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Movie Comments

Phaerim 01/18/2019
Good to see Malek Tobias again

Jon62 01/18/2019
Good to see Jean Franko get covered in spunk in nice white shirt. Both star models. Good pant ripping too.

musclefucks 01/18/2019
Even straight men would like to be fucked by Jean Franko. Good chemistry with Malek (who has a real juicy arse)

brisgay 01/19/2019
Love all that suited butt worship! More of the same please!

Sugarman06 01/19/2019
Very Dark.

johnnyt43 01/19/2019
love Malek Tobias, he has a butt to be worshiped..

mtmslg 01/19/2019
Malek's ass being abused through those tight pants and then the ripping . . . WOW

Rainer75 01/19/2019
Dear MAP Team! I'm not mad that you've deleted my review - so I'm sure it was read. I'm a subscriber from the beginning to this day and I would like to remain so. I strongly believe in constructive criticism, because I want to enjoy your stories for a long time. If I did not care, I would quit and the job would be done. No: I want you to grow stronger and stronger and not lose your grip, that is, the contact with the well-meaning consumers. No offense!!!

admin 01/20/2019
Hi Rainer. Of course, I totally agree with you on the constructive criticism point. Talking about a Model’s weight and joking about how many pies he ate over Christmas, I wouldnt exactly classify as constructive (unless you’re a personal trainer and nutritionist... are you? ). Lets not forget these are real people, thats all. I, for one think Jean Franko looks incredible!! Rico

Rainer75 01/20/2019
Dear Rico! Thank you very much for your response. If you would read my note again you would consider I wrote Mr. franco always is a super masculine and exotic hunk. I love him really. And no, I'm not a personal trainer and it was me ating too much pies over Christmas - so I have the problem with a ( little ) life-belt around my hips. But I'm by far not a porn actor ( too ugly! ). I just wanted to warn sexy Mr. Franco to pay attention ( just look at those little roll between his belt and shirt ), because I want to keep him for this special pleasure he is acting for. I don't wanted to be rude or inpolite, so I garnished it with a little dose of german sense of humour. But my knowledge in english language is bad and the german humour is special ( like the british, eh? ) and so poor Mr. Franco was hurt. I beg your pardon very much, Mr. Franco - you are a guy I always would invite for a steamy sex session all times!!!!

krispy1 01/20/2019
New subscriber. Site is hard to navigate. Does anyone know how to Search for models or video titles? I don’t see a search bar. Also, is there a way to save Favorite models or videos? I contacted Tech Suppport a few weeks ago, but no response. Thanks to anyone who could respond to this request.

Godot 01/21/2019
I am a subscriber. This website could stand some improvement (understatement.) If you go "PHOTOS" you can search for models and video titles, but the search is not always successful. You can also search for movies by theme (select "MOVIES"). I don't think there is anyway to save anything. You also cannot not log in to see what the status of your account is.

Suitman63 01/26/2019
I like the rough stuff so bring it on

Suitman63 02/02/2019
Quite, they hardly care so long as the subs come in (not that that is very unusual) but a search engine would help. A lot.

Jack60 02/15/2019
This is a great vid - love the full suited play - awesome ! That is what i joined this site for ! Love the guys to be suited for play ! Excellent

SuitguyGermany 06/08/2019
Love the cum on Jean Franko's shirt and tie. Super hot!

Bearspanked 03/15/2020
Awesome video! Jean Franko is always hot and this video with plenty of spanking/ass slapping and teasing on Malek's suited butt and bare. Great sex and positions too. Keep up with the spanking videos, always great to see. Doug

Suitsfan 10/07/2020
Clothes ripping always turns me on, so I loved watching Franko enter Tobias without first removing his trousers! Seeing Franko's smart suit & tie receiving two loads of hot cum made for a great climax as well; nice job, guys!

builder72 06/04/2021
fuck yes, that´s it....the bottom not caring for his pants to be ruined when waitin for the cock to enter....