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Movie Comments

Suitman63 12/15/2017
Clearly one for the foot fetishists only

mikecame00 12/15/2017
New Favorite movie

sockswpb 12/15/2017
hot scene!!

carter_ross72 12/15/2017
I really like Emilio's tie. We feel that Gabriel Luna is a little cramped in his shirt and he struggles to tighten the knot of his tie. I like the scenario: ..... to treat a sprained foot masturbate the doctor's cock on the evil is original, it is original and exciting but why not? the next sequence is very good, both partners always in shirt tie ..... The final is very good and exciting with cum on the tie (which I find the original pattern) and cum on the sock Very good sequence! Congratulations to the team Have a nice week Matt and Rico and see you soon next friday

Suitsfan69 12/15/2017
Gabriel initially looks a bit of a gorilla in the way he bulges out of his ill-fitting suit, but there's no denying his ability to deliver a copious load of cum all over Massimo's black sock! Added to the cum Massimo shot over his own tie (nice!) and the passion both guys showed for each other, it's a pretty hot video for those of us who like cum-messed clothing.

Gael1206 12/15/2017
Finally a really hot flip-flop scene. More of those please!

musclefucks 12/15/2017
Mmmm, lovely hot guys, great cocks, nice hard fucking - gracias! (And your fetishists must be pleased too!)

barneylincoln 12/15/2017
WOW! A fabulous foot fetish fuck-in, thanks MAP. I can really get to like the chunky Gabriel. He's very sexy, nice blue suit also. Massimo, well I prefer him clean shaven and also a better hair cut....sorry.Plenty of s***k though which I like. Really looking forward to the Xmas edition though!!!

Dan1762 12/16/2017
OK I guess the sock fetish dudes were happy with this one, but the chemistry was just so-so. Not my favorite, sorry guys. I'm really not sold on Gabriel Lunna's rather awkward muscle bound physique.

Suitman63 12/16/2017
If you really include cumming on socks which frankly I don’t

Sugarman06 12/16/2017
Very similar to Dr. Dani with Dani Robles. Just more sock play. So not super original. Sheer socks soul have looked nice I might ad.

Sherman 12/16/2017
Bored with this video. Very little chemistry between the two of them. The other gentlemen on Men At Play have better looking cocks and lots of sexy hair (great bushes) around their cocks. Slow moving video and did not like the surroundings. I will wait next week for the next video which please show us some exciting gentlemen with large, hairy cocks.

Suitsocks 12/16/2017
WOW Fantastic! Final hot socks fetish scene! MORE !

actor117 12/16/2017
I want to make it VERY CLEAR this video is THE reason I just signed back up to Men At Play the Sock play specifically it falls more into the whole Suit fetish real that I would love to see MORE of. Thanks

mikecame00 12/16/2017
omg same reason for me as well!

marosatin 12/16/2017
Tutto quel bon di dio sul calzino? Immaginabile! Sulla camicia doveva cadere! Anche il proprio doveva cadere sulla camicia, non sulla cravatta.

mtmslg 12/16/2017
Foot play was kinda fun. But Muscle Guy made ME feel uncomfortable! Fussing with his tie and being packed into that suit. (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a well fitted, even tight suit. But this guy was packed into those clothes so badly I got a wedgie!)

myfyp2 12/17/2017
Good. I like Gabriel's masculine bulkiness.

hot4suits 12/17/2017
Thanks for this dress socks focused video! I know it's not everyone's thing...but definitely gets me off. Hope to see more

air4711 12/17/2017
simply great

NylonOTCs 12/18/2017
WOW!!!...just got a chance to see this now!. Massimo, I love you!!!....Dam!!!...pretty masculine feet, great face, Need I go on???...Gabriel, you are so the fucking HOT beef cake man to step up and love on that piece of luscious life / Massimo...sucking those gorgeous feet!!!...I got so turned on....You guys did it here. Someone said fav video, they are so right on!!!...the cum shot to the socks was over the top. Yes, try some sheer OTC - TnT's next time but all was great men!....mmmm!!! keep play'n that "Piano", men!!!...Salude!!!

peewee 12/21/2017
I like to see Massimo Piano making love with Klein Kerr.

sox1965 01/04/2018
So hot watching the sock scene! Keep them cumming! Footjobs, sockjobs are incredibly sexy on a hot suited guy!

RQUEST 02/18/2018
WOW! HOT! Couldn't you have done this with a Sheer TNT Sock on Piano. Anyway, thanks MAP! In The Groove!

RQUEST 03/04/2018
Shyt! Watching again; I swear I am so physically in love with Piano! (Ooops!). Please do some scenes with Piano and Kerr in sheer socks getting down on sheer socks and shoes to o. Kerr and Piano are so damn HOT HOT HOT! Love both of these two men playing with sheer socks and shoes. Thanks MAP!

robicart 03/21/2018
not one of Massimo's best.

Vitopes 04/25/2021
Just perfect! I love it, that’s why w join MAP THANKS