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Movie Comments

kevdesu 03/09/2018
That was what I was waiting for. This movie was so sexy.

superslim456 03/10/2018
Very well done!!!!! One of the best ones that I have seen in awhile!!!!

margaret1 03/10/2018
Is it me or did did someone just turn the temperature WAY up at the MAP studios? What a scorching hot scene! It practically left me panting. Thanks guys.

blotski 03/10/2018
Holy fuck! Amazing.

Rainer75 03/10/2018
A new nasty actor with a nice cock and Dani as a real bitch! Fine camerawork and some new details comparing to the suit fetish theme. Well done, guys!

hugo2014 03/10/2018
wow this is hot !

hugo2014 03/10/2018
wow this is hot !

colik 03/10/2018
Now someone needs to fuck Damon in that suit and tie. Hot!

Suitman63 03/10/2018
Nice pinstripes and, er, other things... and hope to see a lot more of Damon, this is much more like it.

Sabypierre 03/10/2018
Damon Health is so cute and hot. I want more scene with him.

tiedupsuit 03/11/2018
Hope to see more of Damon. Beautiful suit. He is totally hot in it. Also, a totally hot movie. Next time, I hope to see him fully suited, on the receiving end.

CutawayShirt 03/11/2018
Fantastic, perfect!!!

smartguy 03/11/2018
Hot Scene, handsome new stud and Dani hot as ever.

eiswirth821 03/12/2018
Loved it!

musclefucks 03/16/2018
Good sex, thanks guys

raven 03/17/2018
Enjoyed this installment of Men at Play, especially Damon using his tie as a napkin, but thought Dani's facial expressions while getting fucked seemed kind of phony or overdone, but loved the copious ejaculates of both Dani and Damon, especially Dani's facial, one of the best ever! Have men abandoned wearing underwear? Would like to see what your well dressed men are wearing in Spain. What percentage of your models and audience prefer a clean-shaven anus? Just wondering. RAVEN

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Glad you like it Kiss Damon

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Thats a compliment! Thank you!

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Ahahaha hope you Will like the ones that are coming

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Someone who can see my nasty side after one scene... or it’s getting abvious ... lol big kiss Damon

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
I am not saying no to that!!! Preferably they rip the suit just enough open to fuck ma ....

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Mister.... thank you for the comment... on my way to make some more... anything particular that you like???

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Damon Health ?? Lol and I am on my way to shoot some more... kiss Mr Heart

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Your wish is my command!!! What do you prefer? Vers top or bot?

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Hey Raven, I love to get feedback so thank you for that.. nice that you liked ythe cum napkin... and I love shaved smooth asses...

Damon.Heart 03/23/2018
Hey Raven, I love to get feedback so thank you for that.. nice that you liked ythe cum napkin... and I love shaved smooth asses...

DesertMan 03/28/2018
Thanks. Well done. Very handsome models. Super-hot sex. They were genuinely into it and so was I. Pity, about the tats, though. Those gorgeous bodies need no superficial enhancements.

jamiewet 04/21/2018
Rain Date with no rain..

robicart 10/10/2018
Love Damon's pinstripe. The shot of him on the couch with his big dick and balls out through the fly is just awesome.

robicart 10/18/2018
Love Damon's suit.

colik 12/15/2018
would love to see Damon in this exact outfit getting fucked by two blue collar workers while he's still suited up like this.

ROBICART 08/05/2019
Dani is one of the best kissers in gay porn. Love that Dani!

Trnka27 11/09/2019
great chemistry between these two men - they were into each other and it is hot....perfect except for the one continuing flaw with Dani - those distracting tattoos - not attractive at all