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Movie Comments

colik555 03/11/2016
Nice film. Loved the cutaway sexy. Wish he could have been spewed on while suited. Did anyone else notice that this was the first time we have seen barrel cuffs on a model? That's not a good sign.

Dan1762 03/11/2016
Smoking is not sexy. Please, cut it out.

raven 03/11/2016
Return to Cine-X with Ivan and Viktor doesn't hold a candle to Cine-X 1 with Ivan and Denis from the standpoint of the model's chemistry, the hot sex including Denis' ana lingus and fingering of Ivan, role reversal, great photography, and the beauty of the bare chested men all fired up. How about a repeat rendezvous with Ivan and Denis in a private room, Bath , or Bar? RAVEN

Rainer75 03/11/2016
Yummy film! Well done. The movie series can be extendet forever, hopefully. Haven't I seen Enzo Ramirez sitting in the last row jacking off for himself and messing his suit? Maybe someday Adam Ramzi and Nick Capra are viewers?

Rainer75 03/11/2016
Smoking is stupid and unhealthy, ridght. But it's damn sexy as hell, also! Believe me: Even the most healthy life ends with death for sure.

olderbutsexy 03/11/2016
Sexy work gents, thanks to all concerned :) Ivan is developing into the new star bottom

NylonOTCs 03/12/2016
HOT!!!.....really good!....wish I could of seen little more of Ivan's hot feet and socks! looks like he has some nice wide feet in those nylon OTC's!....Ivan is a surprise with the "Tecky look" at first then, to see that wonderful body...WHOA!!!...Loved it!..Thanks! MAP!

sockscalze 03/12/2016
smoking is sexy adds to the mood of this hot sex film. loved it thanks

topsuitedgam 03/12/2016
Love this film... but sad to see Ivan took his suit off... :)

air4711 03/12/2016
Ivan and Denis was better, would love to see them together again, and their food work ;-)

hugo2014 03/12/2016
So hot and sexy. More please!

MANSMAN 03/12/2016
Loved both of them too.....

MANSMAN 03/12/2016
Want more of the great Ivan,he is a super this new series........more more more please...

aljuarez12 03/12/2016
Whoever directed these two Cine-X films needs to be directing ALL subsequent MAP films!!

suitedcboy 03/12/2016
Smoking is way sexy if the guy smoking gasps and goes into respiratory arrest and then dies. Maybe even better if he is giving blow job, smoking, and then dies.

DesertMan 03/12/2016
Thank you, MAP, for this truly excellent film. Loved the droplet of pre-cum on Viktor's dick right at the beginning as a nice early tease. But please.....smoking has not been considered sexy for decades and it's a totally unnecessary inclusion. Big yuk!!! No one will miss it, so more smoking.

DesertMan 03/12/2016
So, Rainer75, tell me how "stupid and unhealthy" can be sexy.

MANSMAN 03/12/2016
IVAN is the best love love him......more more more.....

Matt Jordan 03/13/2016
What about the guys who have a smoking fetish?

Rainer75 03/13/2016
It's complicated to explain, DesertMan. Sexual intercourse without a condom is the most stupid thing you can do - but watching an attractive group of sexy hunks doing a cumdump could be as nasty as hell! Especially in GB a lot of people seeking to whip or get whipped during sex. For me it would be just be pain - for them it's really paradise. So you please relax, DesertMan, the borders between stupidity and and boundless fulfillment are often very close together. This is the conflict in which we all live.

Ruzzel 03/13/2016
In the next in the series make it a 3-way. or perhaps in a straight porn theatre where the lady is pissed when her date pulls it out, and leaves. leaving someone else to finish the job.

Ruzzel 03/13/2016
In the next in the series make it a 3-way. or perhaps in a straight porn theatre where the lady is pissed when her date pulls it out, and leaves. leaving someone else to finish the job.

freesiafirdaus90 03/13/2016
love this kind of role play..! good job menatplay! try to maintain the casts to not naked until cumshoot..

GamblePorn88 03/13/2016
Viktor Rom is hot as hell... Nice huge cock... Loved his loud cumshot (reminds me of my current lover)... We need more scenes with him. Next time please pair him with Logan Moore or Sergyo

jeremy_hunk 03/14/2016
Another hot Cine scene - this one grows in me and I agree .. bring this format again possibly with a three-way hairy muscle guys. Viktor's cum shot was one of the hottest ever - a groan of a masculine man. Love to see him show off his body next time.

stardusted 03/25/2016
love these cine x, very hot and new place to fuck

pakmanno 04/06/2016
Fucking hot movie... Any chance that I can buy the ruined tie??? [the ties, by the way, are really good.....]

Alann11 08/05/2016
Suits need to come offso we can see their bodies!

martyjal 12/22/2017
Victor Rom is 1 of my favorite man, he is so amazing hot, his hairy chest, piercing nipple and that huge man piece he have, makes him my favorite, He is a hot Top too for Ivan Gregory who is also a cuttie. Bring Victor Rom back soon on stage, love him !!

musclefucks 03/10/2019
Sexy boerseun :) Hot guys, great chemistry; thanks guys

Mad Dog No Good 01/17/2021
Very nice scene. First time I've seen Viktor in a condom scene. I was disappointed that this was not condomless. But still good.