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Movie Comments

Suitsfan 02/26/2016
Beautiful! Sexy guys, great cum-splattering on clothes - this is what I come to MAP for! Thanks, guys!

masstiehemd 02/26/2016

masstiehemd 02/26/2016

Mick4984 02/26/2016
Gorgeous, really hot movie. Hector has the dominant male down to perfection, seeing him in a boss/employee scenario would be fantastic!

Craig65 02/26/2016

Thick85 02/26/2016
These two look so good together!!!! I loved this video, sexy and very hot!

Jon62 02/26/2016
Yes, great suit splattering/messing.

DicckuDux 02/26/2016
RÉUSSITE TOTALE! Super choix de scénario. Magie totale entre ces deux mecs qui n'attendaient que ça... Encore...encore!!

derek2 02/26/2016
I see the 4-button suit has it over the 3-button suit guy. Can't Dario afford a 4-button sleeve suit? But he's always a good show, no matter how many buttons.

Matt Jordan 02/26/2016
funny you should say that - Dario's suit was at least 3 times more expensive than hectors!!

sparty 02/26/2016
Men were beautiful ,kissing was great, sex was great. Good job guys.

Dan1762 02/27/2016
Very hot -- excellent chemistry between these two guys. Great to see Dario Beck at MAP. love the cum shots on the suit. More!

Timmaness 02/27/2016
Dario Beck is super hot. Great face and body. Love the lack of tattoos. Hot scene.

robicart 02/27/2016
Great scene. Super hot guys! With both sucking - YES! Really hot cum scene for Hector - sucking and moaning and cuming!

air4711 02/27/2016
SUPER HOT !!!!!!!! Congrats !!!! I love it !!

beastie 02/27/2016
Sexy and hot - love the sock worship - more of that please!

smartguy 02/27/2016
Great Hot Scene, Well Done Guys Great Team Work! You Scored!!!! A*****

bear990 02/27/2016
Now that's a another hot scene since fuel! More like this please!

aljuarez12 02/28/2016
Another WOW! That's two in a row. I was trying to figure out what went right with this one. The guys are hot, and sport no unsightly, humongous tattoos (even if Héctor's earring is a bit distracting... maybe he can be persuaded to remove it for the next one?). But there is more to it... maybe it's the way the cameraman is really paying attention, focusing on the bodies, zooming n an out allowing for long views of what's going on. I guess in videos I haven't enjoyed as much, the action just feels more mechanic, formulaic. Yes, put them in suits, and yes, have them fuck, but the camera work and the pace and the editing felt more like they would in any other porn sequence, plus suits. This is craftier, clearly much more lovingly done.. If I had to mention one possible improvement, it would be more shirt and tie! Leaving the jacket on once the pants drop just gets in the way and covers more than it reveals.. Losing Dario's shirt at 8'00 would have been very hot. We' would have been treated to his torso showcased in that beautiful white shirt. Shirt and tie showcases a hot torso and allows clear views of the butt and suit crotch. And yet again, must the shirt be gone the same minute it's unbuttoned? Just another thought...Maybe next time? Anyway, the last two vids have been excellent. More, please...

NylonOTCs 02/28/2016
Whoa!..super HOT!!!, MAP...Dario and Hector are so fucking savvy dudes. So erotic!..Hector's sucking Dario's soles, toes and heels in those wonderful "Gold Toes' just did it, man!....abs. loved it. Hector slip off the shoes next time, relax and let us see your Godly feet in your hot nylon socks even if you leave the suit on the sexy feet to the floor is still VERY HOT!!!....This was over the top!....More is right!...The load Dario shoots out is just delicious and Hector cleaning up with his beautiful mouth!...WOW!...Yes, Bravo! and more like this. Thanks! guys, you made my night!...

everhard12321 02/28/2016
Spiffed-up sleaze at its best. Dario and Hector must have been holding in those loads for weeks. Damn!

raven 02/28/2016
Two up and counting. Your subscribers seem to approve. Hope you have for of similar quality productions in your supply line! Thanks. RAVEN

johnnyt43 02/28/2016
that was not a porn scene, that was two guys enjoying each other. thanks map

olderbutsexy 02/28/2016
Hot chemistry = hot sex, thanks gentlemen. Wonderful orgasms too, especially from the beautiful Hector ... first class work, MAP

LORIS 02/28/2016
This "Score" is a real score - damn hot fucking ! Nice to see Hector and Dario again and together. Loved to see Hector dressed up till the end. I only wonder what happened with TV and football game...

