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Movie Comments

stripedtie13 11/24/2017
Awesome! That got the juices flowing! Thanks for a great video.

masstiehemd 11/24/2017
OK another good video with cum shot on the tie.... beautiful ties and suits ..... Thanks

carter_ross72 11/24/2017
WOW very enjoyable things bleive me I am getting ready with my suit during the watch this video is better than last video pure suit was Woody fox and Justin Harris.

Jon62 11/24/2017
Excellent. Great to see the Puresuit genre back. And couldn't have wished for better participants than Andy and Dario. Personally, I would have liked more suit trashing including of Andy too but really pleased to see the theme revisited.

barneylincoln 11/24/2017
Wonderful, two of my favorite handsome MAP Men. Andy and Dario, Dario and Andy..Call Me By Your Name!! Two sexy men in Blue Suits Menatplay at it's best. more please. Barney.

stardusted 11/25/2017
Only good thing in this scene is dario Beck, he needs to top too.

jeremy_hunk 11/25/2017
I know some people loves the complete suits ... but can we have some skin back please? We have several scenes in the past week where all the men are fully clothes until the end.

Sherman 11/25/2017
This video is totally a different approach for Men At Play. I personally prefer to see Dino’s hairy body, just not his handsome hairy asshole. He has a handsome hairy cock and chest. Handsome gentlemen with poor surroundings. A laundry mat. Dino must have been exhausted as this was his poorest cum shot than his other video’s. Bottom line, I guess I prefer to see more of the gentlemen naked like in Check In-Check Out. Like I said, new approach for Men At Play......this video has a different audience. Thanks for the comparison.

Sherman 11/25/2017
I meant to say Dario, not Dino. Sorry about that Dario. You have a handsome body, looking forward to your next video.

Suitman63 11/25/2017
Dario is lovely and it is great to see the pure suit theme revived. Can't help thinking that suit was actually clean... Would seem that the dry cleaners offers a theme you can work with - lot of ways to play it, taking in a spunk stained suit, a lecherous cleaner, perving over the suits, etc.

musclefucks 11/25/2017
Hah-hah, all suits ... who will complain ;)

robicart 11/25/2017
Dario is "top of the chart". Unfortunately this movie limited his talents.

Matt Jordan 11/26/2017
Hi Sherman, this is actually a return to the original approach of menatplay rather than a new or different approach. It’s how menatplay began really so it’s more of a return to what many people enjoy .

suitmen1 11/26/2017
Hot video. Dario and Andy very handsome in suit and tie. Also when do it in full suited very sexy and hot. Also hot with pure suit. If Andy could masturbate with suit lining Dario would be hot too. And and cum on Dario and Dario cum on suit lining. But video hot and sexy. Thanks manatplay. You always do hor video with men in suit.

jmchc68000 11/26/2017
They should take a shower fully clothed at the end !!!!

rickdick 11/26/2017
very "industrial " sex,,, no chemistry :*(

jameslin 11/26/2017
Suits being ripped and no underwear.. What's not to like? Just wish that Andy's suit could have been ripped too.

brisgay 11/26/2017
I agree with Matt. This is what Men At Play is all about. Suit Sex!

suitstudda 11/26/2017
Dear Matt, Good video, but it was lacking compare to when Dairo and Woody Fox was doing it. Oh by the way, I heard Woody back on the scene. Hope too see him back with MenAtPlay. Andy was great, but again Dairo was there but there.

sabe1949 11/27/2017
Dario has a beautiful hairy body and its a shame to keep it covered for the entire scene. Cum eating is also a big plus for me as well.

tiedupsuit 12/01/2017
Love to see all the suited play. If you are planning a return to the original MAP, at least on occasion, is a suited wet and messy play movie in the works?

wantamess 12/01/2017
Totally agree with you tiedupsuit. I miss the fully suited wet and messy!!!!

NylonOTCs 12/03/2017
Both Dario and Andy are HOT!!!....great ass sex, man!....mmmmm. next time Dario slip those shoes off so Andy can lick on those HOT!!!! nylon socked feet!...Excellent!!!, MAP!

Suitsfan69 12/03/2017
Well said, Matt - and I'm VERY pleased to hear this! More scenarios around the 'original' themes of wet/messy/ripped and other suit fetishes being played out on at least a monthly basis would be really welcome.

robicart 12/07/2017
Each guy sucking the other guy's dick is a plus. Keeping the suits on is a plus.

trophyboy 12/28/2017
Andy is my guy

AkaneK1103 01/14/2018
I always want Andy to be bottom but I like the video. His fuck looks like pure boy's one. I feel like hugging myself by his cuteness. I am a female. His beauty and senstivety amaze me every time. Some of people don't like that he acts top but that's rare and makes us fresh feeling.

summer32 01/19/2018
Weak loads

RQUEST 01/20/2018
I am trying not to be the complainer because I love MAP; BUT it took so long for some HOT HOT HOT suit on suit action. Again; thanks! Pls keep suit on suit, sheer on sheer, shoe on shoe action coming. It is such a turn on. Love you Rico and love you Matt!

halpofein 03/03/2018
Love Dario and his hairy ass.

RQUEST 03/04/2018
Andy Star! It would have been nice if you would pull that shoe off and sniff and play with that hot moist sock and hot steamy shot. Anyway! Otherwise! This film is so so hot. I would have desired more and more sock and shoe play in this video, but this vid is killing it. Go!

musclefucks 02/10/2019
Andy does well fucking Dario but I think actually he wanted to be taking cock :)

robicart 06/10/2019
Dario! Dario! Dario! Andy! Andy! Andy!

robicart 07/13/2019
The sucking scenes are the best.