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Movie Comments

nice smile!

chaggai 01/06/2010
Río is HOT from head to toe. Love his face and smile and then, with such a nice cock, he is the complete package!

Always the Latinos! They got it. Now wrap him into a suit and teach him not jerking so confusing hectic and he would be amusing for the dainty audience we are.

id love to see him and james fraco.... lush

Please get him in a suit ASAP - gorgeous

Let's have more of this superb Greek boy! Suit him fast....and suit us all at the same time!!!

01/08 I retract my comment as it was too harsh.

I m OK with "cscus01" no interest, no tie and shirt; it's not the look of Men At Play I'm sorry but this guy is so unattractive. This is very dissapointing, he has no place in Menatplay, he should stick with garbage low quality porn.

admin 01/08/2010
Hey guys, although we do encourage feedback both positive and negative I dont theres any reason to be insulting. These guys are real people and many of them login to read the comments. I personally think he is very sexy, and in person he is incredibly swe

admin 01/08/2010
and for the hundredth time, castings are and WILL remain naked. so you might aswell stop going on like a broken record. Rico

symario 01/08/2010
I Like him! he is gorgeous ;)

johnnyindy 01/08/2010
Cute and hot! Especially if you like dark and medium-hairy. Like to see more ass, though.

No comment.

wow, one word 'HOT', would like one of him to go!!!

Greeks rock!

Of course I liked the medium hairy body too and, ONLY ONE DISCRET TATOO. That means for me, he has enough confidence in himself. Not necessary to shock "en plus". But still I am dreaming of a british beef.....

a killer smile and soft, warm eyes; the body hair has been groomed, and now growing back, nice pattern though! honest approach, really like watching himself get seriours, the closer to the edge that he got! now pair him up with someone, he should prove to

fmuggiatti 01/10/2010
charming, relaxed and sexy. Good job !!!!

As an American boy with Spanish roots I have to give Rio two thumbs and a hard cock up! He is charming, sexy and secure. Would love to see what he does next.

like this guy, something mysterious

admin 01/11/2010
Well, it seems Rio is the highest rated casting so i think its about time we got him in to suit him up for a real film. May be a trip to doctor stevens to make sure he passes his medical??

Killer smile!!! Great face...very sexy. Love his disposition and casual, confidence. Great find MAP.

perry 02/14/2010
This guy is a winner. Great smile and personality. I really like him in jeans and bet he will look great in a suit. I agree with MarkSF, a great find MAP. Perry

Rio is truly one gorgeous hunk. He will certainly go a long ways at MAP with the infectious smile, beautiful body & great cock & ass to go with it. Show him often in videos, please!

perry 03/22/2010
This is my second time to comment. I give him a 10 rating out of a 1-10. He is handsome with a great body and a smile and poersonality that stretches for miles. A wonderful fine MAP. Perry

marios 04/01/2010
mmh that looks like is 5 inches though

Harley 04/10/2010
Oh my. Lovely. Three "thumbs" up.

What bar did you say he's working at....? Need a drink!!

felixstanwood 04/24/2010
i know him!

felixstanwood 04/24/2010
And he's very hot :)

doxiesf 05/31/2010
Very very cute, puppy doggie want to take him home

ssk042004 06/26/2010
very hot boy. I love him. He has a hot sexy body and face. Wana eat him. i have become his fan.

magus29 07/09/2010
What a hot and very sympathic guy! It is fun to watch him. He is really hot and likeable.

markymark 08/02/2010
HOT,used to date a high school wrestler i knew was bi,drunk in college,at a party,he literally attacked me,we fucked heavenly that night,but later,booze,ect,he passed out,i worked a plot,i tied him spread eagle,got on top,69in,and put tens electrode in as


mitch69 11/07/2010

sammy10 11/19/2010
prime 100% GRADE A BEEF

sammy10 11/19/2010
best in the west

jeans and jeans: my fetish really

sammy10 02/04/2011
we have not seen anything onn rio . he is the reason i stay.

sammy10 02/04/2011
we have not seen anything onn rio . he is the reason i stay.

Matt Jordan 02/04/2011
He was in a Doctor Stevens Movie and also Nasty Boys,

Can´t help it - love the Creek men. And men who make their cocks wet!

Rio is a beautiful guy - love his face and smile - his body is lovely and natural - not overworked. Great cock and cum shots too. I would love to see him in a suit.