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Movie Comments

hugo2014 01/09/2015
HOT and sexy as all get out! Way to go!

olderbutsexy 01/09/2015
Boom ;) Pappa and Baby Bear ... superb bodies, excellent performers ... love it, guys

raven 01/09/2015
Good job men! You both look great, seem to be enjoying each other and climax well. Enjoyed watching you! Raven

sparty 01/09/2015
Loved this scene especially the kissing. Can't believe they didn't exchange one word.

everhard12321 01/09/2015
Stars across the board, gents. Whoo Hoo!

Bluedog 01/10/2015
This was tremendous .... Not much by way of 'suited sex' action, but hey 2 handsome muscled masculine guys going at it and obviously enjoying each other's bods will always win plus points. Can you send Flex round for my wake up call please ? .... What time..? Doesn't matter .... Surprise me !! ;-))

harvey 01/10/2015
Love the idea of the selfie during sex. This scene was great--the idea, the surroundings, and, of course, the men! Adam Champ continues to please and Flex is amazing. I see he continues to rise in popularity. This is a great one MAP, very enjoyable to watch. Keep 'em coming!!

jalfong 01/10/2015
Gawd two gorgeous men with two hairy fit bodies. What more could a porn viewer want? I love that Flex let his chest hair grow a little bit, and well Adam always stays the same with his. No complaining here, thank you god! Now if only MAP went raw once and a while. This would be one in which i would kill to see that. I hope there s a sequel to this one because I still haven't gotten over watching this one. I need a moment. Great job as always!

ajdamen 01/10/2015
Even if we saw nothing but Flex's ass in those tight gray slacks, this video is one of your best.

karlcocksuit 01/11/2015
Hot as fuck. 2 huge uncut cocks hairy sexy blokes! Fantastic MAP.

NylonOTCs 01/11/2015
Flex and Adam were / are HOT!!!....This def. was one of your best! Nothing like to hot men in a wonderful "olde fashioned" (LOL!!!) bed, fucking away!...And Flex def. has that kind of ass Adam and "many", could just plow away on!...Thanks MAP! the OTC socks were great too!

Trevscan 01/12/2015
flex has perff ass

loosetie13 01/13/2015
Mm, would love to have some of those selfies for myself!

raven 01/21/2015
Back for an encore viewing of this steaming vid . Great models, great man sex, great photography. Give us more of this quality in 2015 MAP, please!.Raven

bluescarf 01/27/2015
agree with ajdamen - Flex's arse in the tight grey trousers is so good. Would love to see it in some tight black leather.

azuljavier 02/13/2015
que rico

robicart 02/19/2015
What a hot scene. Just wish there had been more sucking.

magnum007 03/15/2015
Adam furry torso....under the

ozwalker 03/15/2015
Caralho que delicia

aljuarez12 03/29/2015
Loved the white shirt at the beginning. More worshopping of hot torsos in dress shirts would be appreciated. Ditto on the butt!

leogreg 05/01/2015
very very hot erotic gay action.

leogreg 05/01/2015
very hot uncut cocks and very hot muscular hairy bodies. those hot muscular hairy bodies make my cock so very hard like a rock.

rontype 05/26/2015
so fucking hot, adam champ is my daddy

LORIS 07/04/2015
Yes, Adam and Flex are both scorchingly hot ! Hairy, muscular and without tattoo, it is an infinite pleasure watching them. Flex is rightly famous for his butt - his ass is really to die for under gray trousers here. Loved also his white shirt at the beginning with loose tie, so sexy ! And Adam is incredibly handsome also while sleeping.

Sherman 05/22/2016
Adam is a hairy sexy man. Turns me on. Great players....enjoyed. Prefer hair around their cocks. A turn on.

barneylincoln 07/11/2017
l'll watch anything with the handsome flex in it. He's incredibly passionate in this one..maximum sex appeal!!! those tight pants around his ass and cock are mouth-watering. as usual MAP a great film.

Richie2675 08/14/2018
Fuck this is so hot had too ffwd as was running out of time looking forward to a slow wank to this later . Please please more hairy socked men with big pubic bushes agagaon 100/100

suitlover 10/12/2020
flex looks so hot in the tight trousers/white shirt, his butt looks amazing in them grey trousers, the tightness of them really turns me on. no shots of his butt in photos or screen caps...great shame, but great movie!