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Movie Comments

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
Hi Guys, I wanted to be the first to write a comment on here so hopefully I am... I wanted to just tell you how hot it was shooting this scene. Rogan was incredible to work with and I hope you guys can see how much I enjoyed it. There was a chem

sandiego55 01/31/2014
Seriously ,a movie with Rogan and you has sexy written all over it!!

joedoe1000 01/31/2014
Scott Hunter and Rogan....the chemistry was perfect. Your performance was look so comfortable with each other. Scott....I love you man...beautiful body with no tattoos, so manly with hair, so handsome in suit, white shirt and sexy blue Sp

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
Hi Joe, Thanks for the vote of confidence and ego boost! :) I'm so happy you liked the scene, it really was a dream for me to work with Rogan so I'm glad it came across to you too! Scott

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
hi Sandiego55, I'm so happy you think so!! I couldn't wait for this to come out, I'm hoping all the feedback is so positive! Scott

joedoe1000 01/31/2014
When you believe in yourself many great things will happen to you. I like how professional you are at work and with your followers. You are an asset for any porn film company. Don't seems to be the most lovely person I can talk to. Gracias!

suitedattitude 01/31/2014
I suppose how you respond to this movie depends much on how you respond to Rogan - personally he's never done anything for me, I know he should but doesn't, just my taste. I do like Scott but I'd really like to see him with Woody in a fully suited scene

georgeroundy 01/31/2014
Hello again Scott, you're looking bigger and better then ever, would you consider topping next time. I know if you kept your suit on and f****d like a rabbit you'd be even more SEXY!! I love this film and your fountain of spunk at the end! Rogan is fabulo

Rainer75 01/31/2014
In earlier years this vid would be named "David & Goliath". But today Scott built up so much and got such a great body the vid has to be called "Melting of two super hunks". I'm not sure who is the "winner" of this extremly masculine assembly but I think

Rainer75 01/31/2014
Last but not least it's interesting that this is the first time Rogan really shot an amount of cum!

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
HI Rainer75, Thanks so much! I'm so glad you liked it! Like I said, it was a dream come true when I was asked to film with Rogan and as you'll know if you've seen my Ask Rogan segment on my website, we've been speaking for months but never met. O

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
... All I can say is...I'm going to take that (cum) as a compliment!

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
Hi Geo, Well... I've not ruled out the possibility of topping someone in the future but it would have to be someone I REALLY liked and had chemistry with like with Rogan but I'm not quite at that point just yet. I hope to still be around when the ti

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
Suitedattitude, No problem at all... Rogan is gorgeous to me but then so are many of the MAP guys but not everyone does it for everyone else so, thats what makes us all unique. As for kinky and dirty and being used.... YES PLEASE. Im still holdin

scott-hunter 01/31/2014
JoeDoe1000, I don't plan on changing for anyone, so thank you... I hope to show you more soon! Scott

Frankr0d 01/31/2014
Scott's scenes on here are always hot.Can't wait to see this one.Always been a fan since I first spotted him at Dore Alley and got to take pictures of him and with.

jameslin 01/31/2014
The one thing that ruins this for me is that Scott is not commando.

auhottie 01/31/2014
Great film again; Scott was excellent. Rogan is always great. Nice work MAP.

Fuckboot 01/31/2014
To parody the song: Beautiful dreamer, cum in to me ... Rogan is just such a paradigmatic manimal!! Loved the direct, uncomplicated, realistic, sensual, classical top-bottom, opposites-attract and simply horny chemistry between the two. Ruf me up and ruf

Fuckboot 01/31/2014
The chemistry was ... well, explosive! I could see you thrill as he just ripped your buttoned shirt off. So hot when so assertive, masculine and strong, wooooff!! I can only keep dreaming that the beautiful fucker will cum into me. I am so jealous of you,

masstiehemd 01/31/2014
Bad! bad! bad.... I d'nt like this video... classical porn with naked men quickly.... it's not for me.

