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Movie Comments

would love to have a security officer like Bruno at my airport ...



Bruno Knight is by far the most underrated performer on this site!! EVERY movie he's been in has been absolutely AMAZING!!!!! Kyle is very attractive and is very good at bottoming, but there's something about Bruno's performance that's genuine and believa

Yes who has not thought of that scenario? Whilst walking through security so is this guy at Gatwick or Heathrow? Hehehe most guys in that position do not look like him, then again I do not look like the traveler either. Great fantasy and great movie.

greats movie. this is what men at play isall about.

HOLY. FUCKIN'. SHIT. This was amazing, from end to end, top to bottom. The scenario, the men, the suit. Top notch! I'm so glad I came back! Cheers, Tony

Damn, what a movie, all this new stuff has got me excited for the future.. Kyle King outstanding!!!. Bruno did a great job and seems comfortable with his role. Thanks so much ... guys

Prefect4 07/08/2011

So disappointed you used Kyle King. MAP men are supposed to be special, not the same porn stars who have done every site on earth.

HOT! PRIMO! WOWWWW! Bruno is a HOT top. Kyle has a MAGNIFICENT ass. I love the treasure trail down his ass crack and that sweet, sweet pink hole. The fingering of Kyle's hole with latex gloves was great. Got me HARD. Thought Bruno might feed his e

I loved it! Both men are wonderful and I ike the man in uniform scenario. Yes a fantasy of mine too!

Hehe, great shortstory! Sometimes I wish I could see the guys getting back to normal, dressing up, adjusting all and, like in this case, get an "apology" from the security guy, and see him walk out, perhaps walking a bit strange, but looking perfect as n

Very, very well done! I have traveled extensively and secretly wished that something like this scenario would happen to me. Have seen some hot TSA men in tight uniforms and all I can do is fantasize. Thanks for giving us Bruno and Kyle in this movie!!

Score! Great job, guys. I agree with the comment about a brief bit at the end of the actors dressed & 'back to normal'...

Wow! I'm speechless. Thank you for such a sexy film. Kyle, welcome to my favorite place on the net. Thanks fellas tbone

well well well. great movie, super hot, added to my favorites, just one more thing, next time let those studs wear sheer socks, that really turn me on.. but its my opinion only jimboy

I forgot to mention what a perfect, round hole Kyle has. Gets my tongue hard, really hard!

Super film! I also think the sheers would add an extra hot factor. Thanks.

businessguy1 07/10/2011
Awesome! Nice evolution to the expanded theme of suits, uniforms and leather. If this is the future of MAP, I'll still be a paying customer.

ccwhi1 07/10/2011
FUCK ME!!! What a grand clip. I was completely exhausted afterwards. The whole story had: style, imagination, guts, great sex and explosion. Kyle was great in his role, and he had all the expressions we dream about. No matter how you cut it, sex with

Fucking brilliant. Best I've seen on here I think

Suitsfan 07/10/2011
These are two guys on horny heat - definitely a hot video! Kyle King is a particular hottie - very good-looking, with a sexy body (love the hairy chest & abs on both guys!) Very much enjoyed the passionate kissing - and the fact that both guys opened th

I have to agree with everyone else. This is a great film! I love when MAP takes a controversial subject like TSA and all of the (in my opinion) unecessary airport security, and works it into the storyline of one of their films. Kyle King is great in th

FUCK! This was even better the second time around. GRRRR.

loved it like everybody else !

Yes this was very hot for all sorts of reasons but the main thing I think is that scenes like this are believable i.e. it could happen. Was also curious as to a) where that smart double breasted suit was bought and b) who is the cute silent guy near the

loved seeing kyle squirm and moan.

Interesting. I asked myself the same question about the lad in the first scene.

Otimo!!! nossa muito excitante o filme..... adorei

Nice concept and good video, with two attractive men. Just a pity the other guard didn't get involved as he looked hotter than the other two performers put together.