sockscalze 02/29/2016
Dario is so dam hot love guy and what a load he shot. both are so dam masculine you have to get into it. good to see Dario wearing the gold toe metropolitan socks but i think they lost their elastic and kept falling down which i find sexy

sockscalze 03/01/2016
wasn't dario hot haven't seen a model in the gold toe metros in over 3 years. looks as if they kept falling down so i bet they don't use them any longer

sockscalze 03/01/2016
love Dario more of him please

[email protected] 03/03/2016
Two Spanish studs going at it is so hot. Hard to decide who is hotter - just a perfect pairing! Dario is so damn cute and Hector's perfectly manicured beard - unf! Came several times watching these two guys get off!!

loosetie13 03/04/2016
Back of the net! What a great movie - something for everyone, for sure. Loved Dario getting tugged about by his tie on a couple of occasions, and was especially hot he not only loosened his tie but then kept it loose for most of the movie. Hot!

germansuitguy 03/04/2016
I'm glad you remember how it works. Great!

markbind 03/04/2016
Fucking hot. These two together are great. I love the end when Hector pulls out and strokes himself off after sticking Dario's hard cock fully in his mouth to clean him up. Great scenario and fun to watch.

hugo2014 03/07/2016
So fucking hot!!! Yes!!!

kaokaoz9118 03/08/2016
please show hecto de silva's socks

Felix Alexandre Mueller 03/20/2016
Problems to open the file

joe123 04/08/2016
The goldtoe socks was so sexy! Absolute sexy. Please use them more!

joe123 04/08/2016
Gold Toes' just did it, man! Sexy socks in nylon.

joe123 04/10/2016
Hope guys on this site will use more nylon metro goldtoe socks. Absolut hot US socks! Let us avoid female sheer socks. They looks to boring on hot guys.

joe123 04/10/2016
Let us see more metro nylon otc socks on all guys!

robicart 05/04/2016
Hector de Silva WINS the award for best performance!

Sherman 05/16/2016
Dario has a hairy ass & a good hairy cock area. Also a good size Dick. Good Show Dario. Great body.

Sherman 05/23/2016
Dario was. The best with his hairy. Large cock area, happy to see Hector finally sucked him & then Hector sucking him again after he came. Great video. Good work you guys.

Sherman 06/18/2016
Great beginning before they started to play. Dario has a nice cock with lots of hair, sexy. Also he has a great hairy ass. Love lots of pubic hair on men. Sexy.

robicart 06/23/2016
One of your best! Just awesome!

Sherman 07/11/2016
Dario has the best. Body. Hairy ass, & great black thick bush with a good cock. Great communication with each other. Finally a real man with lots of hair around his cock. Makes him sexy.

Alann11 08/16/2016
Never get to see Hector's body! What's the sense of watching beautiful guys fuck if you never get to see their body?

peejay6 08/26/2016
why are there no books in the shelves?

Sherman 10/13/2016
Dario is an enjoy to watch every morning. Great hairy body, great bush and a nice cock. Enjoy. Good video. Hector was boring keeping his clothes on.

Sherman 12/30/2016
Two handsome men. Good moving video. Dario has the best. "Hairy" body and "hairy" ass. We did not receive what actually what Dario's body is about. He is a major turn on with his hairy, thick, long cock. More of him please.

Sherman 12/31/2016
Probably one of the best moving video's of 2016. Great beginning for all of our curiosity. Dario, you are handsome & the best to enjoy, however, in this video your "hairy" thick, large cock & "hairy" ass was not displayed in this video to your advantage. We need exposures of your body naked. Looking forward Dario to see you in 2017.!

Sherman 01/01/2017
Men at Play, You "scored" a perfect score on these two handsome men. Great beginning & receives your attention immediately. Great video. Everyone should enjoy thhe last 4 minutes when Datio exposes his beautiful "hairy" body & his large cock. Dario's cum shot is te best you have presented to us in months.........good job with the photography.................THIS IS YOUR WINNER....................thanks to the two handsome men, Dario & Hector..........Thanks for sharing these two men and video to us. Looking forward to seeing them again in 2017........................................

Sherman 01/01/2017
Great "hairy" ass Dario. Hector did well. Hector got his exercise. You scored a winner. Dario cum all need to enjoy.

Sherman 01/06/2017
Great video at the beginning with two handsome men. Hector did well exposing Dario's hairy ass. Dario created excitement with his cum shot & then Hector giving it a. last suck. Good job with the two perfect handsome men. Dario has a great thick hairy cock that we enjoy. Dario has a perfect body with all that hair on his chest & cock. Makes us all horny.....more of them please.

Sherman 01/07/2017
Dario, you are still the best at Men At Play with your "hairy" thick large cock & "hairy" ass. More of you exposing your body nude.