suitstudda 02/01/2014
Dear Scott, Great video! You and Rogan make great magic. Keep up the work. Dave

miguelpro 02/01/2014
You did it with this vid. Wow. Nothing but high marks for everything. Super guys, super hot, super action. And super cum shots. I could almost taste the cream. More, PLEASE

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Hi Miguelpro, I'm so happy to hear that you liked the video... It was incredibly hot to record and I'm so glad that came across in the end result. As for the cum shots, I wish there was more! Scott

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Hi Dave, Thank you so much...I have to kind of agree!! I think I would have carried on into the night if the guys didn't have to pack up and go home! Scott

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Hi masstiehemd, I'm really sorry you didn't like the film. It's very difficult to always appeal to every single person as I'm sure you will agree and in this case, you didn't like what we did. I'm sorry about that. Rogan is an incredibly sexual guy and

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Hi Fuckboot, You got it! That's exactly what I thought about this scene and Rogan. Such a hot guy literally erupting with testosterone and masculinity, for me, it was very hard to resist anything but to give him complete submission. I'm so happy you li

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Hi Auhottie, What can I say? We struck gold! :) So pleased you liked it! Scott

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Jameslin, I have to say, I don't like pants. Rightly or wrongly, I find it extremely sexual to see a guys packet flopping loosely in his suit and trousers. However, this time I was in underwear. Some good news though, in my next scene for MAP, I won

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Hi Frankr0d, Hey matey, so nice to get such brilliant feedback, thank you so much! It's hard for me not to give my all when I'm paired with someone as perfect for me as Rogan so I'm glad it showed. Hope you're well, Scott

scott-hunter 02/01/2014
Hi Fuckboot, Trust me, I nearly wet myself when I got asked to work with Rogan so I totally understand! As I can say is, I enjoyed every nanosecond! Scott

joedoe1000 02/01/2014
Don't be sorry, the movie has a great combination of clothing and naked shots. I will like it not be edited so much so we can see the parts when you help each other to take off shoes and pants showing beautiful sheer socked feet and legs. Also, undoing cl

bound2tie 02/01/2014
The guy's tie was off in less than 3 minutes. Not everyone's into suits and ties, but for those who are this video is a big disappointment, and for those who aren't there's plenty of action free on the internet

kintyre 02/01/2014
Wow!!! This is so hot! You get better and better Scott. Rogan is probably the best partner you could have hoped for! I have been an avid follower of yours, Scott, since I met you at HotWired. You deserve the success!

Fuckboot 02/01/2014
I would love to have seen a vid of u wetting yourself ... and of u and Rogan wetting each other!!

Fuckboot 02/01/2014
Thanks, hot and sweet man. :-)

senatormls 02/02/2014
Love the bursting red face during your orgasm Scott! Rogan is a hot match! I've never seen ass cheeks ripple before. His ring is a blast of cool steel against a sinewy, blood-popping veinful strong hand!

bazildon 02/02/2014
Nice work lads scott your looking good

Frankr0d 02/02/2014
I'm well Scott thanks! After watching the scene it stimulated me so much.The positions were well done and usually don't get into the oral but whoa.Rogan's cock going in and out of your mouth really got the juices going.

masstiehemd 02/02/2014
I'm OK with you ! We the addicts of suit and tie, we have to protest. This site is not ordinary he answers to our fantasies of suits, shirt, ties , cum on the suit, on the tie.... And that makes several sequences that there are less and less suit and tie

Suitsfan 02/02/2014
Kicks off immediately with the steamy attraction between Scott & Rogan, and goes red hot when Scott's shirt is ripped wide open. The climax is white hot - in more ways than one - as Scott takes Rogan's cum-load straight in his mouth, and hungrily swallow

markbound 02/02/2014
Totally hot. These two are extremely attractive and look good together. I love the classic shower/locker room scene where two studs run into each other and then game on. Fucking hot pounding action from Rogan. He is an animal. ; ) Great job guys!!

