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Movie Comments

treeesq13 03/25/2016
Come on MAPguys, can't you get the lighting right even when you super-hype a scene. Way too many completely unnecessary shadows in this clip. These two great models deserved better.

everhard12321 03/25/2016
I defy anyone to find fault with this film. Dato Foland and Carter Dane's stunning good looks and sculpted physiques wear suits well. Whether dressed to the nines or stark naked they both exude lust, and Carter gives off a certain amount of narcissism that makes me want to slam his guts just for spite. Like a privileged college boy at a country club or an overpaid banker on Wall Street, he needs to be taken down, and Dato is just man to bang him into submission. This film aroused me from start to finish, yet my favorite part was watching Dato whip Carter's taut, high class booty. "Ready to Play" is not an average Menatplay film; it's an event.

alexwag5 03/25/2016
well done MAP - you've done it! Brought back a prematurely retired guy and made it a super sexy return. Good stuff - keep it coming!

olderbutsexy 03/26/2016
What a beautiful film gents. Lovely work by all concerned, so many thanks. Bravo to MAP for bringing back the exquisite Dato, especially after that ghastly time with Michael Lucas :( If he wants to retire, let him leave from a great studio like MAP, classy and always with great production values. Carter is a great newcomer, brilliant boy, loves being fucked and so vocal; Dato as always superb. Great to see the condom is still there! And these boys really can kiss (Dato everywhere ;) ) This sets a very high standard!

LORIS 03/26/2016
Fantastic movie !! Both guys are stunning - we know Dato for some time with his beautiful piercing green eyes and gorgeous physique but Carter.... OMG, so handsome and attractive having a body to die for - perfect MAP man. The movie made me horny from the beginning - such chemistry in their passionate kissing... And final deep ass-pounding was simply umbearable - I had to shoot my load all over the desk !

pamelanil 03/26/2016
I hope MAP can get Damon heart to be here - in more suits

robicart 03/26/2016
Good movie! Great to see Data Foland again. And Carter Dane is so hot!. More of him please!

hugo2014 03/27/2016
Fantastic from beginning to end! Wow!!!

suitedcboy 03/27/2016
Am I the only one that sees the resemblance of Carter to the site owner Matt?

NylonOTCs 03/27/2016
This has to be one of "the", best I have seen yet....WOW!!!...."Five Star" gents!...Carter has to have the most beautiful ass on him...I cannot say enough!...Carter and Dato, really have it going on...The hot ass actually on both...Fuck!!!....The bodies, the tone, the everything!...Talk about "Hopping on down for Easter"....Ps. the socks were so fucking HOT!...Dato loved the foot love too!...Keep Carter and Dato about a HOT sequel???....Wonderful MAP!!! as you can see, cannot say enough here on this great one!

LORIS 03/27/2016
You are not the only one - ar the beginning me too I thought it was Matt... striking resemblance at first sight.

Matt Jordan 03/27/2016
It was actually a bit freaky filming Carter - I did see myself 15 years ago, every now and again,! Funny that you see it too.

Suitsfan 03/27/2016
Now that's what I call a cummy climax! Carter Dane is a stunner, and he sure knows how to enjoy his playmate's output. Five stars for the ending alone, guys!

Matt Jordan 03/27/2016
Just to let you know there are some great stills pics of the scene in the galleries section with some particularly hot pics of Carter Dane in his suit!!

markbind 03/28/2016
Extremely hot and magical with these two. This is one of the hottest movies on here in awhile. Very hot to see two guys enjoying sex that much together. Carter and Dato are both very hot and look great together. Had a raging hard on the whole time.

shinytrackies 03/28/2016
Shiny suit :-) so fit

hyper80 03/28/2016
Dato is my favorit on MAP. loved it. he looks great in leather as well. leather and suit. that would be just perfect

shadofix 03/28/2016
Dato Foland >>> my man

loosetie13 03/28/2016
Dato Foland and Carter Dane were both tremendously hot! Some lovely glimpses of a loose or undone tie here and there too - but such a shame not to see either of the ties loosened! Such a tease :-) Next time, maybe?

loosetie13 03/28/2016
Dato's white shirt is super hot too - where's it from?

dirtysexylover 03/28/2016
This was nothing short of extraordinary! I love Dato and missed him so and to pair him up with Carter, gay pron's newest superstar for 2016, was nothing short of genius. Yes the lighting was a little bit off while they were on the huge ugly chair. Thanks to the director for recognizing that and moving the action to the living room and on the fur rug no less! This episode was definitely downloadable and will be satisfying me for months to come! I pray that both actors come back in MAP's upcoming movies! Thanks MAP for making my dreams come true!

Keith_Lincs 03/28/2016
Great video guys, stunning bodies, not a tattoo in sight for a pleasant change - real executive looks. My only request would be a bit more white shirt on white shirt sex - don't take them off so quick!

