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Movie Comments

Nasanaz84 05/19/2017

Phaerim 05/19/2017
Awesome movie!

masstiehemd 05/19/2017
l'acteur hector de Silva est toujours super en costume cravate, tres classe et cette séquence est bien car il garde jusqu'au bout chemise veste et cravate et que son partenaire jute abondamment dessus . UNE BONNE VIDEO the actor H de Silva is a very elegant in tie and suit! and in this video he keeps till the end shirt, tie and jacket, and his partner cum abundantly on his face , his tie etc, VERY GOOD VIDEO

joedoe1000 05/19/2017
This is a new version of Hung (of course, the original version with Dani Robles was sensational). In this one, Dato Foland as a blue collar worker and wearing those short cheap socks is terrible/awful. Hector should have been the bottom from beginning to end showing his sheer socked legs. It feels that this was a rush movie, a check mark to have a scene for today. Will wait until next week. Good luck!

Jon62 05/19/2017
Always good to see Hector getting it. And getting messed up, spunked, ruined in his suit. Good one !

suitstudda 05/19/2017
awesome and outstanding video. Rico and Matt, what happened to suggested video with Hector de Silva, Dario Beck, Mike de Marko, and with others, ie, Hugh Hunter in a "Six Suited Sexride: with the suits and tie on throughout the scene. One I would like to see in this video if you can get is Bennett Anthony.

suitstudda 05/19/2017
Matt and Rico, since moving your operations to Spain, will MenAtPlay be doing any videos in London, the US, France, the Nederland, etc. in the future?

Dan1762 05/20/2017
Yes -- thanks. Always good to see a hot flip fuck -- and cum on suit!

NylonOTCs 05/20/2017
Super HOT, Matt and Rico!!!....You cannot go wrong with Hector and Dato Perfect couple to do this. fantastic ass on Hector bent over taking it from Dato...mmmmmmmmmm!!!...nice cum shot on Hector...Agree with Joedoe1000, nice legs socks on Hector!!...Show it, man!!! Was so hoping to see those blue long socks on those pretty legs up in the air!!!...But Great!, guys...Thanks!!! Loved it.

elunico 05/20/2017
awesome movie...dato and hector handsome hot couple...loved it,,, pleasd dato fuck in suit...THANKS

raven 05/20/2017
Hector and Dato are among the very best of your MAP models and it is pleasing to me to see them flip positions in this installation. The scenario does not lend itself to their developing much true chemistry between these two hot men. Why not give them a better story line and put them in bed together to facilitate a hotter climax between these two unblemished, athletic Men at Play. I don't much care for Dato's pompadour hair cut and I do hope Hector stays away from further inking. D and H are among your very best; please provide them with better story lines. RAVEN

Sugarman06 05/20/2017
Nothing exciting about it

tiedupsuit 05/20/2017
Always enjoy seeing Hector in suit and tie. He looks amazing. The setting was perfect for his suit to get dirtier than it did. Wish that had happened.

Rainer75 05/20/2017
We have seen Hector in 9 films already. He always did a good job and was enjoyable to watch. You served us Dato 20 (!) times already. Most people love him but it's a miracle for me why? But tastes are different and that's not the problem. The problem is - you serve the same guys over and over and over and at least it's boring to see the same actor, knowing what they are doing next, how they moan, how they move. It's like knowing my wife after the silver wedding annivery!! Sure you got also new "talents" - but these spanish newcomers are seem to be cloned. Why not to try also "average" types, next door men - then the plots will suddenly become more authentic and to feel for. Where are the sexy guys with a little belly, with glasses, with a bald head??? Inked and over-muscled actors with crazy foolish haircuts you can find in every porn studio. MAP - you are the fine cream of this business - just show it! You can do!!!

Sherman 05/20/2017
Absolutely boring video. with Hector. Hector has done many good video's. This is his worst..........Dato has also done better too, actually boring video..

musclefucks 06/03/2017
Apart from all the rest, Hector has a fine arse, good too see it get well-fucked. And then Dato takes cock like a star ... two beauties doing it

raven 06/14/2017
Hector and Dato are awesome men at play who always deliver. I especially enjoy them when they flip but I wish they would slow down and put some passion into their performances. They seem to be trying to beat the clock as they race to climax which makes the production kind of boring. How about creating a scenario wherein they can demonstrate some passion as they work at pleasuring each other . This production was a race to the finish with little or no feeling shown for each other it seemed, and that is why it seems mechanical, totally self centered and plain boring in spite of truly handsome, well endowed models, each producing copious ejaculate! I'm looking for better writing and directing by the producers of MAP.. RAVEN

barneylincoln 07/25/2017
I always like the way MAP dress Hector in the tightest possible pants and smallest jacket, for a suit sex fan this is always a plus! Dato looks great with his new hairstyle, I hope he keeps this for the next ( suited) film. Russian Roulette is similar to other films but VERY eentertaining. thanks. Barney.

toolelover 05/03/2019
Nice seeing Hector bottom. Too bad some of Dato's cum didn't land in his beard or mouth.

ROBICART 08/12/2019
Loved Hector's cum shot. Great to see him get fucked. Loved the flip flop. Always, always love when both guys suck dick. Love when Dato discovers Hectors hard dick in those pants. Always love Hector's beautiful dick and balls out his fly. Dato fucking Hector was great. Then Hector fucking Dato was a bonus. Loved Dato's haircut.