Sherman 01/16/2017
This is the best "class video" you have given us. Hector & Dario are a good pair. Good moving video. Dario, you win again, with that "hairy" long cock and "hairy" ass. Good turn on leaving us with a good hard on watching you guys. Congratulations.

Sherman 02/17/2017
Great moving video at Men At Play. This video keeps your attention throughout the video. Hector and Dario are two handsome men with beautiful cocks. Dario, you heave the best "hairy" large cock and also the best " hairy" ass on Men At Play. We need more of thhe two of you in action. Great job. Looking forward to seeing both of you in future.....WOW.......................

Sherman 02/22/2017
I now understand why Hector never exposes his body. He has very little hair around his cock, looks like a skinned chicken. Dario is the one that has a beautiful body with his large, thick, "hairy" cock and "hairy" ass. Both handsome men and work well together.

Sherman 03/06/2017
Dario, congratulations, you always have the best. "CUM SHOTS"....on Men At Play. Keep up the great video's.........Enjoyed this moving video with Hector who has a good cum shot too.

Sherman 03/07/2017
3-7-2017.......MEN AT PLAY..............This still one of your best moving video's. Great beginning and created excitement. Two handsome gentlemen. Love Dario and his hairy ass and hairy large cock. Thhe best was Dario and Hector's cum shot. Wow.......they had a lot of cum to share with us. Also good communication between the two of them. Thanks for sharing Dario and Hector to all of us.

Sherman 03/14/2017
Matt Jordan...this is your best video. Great beginning to use our imagination and then Hector starts the movement and finally we get to see Dario with his large hairy cock and hairy ass. The best cum shots by Dario and Hector. Normally you do not see two men who have great cum shots. Good action and a moving video. Also beautiful bodies on these gentlemen. A pleasure to enjoy each morning. Thanks. 3-14-2017.

Sherman 03/18/2017
"SCORE"...................the best video in last six months with two handsome men. Dario and his large hairy cock and hairy ass and loves being fucked by Hector. Both gentlemen had "great cum shots".........Thanks Men At Play......for sharing us this outstanding video. 3-17-2017.........THE BEST............................

Sherman 03/19/2017
Dario, You have the best hairy asshole and beautiful large, thick, "hairy" cock on Men At Play.

Sherman 03/19/2017
Dario, You have the best hairy asshole and beautiful large, thick, "hairy" cock on Men At Play.

Sherman 03/26/2017
This video "scores" a 100. Great beginning that let into excitement. The gentlemen are handsome especially Dario with his large, thick, "hairy" cock. Great bush Dario, sexy....then there is Dario's hairy asshole, the best. Watch the great cum shots by both of them......especially at the end when Hector cleans up Dario's cock by sucking it after Dario's large cum shot. Good job Hector...............we need to see you guys again.

Sherman 04/08/2017
Dario, you are still the best actor on Men At Play. No one has a beautiful body like yours with your "hairy"ass and your large "hairy" cock as well as a great cum shot. You deserve a 100. Rating. Hhector was also a handsome partner for you. Great beginning with all the excitement of a game and then Hector made the move to play and Dario loved every minute of it......congratulations Dario & Hector. 4-8-2017..........

Sherman 04/15/2017
Dario, you are thhe best gentlemen at Men At Play with these features. 1. Large, thick, "hairy" cock. 2. Great "hairy" ash hole 3. The best "cum shot"............ 4. Great actor and always a gentle man............thanks. What a pleasure to watch you in action.

Sherman 07/18/2017
Still the best video of Dario & Hector...............aPLUS..........18 June 2017

carter_ross72 11/10/2017
Dario, you are thhe best gentlemen at Men At Play with these features. 1. Large, thick, "hairy" cock. 2. Great "hairy" ash hole 3. The best "cum shot"............ 4. Great actor and always a gentle man............thanks. What a pleasure to watch you in action.

Sherman 11/15/2017
Carter, I totally agree with you about Dani and his large “ hairy” cock and “ hairy” ass. He has all the best features at Men At Play and finished as always with the best cum shot. Dani, you are the best. I come back to this high class video often. Thanks for “my pleasure”...........15 November 2017.

raniesuit 01/21/2018
My absolute favourite MAP movie....Style, good performance, very fine suits, cool that they keep them on very long....!

RQUEST 02/10/2018
MAP! This film is so hot. Can you make sure we get some tnt and sock and shoe play too, I am just looking at a ton of Hector films today. The suit, socks, and shoes vidoes are so impressive.

masstiehemd 02/23/2018
Ilove this video and the actor Hector very good, very sexy with great shot of cum GOOD IT'S my prefer

halpofein 03/04/2018
Love Dario's ass. Wow.