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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 10/04/2013
This is a good film and very much in the excellent style of Men At Play. Unfortunately, the actors lack the excitement of Woody Fox and Justin Harris in Pure Suit 1. You can have an outstanding story and filming, but without the proper actors/models the f

suitedattitude 10/04/2013
I see what you mean but I think this is a bit unfair. They've clearly tried to create a very suit oriented and power game driven movie - in so doing, it is a bit "acty" and I feel the actors don't quite click with each other but it is not that they are c

topsuitedgam 10/04/2013
OMG! This is better than Pure Suit 1..... Well Done! Thumbs Up!

Suitsfan 10/04/2013
Another great MAP suit-sex video, guys! Like SuitedAttitude, I suspect Scott would have responded more passionately to some further 'roughing up', and might have cum even quicker if Adam had wiped up some of his own cum with his fingers and pushed them i

masstiehemd 10/04/2013
Another great MAP suit-sex video.I enjoyed the trouser-ripped fucking, and the copious cum-splattering of Scott's shirt, tie, jacket . I love very much the place where is the session bravo !

murciano 10/04/2013
a boring PG13 video! BORING!!!!! you guys have no more ideas?

Okay 10/04/2013
Finally suits :) I would like that assistnat to fix my ties, and would love to tie the bosses shoes! Just love when a guy takes his time sucking a Dick, and enjoy it. Lovw to get to see the beatifull necktie as he enjoyes his Dick, And hearing suck my Di

cactusman26 10/04/2013
Well done but not 'suited' for my taste!

wishbone 10/04/2013
presumably damaged stock is not booked to the staff memebre's account - it could work out quite expensive.

olderbutsexy 10/04/2013
Not having a suit fetish myself, this is not my best, but for them that do, it must be heaven :)

Jude 10/05/2013
Scott is AWESOME - love the way Scott is totally sub. - love the way he takes it "all" & at the end tasted his own love cream - I would love to have Scott, suck his throbbing pumping cock - rub my face in his cum coverd shirt / trousers - even go down t

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hey Jude, Glad you liked it fella… I thought you might! It was kind of cool to keep the suit on totally too! More to cum so watch this space! Scott

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Wishbone, No, the damaged stock is charged to the managers expense account, comes under the heading of entertainment costs :) Scott

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hey Cactus Come back for more soon, maybe you'll prefer what's to come! Scott

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hi Okay, Glad that you liked it so much matey, we love to try and give people what they want and you really seemed to have enjoyed it. Thank you for such awesome words, Scott

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hi Murciano, Really sorry you didn't enjoy this as much as many other did but don't worry, there's more to come and certainly the next of my scenes may perk you up a little more. Watch this space and see what you think, Thanks Scott

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Masstiehemd, Im glad you liked that huge cum shot too!! It just kept going didn't it?! How hot?! Glad you liked it matey, come back for more soon! Scott

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hey Suitsfan, Glad you liked ti matey…I gotta say Im a bit of a cum junkie, I do love the stuff and I love my own too, didn't know how much I could get away with scooping up! As for cumming quickly…thats not something Im known for Im afraid, I l

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hi Topsuitedgam, Glad to hear it… love to be the ones to make sequels better than the original…doesn't happen often but we did it and Im glad you thought so. Thanks Scott

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hi Hatetatoos-4-2, Sorry you weren't overly enamoured with the performance. I have to say that it's difficult striking a balance between the acting for the scene settings and the right mix of actors and achieving a result which everyone likes. Somet

scott-hunter 10/05/2013
Hi Suited, I think you hit the tie-pin right on the head here. Firstly, thank you for your kind words and its clear you know what I like. Adam and I are good friends and perhaps for more of a raunch film, a rougher top would have resulted in a more

Suitsfan 10/05/2013
You're definitely my kind of cum junkie, Scott! As for me, you could get away with scooping up everything in sight; just wish I could be there to share it with you sometime . . . (And hey - a great cum-load is always worth waiting for!) ;)

germansuitguy 10/05/2013
THAT'S how a good suit story works. Just awesome! Thanks!

suitedattitude 10/06/2013
Hi Scott I don't think you have to respond to everyone's comments though it is very nice to hear. I just have this hunch that a full on as far as it can go near rape scene (kind of Shark-ish) where you are pissed on, cum on, fucked till you squeal and

suitedattitude 10/06/2013
You don't have to be so nasty and if you, like some others, don't get off on the full suited thing there are a thousand other sites you could go to.

scott-hunter 10/06/2013
Hi German, I'm glad you liked it fella…thanks for the kind words! Scott

suitslover 10/07/2013
Again,I cannot download the movie nor can I download the screencaps. I can't even see the screencaps. I am viewing on an iMac. I did what others suggested and let my mouse hover over the WMV icon and the Screencaps icon, but nothing comes up from either o

suit77 10/07/2013
these are exactly the clips I am waiting for! A good (and this time quite an enormous load) over a fully dressed stud in a suit!! And the fact that they're not overmusceled or oversteroided makes the clip even hotter! After the hot movies with Woody def m

edwards2004 10/07/2013
wow what an extra ordinary cum shot where did it all come from. lovely to see both guys fully clothed too, definitely a favorite of mine. Iwonder who enjoyed the session most.

