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Movie Comments

Mick4984 11/16/2012
Absolutely fantastic and exactly what suits Rogan! Seeing him boss peple around using his natural authority makes for extremely arousing viewing, this kind of video is what makes MAP so unique, Im hoping this is the start of a series with this gorgeous al

Rogan and Donato...made for each other. The scene is very intense and captivating. Great to see all that sweat in Rogan's back and to bring domination to office/business scenes. Next time have the passive wearing at least shirt and OTC sheer socks (is bea

suitedattitude 11/16/2012
It's pretty damn good till Rogan's suit flies off - for those of us with the full fetish the ultimate here is for the top to just unzip have his way in every way and then just zip up again like he's totally just used you on the way to a business meeting.

I agree. Is hot to see the active unzip his pant take it out and work on passive. Passive will keep only on his tie around neck, maybe a unbottuned shirt and of course keep those OTC sheer socked legs up without shoes. The boss dominating at full blast an

sidevents 11/16/2012
I agree again, the clothes flies off way too fast, I do not normally complain, but most people i would think are suit fetishists, although a few have piped up in the past saying this is not a suit fetish site. Otherwise great job, still the best site in t

olderbutsexy 11/16/2012
Hot hot ... and Donato is a real dish. And Rogan so masculine ... well done guys!

Donato WOW

Donato and Rogan are gorgeous. Definitely looking forward to the next episode of this one!

llewmike 11/17/2012
This video makes us for the complete failure of BESPOKE. Tres Magnifique!

Great film I like it! Pull the pants down fast thats good! looking forward the next one! cheers

brisgay 11/18/2012
Nice to hear an Australian accent from a hot actor for a change!

LORIS 11/18/2012
Oh, yesss, I loved it ! It was hard and it was hot ! Bravo Rogan&Donato ! Watching Rogan's big muscular ass fucking sexy moaning Donato drove me wild...

slowdive 11/19/2012
Soooo hot!!!!! loved it! very sexy!!

olderbutsexy 11/19/2012
Wowww! GREAT production, congrats to cast and crew. The guys were superb, thanks fellas, Rogan with the sweat on his back and ass, Donato participating so much; was just afraid he would be ****** to death!

suitedattitude 11/21/2012
Not sure if that was pitched at me but thanks. Very rarely in the US but you never know.

Am i the only one who cannot stand Rogan? He does nothing for me, his acting is appalling and I just don't get what anybody sees in him?

klaus 11/23/2012
it is so hot ... geile saukerle ... hairy bodys ... riesen ärsche mit geilen löchern ... nice cocks ... schöne männergesichter ... wow ... da will ich dabeisein ... liebe grüße von klaus aus germanien

WeHoDad 11/25/2012
I am with you jameslin - I don't understand the attraction - it certain in not beauty or acting. The cockring turns me off immediately. But WOW for Donato!!!

I am sooo ino Rogan Richards! Can't get enough.

Suitsfan 11/30/2012
I very much agree with the fans of Donato Reyes; he's genuinely handsome with a fine body (sporting only modest amounts of ink). I hope we'll see him in many more MAP videos. I loved the oral between both men, too - although I must admit to fast-forward

Abolutely great, beautyful men cannot get enough at look at those bodies.

Woooof !!! GREAT RIMMIN !!!

hot action!

Rogan Richards look is so macho and takes our attention. The turn off is to see a performer wearing a leather or rubber band around his balls...looks so unreal in a business scene.

Would like to see Rogan with Donato and Dani. A hot threeway!

joedoe1000 04/13/2013
Rogan should borrow his beatiful TNT sheer socks to Donato hot a bottom with sheer socked legs up while getting pump.

olderbutsexy 05/25/2013
Excellent ... real, believable hot sex. Rogan gives it so hard, and Donato is a real star, takes it all,

olderbutsexy 05/25/2013
Excellent ... real, believable hot sex. Rogan gives it so hard, and Donato is a real star, takes it all,

Donato is one of the hottest men on the site........he makes every scene look so natural and those beautiful eyes never wander...... always focusing on his partner and the task at hand............"Smokin' Hot".................More...please !

Manier 01/29/2014
Donato Reyes is so hot !!!

Manier 01/29/2014
I agree !!!

luis2 04/22/2014
good body and good fucker

coltonford 10/04/2014
I love Rogan RIchards! Tough, oozing machoism, sexy, dominating, strong and fucks so hard. I love all the back view of the action with him slamming hard into Donato, that brute force, rippling muscles and glittering sweat. Makes me cum all the time!

markos61 01/28/2015
Love the scene! Donato is hot and can really take a pounding but that the weakest climax I've seen from Rogan. Where was the big load????