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Movie Comments

stardusted 12/29/2017
Hot tux, more jonas jackson

Suitman63 12/29/2017
I was having trouble with the advent calendar pics loading so it's a pity they've now disappeared!

Jon62 12/29/2017
Nice but great shame Dani took his jacket, shirt and tie off. He came well so would have been good to see that go over his suit - like he has done before.

musclefucks 12/29/2017
The delightfully ginger Mr Jonas is a real find, bravo. He has the most beautiful chest. Lucky Dani as usual offers up his juicy arse and gets it all, then gives it back too ... nice sex all round. Happy New Year to all of you at MAP and thanks for super movies in 2017.

Matt Jordan 12/29/2017
Sorry about that Suitman63. With Christmas now over we have taken them down

barneylincoln 12/29/2017
This is scrumptious Xmas present MAP,two handsome men in tux's fucking & flipping , bless you!! It's lovely to see Dani top, he seems more aggresive and sexual....yummy!! Jonas..well an "English" accent and hairy bod always pleases me. An extremely personable "boyfriend" type although the facial hair is not to my taste at all, but I would like to see him again very soon. Happy New Year..Barney.

miviro 12/30/2017
Hope we see a lot more of Jonas Jackson.

topsuitedgam 12/30/2017
Would love to see both of them in suits till the end.... but overall was good

Suitsfan69 12/30/2017
Dani always seems to enjoy being roughed up - especially if his fine clothes get wet, dirty or ripped. I'd have loved to see handsome newcomer Jonas put his arms around Dani's torso as he began fucking him, grabbing his shirt with both hands and ripping it wide open to let us admire Dani's sexy, hairy chest! Still, the guys delivered two good cum loads, followed by intimate kissing, which was a pleasure to watch. Happy New Year, guys!

Suitsfan69 12/30/2017
I agree! Either rip his shirt off, or spunk all over both it and his jacket. Dani does this kind of scene so well . . . ;-)

Sherman 12/30/2017
Getting bored with Dani in all the videos. Jonas has a great body but a small cock and no bush around his cock. Not great video. You need to bring back the good hairy large cocks like Michael, Jean and Dino also make a deal with Lucas Entertainment and hire Sean Xavier and have him in a suit. The gentlemen has great manners and lots of chemistry with his partner, and great bush and wow....what a cock.. Just a thought.

suitlover1990 12/30/2017
Why we can't download the videos before 2008?

Peterhug 12/31/2017
Really like Jonas. Very natural and great chest and arse. And please don't get any tattoos! He looks great in the tux and naked. More please.

masstiehemd 12/31/2017
despite the presence of Dani in tie this is not my favorite movie for the year. I like that at least one of the two partners stay in shirt tie and jacket until the end and he receives on his clothes a river of juice .... But good time anyway and the expectation of the first Friday of the year will console me .. good question too, why can not we load the movies before 2008. I have them in a personal drive and I can not open them on my Mac anymore

mcln28 01/01/2018
yeah because watching hot guys have sex with all their clothes on is such a turn on. Not!

hugo1956 01/02/2018
Jonas is soooooo sexy

rktemple 01/03/2018
I want to see a lot more of Jonas. Sexy boy! When will you post more information about him?

jeremy_hunk 01/06/2018
agree. I think to satisfy both camps, I am happy with most of what Menatplay has done. Keep the suits at the beginning and at the end, show us some flesh

jeremy_hunk 01/06/2018
Jonas and his hairy chest ... HOT. Nice to see Dani.

raven 01/07/2018
Dani and Jonas play well together dressed in formal attire and butt naked. Jonas' red or ginger beard is unique in MAP's stud barn and his hirsuite, strong chest is a huge turn on {for me}, especially un-inked! Really nice that Jonas and Dani were able to flip for us and Dani's climax was an awesome end to the old year, now passed! Happy and Healthy New Year to everyone at MAP! RAVEN

goodyearazguys 02/01/2018
Jonas Jackson is my new absolute favorite. I cannot stop watching him and I wish him great success. I have never commented even though I have had this membership for years and their are so many hot hairy/trimmed studs. Love you Dani and all of you however he is the cherry on top. I hope to get to see Jonas more and more. thank you.!! :)

goodyearazguys 02/01/2018
Just me but I think the tux clothes was so hot and I appreciated them being removed as well. i love formal and I love seeing naked hot hairy chested men. Again thank you!!!!!

halpofein 03/03/2018
Dani = hot.

RQUEST 03/04/2018
OKAY! I am crazy about Dani, mainly because he can sport some SUPER HOT TNTs and HOT SHOES in his vids, PLUS he is super gorgeous; but in all reality, I like Dani better as a bottom. Dani as a top is not cutting it with me. Anyway! Dani Is Hot! Being candid, I would top for Dani in a heartbeat. Really! What a hot cum load from Dani. That is still my man!

tiedupsuit 02/02/2019
Just rewatched this movie. Very hot! Beautiful tuxes. Leaving the tuxes on the entire time would have made this movie even better. Love seeing a beautiful tux splattered with cum

Coldbear33 09/11/2019
Jonas and Dani are a great pair and together with thier desirable accents which would drive me wild..Hot and Jonas is man to want more and see more..Still waiting for a HOT new video in a position which want and dream of him more....