Absolutely, man! Many US films are dubbed with voices in the background; not the actual stars. I really like how MAP's stars get verbal, with some scenes the top telling the bottom how to position his ass for better entry! GRRRR

great ....but my mac is new .....and all time was interrumped not download continuoly....thanks....

great!!! kyle king is xtremely hot. wish my home had a poster of his real size. thank you, MAP, lots&lots.

Great to see hairy pubes and chest. The natural look is really hot.

Awesome. I love how much noise Kyle makes while getting fucked.

Excellent! Bruno and Kyle seem to be made for each other. Bruno can throw a great fuck and Kyle can receive it without any problem. Both are great-looking and very muscular. It helps that they are both hairy - that is so extremely sexy! Let's have

I'm looking at that sweet hole in the pic above. Enough said. Mmmmmmm.

Two of the best looking chaps I have ever seen! They obviously work well together, to say the least.

a dream come true

nice movie

Do a Security Control Part 2...use long sheer socks. MAP will need to discard those gold toe socks which are so outdated. You guys need the best quality in clothes.

Nice, but not enough actual sex. It's always nice to have foreplay/oral, but when 40% of the video is foreplay, and 45% is oral, it doesn't leave much time for actual sex......which is a bummer to me.

Matt Jordan 11/24/2011
actual sex? lol. thats hilarious . You old romantic you..

Oh yes. Bruno Knight is so incredibly hot. Makes every scene he's in.

i couldn't agree more chaz....i for one absolutely LOVE dirty talk, the filthier the better! i love to hear the guys spewing dirty, especially when they REALLY get into it and forget about those cameras rolling, the PA's and the rest of the crew. a lot

When they finaly got to the fucking in the long black socks it was very hot- but it took too long to get there. HOT HOT HOT ending but too much foreplay fully dressed- the should have been in long black socks and nothing else about 5 minutes before they

yeah! Get the clothes off quicker!

clothes are absolut needful - its MAP!!! What are the men without suit, shirt and tie?

Jude 01/21/2012
Wish I was a security guard - I would 69 and fuck and be fucked by Sexy Hot Kyle King - In my dreams 24 x 7. !!!

Personally, all the foreplay is awesome!!! There are way too many movies that just get to the sex without any sort of setup at all. No romance or anything. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it gets a bit old after a while. With this there's a buildi

Great convincing perfomances by Kyle and Bruno. thanks guys and team. Camera work excellent, cgreat clarity and never seen such detailed butt shots. Really enjoyed. Thanks again.

Great convincing perfomances by Kyle and Bruno. thanks guys and team. Camera work excellent, cgreat clarity and never seen such detailed butt shots. Really enjoyed. Thanks again.


So the next time I go through security at Heathrow, all I have to do is wear a pin-striped suit, pack some powder in my shoes, and look for the guard with the ear-ring tp be sure of getting my ass eaten out and royally fucked before I get to my hotel. Gr

So the next time I go through security at Heathrow, all I have to do is wear a pin-striped suit, pack some powder in my shoes, and look for the guard with the ear-ring tp be sure of getting my ass eaten out and royally fucked before I get to my hotel. Gr

gw_losangeles 07/11/2012
Some of the hottest shots of a hole I've ever seen in porn. Anything else like this on Men at Play?

You could build an entire site around this idea. Authorized molestation..duh. How hot is that.

pantsfunk 10/09/2012
kyle is a very awesome guy love his acts

Matt..will be great to see a Security Control Part 2. Maybe with Bruno Knight, Kyle King and Dean Monroe. Dean and Kyle wearing long tnt sheer socks.

Okay 05/14/2013
Love the beginning, the feeling of an actual airport Security controll. The suit is great, and the guards Perfect. Could have seen him take off the belt slowly. Lifting the suit,opening it as he would if i where undressing,pulling it out slowly, With the

would love to be control like that this guy has a hole to spend hours licking that beautiful hole

everhard12321 01/26/2014
Kyle King has the prettiest asshole in porn. I could lick it all day.

jjjlover30 03/23/2017
My dream scenario

Jdewey 11/06/2021
Editors cut plz