ken4cock 02/05/2014
Fantastico! Rogan is the most Herculean jock I've ever seen, and a superhuman stud machine, rapaciously pulling Scott into his orbit. Scott is the perfect hungry bottom, greedily downing Rogan's humongous meat, and eagerly submitting to the punishing ass-

scott-hunter 02/09/2014
Hi Ken4cock, You put these things into such amazing words! Yes, I loved to submit to Rogan and I could have carried on with his ass-pounding too :) I'm glad you like it and I hope to give you more of this to come! Scott

scott-hunter 02/09/2014
Hi Markbound, Thank you! I have to agree, it's one of the best matches with me and another co-host for fact the last couple have been amazing. I think they guys know what I like now! It shows :) Thanks Scott

scott-hunter 02/09/2014
Hi Suitsfan, You have it in one! Yes, when there's a guy like Rogan involved, I love nothing more than to swallow his cum and spit and thats not all I would swallow! When a guy is as dominant with me as he was, I know where I stand and that turns

scott-hunter 02/09/2014
Hi Bazildon, Thank you so much matey...I've been training hard and I want to stay as fit as I can, I need to so I can keep up with tops like this, right‽ Scott

scott-hunter 02/09/2014
Hi senatormls, Im made up you liked it... I was pretty worked up, it had to be said and I was ready to explode when we got to the you can see, I loved every minute of it! Thanks Scott

scott-hunter 02/09/2014
Hi Kintyre, Thank you matey...I've longed for this kind of pairing on MAP and you can see why...we had amazing chemistry didn't we? It worked well and I loved every second. Here's to more where that came from! Scott

scott-hunter 02/09/2014
Hi masstiehemd, All I can say is Im very sorry it wasn't what you hoped for. I was presented with a guy who I had incredible connection with and we kind of forgot a lot of why we were there... I'm hoping it won't put you off coming back in the futur

joedoe1000 02/15/2014
Scott Hunter....are you ready for the next movie at MAP?

jalfong 02/21/2014
I love the true masculine energy of this scene. Who hasn't fantasied about being taken in by a stud like Rogan while at the gym? You could see the intensity in their eyes as they were making love, and yes, this was so hot they were making love right befor

geooorg 02/26/2014
Rogan is the best porn actor I have seen for a long time, and he's very hot in this movie. I love everything with this movie, and wish that I had met him one time at the gym. Wonder what had happened when we met. But anyway, both of you are very hot in

Swedetodd 03/21/2014
Man! What a hot scene.

NylonOTCs 04/02/2014
Once again, MAP!!!...Touche'....I love Rogan he is so the "animal"...but!, Scott! are a star!!!...that nice slim body and those fucking HOT!!!, nylon socks are to die for!....Good job, men...Scott, don't ever stop wearing those OTC socks, man!

scott-hunter 04/02/2014
Hey Nylon, Just saw the comment and yes, I'm pleased you liked it matey, it was an awesome scene! Thank you for your kind words! Scott

scott-hunter 04/02/2014
Thank you matey Scott

scott-hunter 04/02/2014
Hi Jalfong, I'm glad you liked it so much. Rogan and I have a very strong chemistry so it was easy to show that to you guys and with comments like this I'm pleased we did! Keep coming back, more soon! Scott

scott-hunter 04/02/2014
I am matey, it's out this Friday the 4th of April!

seahbh 05/04/2015
rogan is a sexually wild man.with his powerful thrusting, his cock reaches the throat in oral sex and reaches the prostate in anal sex. i am utterly surprised he did not split Scott's butts into 2

wulifeng 12/17/2016

wulifeng 12/17/2016

wulifeng 12/17/2016

princebrett5 02/15/2017
I wish there were more sniffing moments here, and in menatplay scenes in general. These guys are so hot, would love to see some underwear sniffing action, ass sniffing, armpit sniffing. What I wouldn't give to sniff Rogan's body, man...

Sherman 03/26/2017
Rogan has a sexy body with his red g string. he teases us with a hard on in that red string. Rogan has a good hairy body and a good large cock. Great cum shot Rogan.

musclefucks 04/28/2017
Logan is a fuck machine and Scott a text-book Bottom .. great sex, gents, thanks!