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Movie Comments

loosetie13 04/01/2016
A loose tie, right to the very end - how wonderful!

loosetie13 04/01/2016
Had to come back to say - that was fucking magnificent! Enzo has fast become my favourite MAP star. Loved the rough tie loosening midway through - so hot and sexy - and glad he kept it loose around his neck all the way to the end. First time for that, I think? Hopefully not the last though - horny as fuck now :-)

colik555 04/01/2016 was hot but thought the reverse would have been hotter. A pissed off worker at the picky inspector and taking advantage of him in his suit and tie...messing him up real good. Guess it's my fantasy.

sparty 04/01/2016
It's films like this that makes Denis Vega my favorite star, even though he doesn't speak much English and way too much grunt and groaning. Great film. Love you DV.

sparty 04/01/2016
It's films like this that makes Denis Vega my favorite star, even though he doesn't speak much English and way too much grunt and groaning. Great film. Love you DV.

Jon62 04/01/2016
Would have liked to see Enzo messed up more - esp given dirty dusty environment they were in. It was tricky as he was the dominant one so was more or less in control. If Denis had been instead, he could have given Enzo a "rough" time and taught him a lesson. That said, it would be good to see a suited control guy inviting/initiating some messy business and getting fully involved.

tigersox 04/01/2016
Very good film - when I read the title, I thought that I finally got my dream come true: an elegant business guy swaps his expensive suit with a workers outfit of a builder... But even though this dream didn't come true, the film is still very good! Matt and Rico, do you remember the fantastic story "Bait and Switch" which was once on the story-section of your website? To see this story on film would be more than awesome! Keep up the good work!

Dan1762 04/02/2016
A very hot pair -- love both these guys. Next, I want to see Denis top Enzo -- PLEASE!!!

everhard12321 04/02/2016
Dennis Vega gets sexier and sexier in each film. His body is slamming right now. Damn.

ken4cock 04/02/2016
Cool stuff. Wonder how often business gets transacted in the everyday world, between burly workmen and suave, suited execs. Bet it happens more frequently than one imagines.

peterholdman 04/02/2016
completely agree with you sir

Suitsfan 04/03/2016
Both guys are handsome hunks, and there was at least a little spitting and tie-pulling going on. I'd have liked to see that dusty builder's site used as an opportunity for more suit-abuse, but at least Enzo did remain almost fully suited to the end. Pity both cum-loads were simply deposited on naked flesh and left there, though. (Note: Denis Vega's body building is having an impressive effect, but I hope he doesn't take it any further. He's always looked great in a suit, but he won't if he gets any more pumped than he is already.

olderbutsexy 04/08/2016
Oh God! To be fucked like that! Denis, always happy to receive, Enzo such a lover ... hard core, boys, bravi :)

explorer310 04/09/2016
What can I say? Denis Vega is the sexiest guy on your site and always ready to perform. He always finishes off with a great cumshot. He's definitely one of the best guys in the business and without ugly ink on his body. Good job MAP - More vids of him please!!!!

Keith_Lincs 04/17/2016
One of the best MAP videos - loved the white shirt without jacket on ending, could have done with more of that instead of leaving it to the very end. Very sexy guys and huge turn on video

Moonfire500 04/29/2016
the bottom guy just grunts and squeals all the time, and I mean the entire movie - very off putting

suitboy116235 07/26/2016
very hot..Enzo is so horny,,great .trousers kept on while pounding. would have liked a real closeup shot of his trousered arse just even for a few minutes. been arwsome.more rear views with trousers on please.

suitboy116235 07/26/2016
loved this ,Enzos so horny and realistic,liked as he kept his trousers on,mmm,i would have liked a real close up of his trousered arse as he pounded away. that would have been awesome,.even for a few minutes, id love to see more guys faces in suited trousers arses generally,b4 they rim properly. mmm, excellent

barneylincoln 07/22/2017
always great to see Enzo in a dark suit pounding away. not so great to hear mr.vega's grunts and groans ( sound off please)

raven 03/21/2018
Enjoyable to watch Enzo and Dennis together. They have great good looks, similar size and builds but contrast one another in carriage, expression, as well as amount of body hair. They are really handsome men but agree that Dennis' groaning is a bit bothersome as their time together passes but goes along with their contrasting roles in the scenario of manager and laborer and contrasting appearances of clean shaven/hairless vs hursuite w/stubby beard. Would enjoy seeing these men together flipping in another scenario.. I love watching both of these men again and again. They are among the best in your stable of stallions! RAVEN

raven 05/08/2019
Dennis and Enzo are one of the very best pairings of MEN AT PLAY ! I would enjoy seeing more of these fellows whenever you can place them together in a worthy scenario. They seem made for each other on my screen. RAVEN