suspenseful opening. Then the aggressive raw hot passion.

Fajni są , ale chciałbym tak być przesłuchiwany

77mojito 06/30/2013
i love Scott ... he's awesome ! AND Harley fuck the hell out of Scott. GREAT FUCKING MOVIE !!!

amomum 07/15/2013
Carter's cock is so great , it would be worth giving it a slow slow camera examination before launching into action.

luis2 04/26/2014
very good I love

seahbh 05/12/2015
actually there is nothing but scott's cock that lured Harley out of hiding. Who could resist a cock , of at least 9 inches, thick and big?!! I like the fact that the penis-head is big, red and fully exposed.

musclefucks 03/22/2019
mmmmmm, Serious fucking, this ... thanks guys. And Scott has such lovely eyes too!