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Movie Comments

alexwag5 02/12/2016
great video - keep the new talent, as well as a mixture of the old, coming!

joedoe1000 02/12/2016
Will wait for his sex action scene....unfortunately the tattoos on hands are not proper of a business executive....not aligned with MAP style and elegance. Sorry...half star for this one.

DFWTailor 02/12/2016
Very hot fantasy! I would love it to happen to my closet, problem is plumbers are not usually that hot !!!! I loved it, esp the part about putting the clothes back in the closet stained with his sperm mmmmmm

DFWTailor 02/12/2016
The point of this was not that he was an executive type, he saw the suits and was turned on by them , then used another guys suit. Geez

Dan1762 02/12/2016
Yeah, would like to see this guy mix it up with Flex or Logan Moore or Enzo Rimenez- blue collar/white collar.

Rainer75 02/13/2016
Bravo! Back in Merry old England and your vids turn nasty and interesting again! Blue collar meets white collar at it's best. Hope the spanish folklore times are over....

Sam1101 02/13/2016

Eggroll 02/13/2016
He got a delicious dick, but was very upset about the choice of underwear... He should showcase his hard dick in a nice underwear before taking out his dick. Also, I think he would look better if he shave his beard...

raven 02/13/2016
Seems as though you have enough inked up models at MAP without adding more examples. MAP didn't start out with this genre of men. What persuaded you to change? I am disappointed with your "bait and switch business model! RAVEN

Okkergu1 02/13/2016
I find it funny that it's the same music as used in Shine!

ken4cock 02/13/2016
Neither he nor the clothes do much for each other. Definitely does not make the cut. BTW did he walk off wearing those magenta socks, perhaps as a souvenir of this ill-matched venture?

superslim456 02/13/2016
I was not that impressed. The tattoos on his hands and down his arm threw me off... not turned on at all. Also, I am an avid lover of socks. Not enough dress socks in this one for me unfortunately.

everhard12321 02/13/2016
Sometimes I think that certain porn producers and fans think that any attractive, willing person can do porn. Yet just as in mainstream films, an actor has to possess more than talent and technique to be successful. An actor needs to possess star quality. On this site a number of models have star quality regardless of their looks or performance: Flex, Alex Marte, Denis Vega, and Dato Foland come to mind. The camera adores these men and they project an indescribable allure not everyone emanates. I hate to speak ill of a model at the outset of his porn career, but Kris Irons simply isn't made for Menatplay. To me, everything in this film works except him. On another porn site he would do well but the standard at Menatplay is a little higher. His tattoos and his underdeveloped body are working against him, but more than that he lacks what Carrie Bradshaw calls the "zsa zsa zhu." My advice for Kris: Add a little muscle, tone up, and work on bringing your personality to the surface. I dislike being so blunt, but anyone willing to open up himself to the harsh scrutiny of adult entertainment must possess a thick skin. Kris, if you are reading this, take my advice and follow the example set by Marco Rubi. Make us want you.

limerick 02/13/2016
Nice to see a Solo again on MAP! How more are coming/Cumming?

suitedjock 02/13/2016
Yes, he's not an over muscled jock but that's kind of the point. He's a labourer trying on the clothes of the person who he's working for. The only thing missing for me was that he didn't seem to be enjoying himself...

Suitedpiss 02/13/2016
People are unfair sometimes - maybe not the best execution but it's a hot idea I'd like to see more of (labourer or whoever tries on his boss/client's suit and makes a nice mess of it...)

stardusted 02/13/2016
Chris is hot, more sock show,put him in a scene

sparty 02/13/2016
A solo on Valentines weekend? I think you guys dropped the ball on this one.

Suitsfan 02/13/2016
Unlike some of my fellow subscribers, I think Irons has a fine face & body (apart from those tats over the back of his hands - ugh!) He plays a hot plumber, and I think the scenario is horny, too. I only wish we'd seen a bit more of the spunk on the suit jacket - and if the scenario is ever repeated, a bit more mess would be welcome, too! (Assuming the next venue has a working toilet - or sink, the labourer could take a long piss after suiting up, then start wanking without worrying too much about some post-piss 'leakage' getting onto the suit as well . . . ) Just an idea, you understand! ;-) Meanwhile, Irons is more than welcome to rummage through my suit & tie collection anytime!

beastie 02/13/2016
Total bore

masstiehemd 02/14/2016
C'est vrai que cette fin est interessante, on attends la suite It is true that this end is interesting, one wait for the continuation

suitmen1 02/14/2016
Love to see guys cumming on their suits and love cum into suit coat linings

DesertMan 02/15/2016
Watching this very sexy man get himself off is very hot. The tatts and the cigarette, and tossing the cigarette out the window are definitely NOT hot. In fact; it's an unnecessary turn off.

olderbutsexy 02/15/2016
Fun movie, hot guy ... I look forward to seeing him in action ;)

olderbutsexy 02/15/2016
(And nice to see the Rough Plumber dress up so well in a beautiful suit ... mind you, a big stiff cock and great balls help too ;) )

NylonOTCs 02/18/2016
I liked it!...Kris is a HOT guy!...I was so hoping when he went "sock hunting", he would of pulled out a pair of black OTC TnT's..mmmm!!!.... Would love to see him Fuck Dani Robles!!!....I wonder what the owner thought when he went to put on his dark blue suit from the closet??? Let's see more of Kris. Either with Dani or Logan!....Nice change, MAP!!!....Thanks!...and let me know where we can find this plumber???...LOL!!!

Ncr788 02/19/2016

Ncr788 02/19/2016
" The tatts and the cigarette, and tossing the cigarette out the window are definitely NOT hot. In fact; it's an unnecessary turn off." for you, not for me.

Ncr788 02/19/2016
I loved the whole scene. bearded man, hunk... the scene of him smoking in the window made me cum... LOVE IT

explorer310 02/21/2016
Boring. The tattoos on this guy does not help either.

bear990 02/27/2016
Wow definitely another boring scene

summer32 03/01/2016
Tiny load

kodiac701 03/24/2016
Love him totally cranks my wank

Skiier 03/29/2016
Where are the cut guys?

ROBICART 10/11/2019
Handsome guy who wears a full beard well (a lot of men don't).