Thick85 03/29/2016
This was amazing! I'm so happy to see Dato again, I hope hes coming back.

raven 04/09/2016
Exceptional production Men! Nothing to find fault about. Keep up the great work if you can. Dato and Carter gave it their all and are the be- all. I loved Carter taking Dato's ejaculate for the ultimate in a climax! Will Dato and Carter swap positions, or is that asking for too much? Thanks for a great post-Easter gift! RAVEN

raven 04/30/2016
I ddon't tire of viewing Dato and Carter again and again. Beautiful unblemished bodies, great chemistry, great kissing, sucking, spanking, fucking and climaxing with the bonus of Carter taking Dato's load in his mouth.Is Carter capable of reversing roles with Dato? If so, let us have it for an encore performance. Dato and Carter are an awesome pairing deserving of more action together to make up for some of your weaker installments gentlemenm. RAVEN

rickdick 04/30/2016
soooooo hot kissing and licking those nylon black otc socks

Sherman 05/13/2016
Carter is a handsome man & enjoy his body. Perfect. Carter presented a great cum job. Lots of cum. Dato. Is very professional in handling Carter. Also did a good cum shot to Carter's mouth. Need more of these professionals videos.

raven 05/30/2016
Although MAP has submitted some great installments in recent weeks, I don't think any of them match the exceptional pairing and performance of Dato and Carter for their unblemished stunning physical appearance stripped, their hot, hot sex, their convincing pleasuring of each other and their well groomed professionally attired appearance in business dress. I would greatly enjoy seeing Dato and Carter facing off again! How about a rendesvous to kick off the summer. RAVEN

rickis75 06/14/2016
love the facial. this is the 1st time i've seen carter and look forward to seeing him again

raven 07/19/2016
Dato and Carter together represent the very best of your studio's productions. Would love to see them flipping positions. They are awesome together. Let's have them together again, please. RAVEN

suitboy116235 07/26/2016
very good overall,,such raunchy and handsome guys..great cum scene too.. I would have liked dato longer in his suit,, maybe a pure suit vid one day, like those couple of older love to see a guys face in datos suited arse, a nice sleek shiny suit, in fact id like to see more guys with their faces in suited arses,and for a reasonable amount of time,he looks hot in leather too..with a suited guy or guys,both guys sexy bodies too though.i understand its a balancing act to please all members though,

pamelanil 08/18/2016
does anyone knows about the suit worn by dato...I m trying very hard to get his suit...

slowdive 08/31/2016

uncledaddy 09/24/2016
Love these two together they are both beautiful men so Hot fucking facing each other. Love it when guys fuck facing each other!!!!

raven 09/27/2016
When are you going to offer another installment of Carter and Dato. They are the Best and continue to please! So good looking and so Hot! Raven

tekniko100 11/14/2016
Carter is so hot coooor so hunky and dishy

kenetha65 11/26/2016
Carter's nipples MUST not be ignored. Dato started his mouth toward them and BAM scene change. I'd rather watch 3 hours of nipples-sucking than 1 minute of rimming.

tekniko100 12/14/2016
Cater Daine i give this handsome hunk 100 %

tekniko100 01/05/2017
We want more films with Carter Dane this man is soooo hot and handsome

Federico69 01/22/2017 hunk!

qabradford 02/04/2017
Very beautifully done. I've loved MenAtPlay for years. I even dream of being an actor one day. But my demographic isn't big here, though this was a beautiful set with suits and very masculine actors. Reminded me of my So Cal hometown. It would be a ball to perform with either one of those very distinguished actors.

raven 05/16/2017
Carter and Dato are the perfect pairing of well groomed, impecibly dressed, unblemished, uninked, physically fit and well endowed models at MAP. I do not tire of viewing this installment repeatedly when I am in search of a relaxed, fantastical performance which could only be improved with a flip fuck by Carter and Dato. This installment sets the gold standard for Men at Play in my opinion. Can you treat us to another installment by these fellows? RAVEN

barneylincoln 07/17/2017
for anybody who has never ventured into the joyus world of menatplay? this is the perfect intro. handsome suited men with one long 20 minute f**k. I love the premise of this story and of course seeing Dato again. Carter who is extremly sexy, reminds me of Andy Star, so another plus. thanks MAP. BarneyXXX.

raven 07/28/2017
The pairing of Dato And Carter represents your best artistic work which I have enjoyed viewing repeatedly. May we have another installment ! Don't keep us waiting forever. Raven

explorer75 02/24/2018
Carter has an amazing pair of nipples that demand attention. Disappointed Dato didn't spend time sucking and massaging them ... I sure would have before fucking Carter.

raven 07/21/2018
It's time for another installment of Dato and Carter who are as good as it gets on MAP.,PLEASE.! RAVEN

toolelover 04/27/2019
HOT! Perfect pairing. Loved all the kissing and wonderful lovemaking. The best was the facial and cum kissing at the end.

Jp 12/23/2019
What brand of socks ?

marcantony2 09/13/2020
A perfect start to our wedding. How often I have dreamed of this with Dato. Still dreaming,but watching Carter makes some ones dream come true,at least. Well done M.A.P. They are stupendous.