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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 08/26/2017
bad so bad !!! I do not like too much the session in tuxedo and in this video, the partners are naked too fast . It is a movie without interest to me. Thus I wait next week

sockswpb 08/26/2017
Yes not much tuxedo play, but good scene with nice socks display

Sherman 08/26/2017
Matt, good video this time as Teddy and Logan are handsome men with great bodies. They were gentle with each of them & great chemistry. Teddy has a "hairy" body which turned me on. However, I did miss Logan sucking Teddy's hairy large cock. They both enjoyed each other through eye contact.......Good job gentlemen...................................and Matt, this time you had handsome bodies and gentle men. Thanks.

Mick4984 08/26/2017
Logan Moors, that ass is an absolute work of ART. Should be on display in a museum. Fantastic.

musclefucks 08/26/2017
Nice reciprocal sex. thanks gents

keoni 08/26/2017
Nice! Finally, back to seeing sheer OTC's and nice sock shots on 2 hot guys. Logan's leg tats under the sheer socks is hot. Good job. Thank you! I'll keep my membership now.

everhard12321 08/26/2017
"Raise" is an appropriate title for this film given that it represents a raise in the quality of MAP's recent films (nice new identity, by the way), a raise in the number of new models on the site, and, sadly, a raise in the number of negative comments subscribers are making. Some of these criticisms are justified while others are just peevish, bordering on hostile. The Internet has devolved into a cesspool of acrimony, and the bitchiness expressed by some MAP subscribers reflects that. I suppose it's easier to criticize than praise. Regardless of the haters, this is a fine film. Also, it looks like Logan Moore is venturing into Jessy Ares territory in terms of his looks and the types of roles he's been playing recently, specifically "the smug dick." I like it!

Dan1762 08/26/2017
Super hot -- this is a great return to form for MAP. (Like others, I had been getting discouraged.) Two hairy studs in tuxes working up a sweat and grunting like they mean it, flip fuck, sock action, cum in the face - what's not to love? Teddy Torres is awesome - I want more and more of him. & I always love Logan. Thanks, Matt & Rico!

mtmslg 08/26/2017
You can't go wrong with Logan Moore . . . And in a tuxedo? Swoon!

topsuitedgam 08/26/2017
Why took off the tuxedo? It will be super hot if they have their tuxedos on why fucking each other :)

robicart 08/26/2017
Two hot guys. Beautiful chest and tummy hair on Teddy Torres. Logan always good. Missed the "taking out" of cock and balls. And Logan sucking Teddy.

Tuxboy 08/26/2017
Interesting. But need to to stay more in tuxedo. More tux play. Logan is the best guy for wearing a tuxedo. When a wet tuxedo play scene in a pool, shower or bath with Logan Moore?? Need more tuxedo movie here.

Sherman 08/26/2017
MATT, you finally did a great video of two men fucking each other. Teddy is a handsome man with a " hairy" body and great cock. Missed Logan sucking his cock. Logan is a handsome man but I have one question.? Why does he shave his body hair around his cock. His handsome body needs more hair on his body.................

Bauer_ 08/26/2017
Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and Fight night -- Mayweather PPV. and Raise .. what to do... what to do??? Men at play fight night it tis.

loveinsuits 08/26/2017
Logan looks like a cute lil puppy in this, in a good way.

Nasanaz84 08/27/2017

stardusted 08/27/2017
Great to see tuxedos, Logan sexy as always, more teddy on future map scenes.

Matt Jordan 08/27/2017
Thanks glad you enjoyed the film. As far as Logan's own grooming habits thats something you'll have to ask him.

Suitman63 08/27/2017
Indeed nearer the mark though i remain baffled as to why so many of these models seem to be able to do 2/3 of a film suited and then have some dire need to get their kit off, can't you ask them when you hire them if they are ok with keeping it on...

harvey 08/27/2017
Wow! Two of the handsomest men I've even seen in my life! Logan goes without saying, but Teddy is an equal match. Love the two of them together. Great sex with a lot of chemistry between these two men. Thanks MAP. OUTSTANDING!

Rainer75 08/27/2017
Logan is great as ever - one can make nothing wrong with him. Liked the camera noticed his hands. Sexy. Well groomed hands and teeth with dentist care are the most important things of a real "gentleman" ( and a ladies, too ). His ass should get an insurance at Lloyd's - would caress this bottom all night long. Matt and Rico are obviously back and that's fine and urgently necessary... Little minus: Logan should pay attention to his body and go more often to the gym or stop eating too much cheese-sandwiches. He looked bulkier than in the past. No, he is not overweighted but could be very soon now. Sorry Logan - love you!

