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Movie Comments

everhard12321 07/03/2015
I've always liked Menatplay's bar set. It's sleek and masculine just like Flex and Dallas Roberts. Flex has lost a good deal of muscle mass but he's still a bubble butt bottom slut who can take massive cocks. Dallas's suit is stylish, and his silver hair

everhard12321 07/03/2015
Oops. Correction: Dallas Steele

olderbutsexy 07/03/2015
Oh dear ... well, thanks anyway, guys :)

LORIS 07/03/2015
Fantastic - I have been always into older guys and Daniel Steele is for me simply irresistible - a special bonus are of course not only his handsome looks with silvery beard and magnificent suit&shirt&tie combo but also his thick cock with beautiful head.

Timmaness 07/04/2015
Someone's Grandpa was mistakenly inserted in a video.

darkeye 07/04/2015

jwspyke 07/04/2015
Please feature the models in gold toe black otc socks! I missed those who wore in the movies before 2012. They were so sexy and masculine in those socks. I dislike the sheer socks because they make the models look very feminine. I get turned off by those

limerick 07/04/2015
This is a very sexy scene! Love Flex in the black jock strap!! Flex always takes it like a man!!! It is wonderful, too, to see an older man have fun!!

tiedupsuit 07/04/2015
Great movie! Love the fact that Dallas's suit remained on through the entire scene. Plus, he looks amazing in that suit. Hope to see more of him, possibly next time in a more compromised position

auhottie 07/04/2015
Loving the older muscle top. Nice one guys.

timinoc 07/06/2015
Vodka and Coke? Who drinks that?

Suitsfan 07/06/2015
Two very sexy men (one of whom keeps his suit on throughout) with lots of chemistry going on - and the tie abuse adds an extra special treat! Nice work, MAP!

Matt Jordan 07/07/2015
HA HA I don't know anyone that doesn't . where are you from?

tvforeverus 07/10/2015
Love the fact that MAP isn't even hiding the fact that Dallas Steele is former TV anchor Jim Walker. So odd and hot that I;m now watching him make love to Flex of all people. Here's to bringing him back in the future and hoping we get to see more of this

masstiehemd 07/15/2015
It is really good when we come back from a stay to Milan capital of the fashion for man and very beautiful ties, to see a sequence MAP with a very good shot of juice on the tie of a beautiful guy. It is good and thank you

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
I stay with my Cuba Libre drink (rum and Coke)! LOL

joedoe1000 07/28/2015
Matt....I can imagine how much patience you must have in these days....sorry for you!

marcekeller 08/06/2015
I would love to see Dallas Steel full in leather gear. Leather jacket and pants fucking Axel Brooks, Thomas Brand, Adam Champ or Billy Santoro.

marcekeller 08/06/2015
I would love to see Dallas Steel full in leather gear. Leather jacket and pants fucking Axel Brooks, Thomas Brand, Adam Champ or Billy Santoro.

Skiier 04/06/2016
He tans at the same place I do (imagine that!), haven't seen him in person yet - but he has a signed picture of himself on the wall - from his Titan days;)

Moonfire500 04/12/2016
Dallas Steel is excellent

money0584 10/26/2016
FLEX is as hot as fuckkkkk! must be best in ass,lol

intern2016 01/11/2018
The only thing hotter than Dallas Steele with his face in a mans ass is Dallas Steele with a cock in his ass. Preferably the cock of Logan Moore.