Matt Jordan 10/07/2013
Hi Sorry youre having trouble viewing the scene - can you write to [email protected] and let us know which browser you are on thanks Matt

scott-hunter 10/07/2013
Hi Edwards2004, Thanks matey Im glad you liked it as much as we did! That explosion from Adam was amazing wasn't it? If only Id known Id have drunk it all but then you'd never have seen it :) Thanks Scott

scott-hunter 10/07/2013
Hi Suit77, Thanks for the kind words and for calling me a 'stud', thats made my day! :) Come back soon, there's more where that came from! Scott

scott-hunter 10/07/2013
Hi Suits, You're in good hands with the guys at MAP, they will take care of you for sure. Let me know what you think when you get your problem sorted it, I hope you enjoy the scene. Thanks Scott

tweee 10/07/2013
Excellent from start to finis!!

NylonOTCs 10/08/2013
Very HOT!!! time have them slip their shoes off so we can see those HOT nylon socked feet....beautiful guys and so erotic!!!..Yummy!!! thx. gentlemen.

bxlchris 10/09/2013
Great movie guys! I really envy Scott getting fucked and cum all over while confined in his suit, and he makes his enjoyment so horny to watch! If only this tailor's shop existed in real life LOL!

sidevents 10/09/2013
Wonderful movie loved the spooge on the suit and what a spooge job it was , NICE ripping the pants was hot, know it is expensive to do such things but super hot.

sidevents 10/09/2013
No kidding all the tailors I know are out of shape and not sexy at all. Except me of course

cellole 10/14/2013
We all need a Scott Hunter....

scott-hunter 10/15/2013
Hi Cellole, Thank you so much!! :) Scott

scott-hunter 10/15/2013
Hi Sidevents, It was fun but it was a great suit, I loved that suit! :) Scott

scott-hunter 10/15/2013
Hi Bxlchris, If they did exist, I would definitely go, though Id probably have to shoplift because I certainly can't afford one! :) Scott

scott-hunter 10/15/2013
Hey NylonOTCs Glad you liked ti fella, come back for more soon OK? Scott

scott-hunter 10/15/2013
Hi Twee, Im glad you liked it so much, Im hoping you'll like the next one even more! Scott

RQUEST 10/18/2013
Scotty - Its about time. I am a die hard fan of Scott

brisgay 10/19/2013
I did! That hot suited butt being fucked was the hottest MAP video. Ever.

brisgay 10/19/2013
The Best Ever! The hole in the suit pants was not too big this time so it was perfect! (I dont like it as in previous movies when the hole has been ripped too much) They both stayed suited! Perfect! I want to see more like this please!! It had the desire

scott-hunter 10/22/2013
RQUEST, You made my day matey, thank you so much! Scott

scott-hunter 10/22/2013
Hi Brisgay, Im made up that my scene was one which you liked so much! Thank you for such a lovely comment and I hope you like the next one too! Scott

danlscott24 12/22/2013
SOUNDS hot....too bad I couldn't get a video to go with the sound.

Swedetodd 03/30/2014
omg so so so hot

abc375266731 12/03/2014
Are there gonna be 'Pure Suit 3'or even more? Scott looks so damn hot!

paulbounces 02/24/2015
I LOVE that they stay suited!

paulbounces 02/24/2015
I LOVE that they stay suited!

ozwalker 03/05/2015
PLS Pure Suit 3

topsuitedgam 12/18/2015
Best Suited Movie! Love it to the top.... More please :)

RQUEST 01/20/2018
Scott! My secret heart! This model is so cool! The one model I wish I could hold for real! Go Scott!

RQUEST 01/20/2018
Scott I am stil a number one fan of yours. You are so complete in so many ways; especially with suits and sheers and shoes. You are the man!

Bearspanked 03/15/2020
Wow! two hot men wearing 2 hot suits and getting fucked through the tight trousers and wearing a belt as well. great job MAP excellent video.