WestEndHunk 08/27/2017
There's Nothing Sexier, Than A Handsome Gent In A Tuxedo... No Wait, Logan Moore In A Tuxedo Is The Icing Of The Cake... Fantastic Soundtrack... Awesome Performances... Erotic Storyline... Great Idea With The Double View's... Every Time This Dishy Gent Logan Moore Returns To Men At Play, He Looks Sexier Than Before. Never Heard Before Of Teddy Torres, But Will Pay Attention To Him After That Hell Of A Scene. @Rainer75: Life Is Not All About Gym. Ripped Bodies Are Hot, But Staying At The Gym All Day Long, Is Not Fun.

Rainer75 08/27/2017
You are so right, WestEndHunk! I often "forget" going to the gym and prefer eating chips and looking TV. So I grew up a little belly and I'm so ashamed... But: I don't earn my money in porn industry or don't work as a stripper. I remember Arpad Miklos, a fine and very nice guy from Hungary. He did porn vids, had had his own porn-web-side and worked also as an escort. He became more and more bulky and got troubles to to fill his purse. Maybe there where also other problems but he suicided at least. Sure, I know guys like Brad Kalvo with severe overwight have their fans but better is to stay in shape - or work elsewhere...

shinysho 08/27/2017
Wow, excellent work! Just wished for more tux time and some involvement of the dress shoes, but thats just my fantasy ;)

raven 08/28/2017
There was nothing not to like in this week's installment! Handsome, well groomed, well dressed gentlemen giving one another a pounding, each working up an honest sweat, climaxing with respectable ejaculates, including a nice attempt at a facial by Teddy. Would have enjoyed seeing Logan suck off Teddy. This pairing exuded strong chemistry. The photography was great though the sound seemed a bit muffled. All together you are back to your praise-worthy standards with Logan and Teddy, which I hope you will endeavor to maintain. Thanks guys! RAVEN

Sherman 08/29/2017
Logan...............Just one question. Why do you shave around your sexy handsome cock? Great video and you and Teddy was a pleasure to see each other together. Great chemistry............................................................... Logan...........can you answer my question?

brian74 08/31/2017
More socks please

brian74 08/31/2017
Apologies, I mean more socks like this movie please

laruee 09/01/2017
Need the video

Jacie 09/06/2017
Loved this vid. Perfect chemistry.

psabella1 09/09/2017
Two beautiful hairy men, more of Teddy please, great cum eating scene, would have liked to see more of Teddy's dick being sucked and his cum eaten.

raven 09/14/2017
Back for a second viewing of Teddy and Logan giving each other a healthy pounding in tux. It seemed as though a good, no great, time was had by all. This production will be challenging to exceed or even match in the coming weeks and months, but don't hesitate to try you Men at Play! Congratulations! Raven

NylonOTCs 09/17/2017
Logan sure has that HOT!!! ass and nice feet!!...loved it., man...Teddy tasting the those HOT!!! feet...Mmmmmmmmm man, I love, Logan's ass and HOT feet!!!

CutawayShirt 09/24/2017
Wonderful scene. Logan Moore is my favorite actor, and nobody looks better than him in a suit. I hope he never leaves menatplay.

Nasanaz84 09/29/2017
The best actor

Dan1762 09/30/2017
More Teddy Torres, please! And more scenes done by Matt & Rico, you guys are the best.

Okkergu1 10/28/2017
Can we please have them do some tuxed action next time?

Sherman 11/06/2017
Teddy, We enjoyed your beautiful hairy body. Your hairy ass is the best (sexy).......but we did not have the opportunity to see your hairy cock and why did not Logan bury his face on your hairy cock and give us lots of excitement. Teddy, we love hairy bodies because the excitement it causes us when we see your beautiful body. Gives us a great hard on, and rarely see hairy asses like yours. You are the best. Thanks. ..............6 November 2017

halpofein 03/03/2018
Teddy is amazing!

robicart 03/01/2019
This is still Teddy's best. Sitting there with his shirt open. I want to reach in an massage his beautiful hairy chest. And when he takes his shirt off to suck his beautiful nipples and bury my face in that beautiful chest. And like Logan to run my hands over his hairy legs and ass. Wow!

Francois 07/13/2020
13 July 2020 Hot Teddy! Give me more of his videos: I love his big ass!