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Movie Comments

vladman321 12/07/2018
Great to see Malek back

TomHHCity 12/07/2018
Sorry, but this is a risible plot. Disappointing in my view.

masstiehemd 12/07/2018
it's the same opinion

masstiehemd 12/07/2018
I find this video this week bad, or at least it does not really interest me. It seems to me that we have not seen it for more than 6 months HECTOR DE SILVA for a while! has it become too expensive? I must say that it really fills me !!! he has the perfect qualities to be the n ° 1 of MAP films. Elegant he wears with ease tie suit; he tape very well and sends his sperm very strong and very far, naturally on the tie and the shirt of his partner. On this principle I had fun doing my "top ten" actors of the site: 1 HECTOR DE SILVA / 2 DANI ROBLES / 3 DARIO BECK / 4 WOODY FOX / 5 HARRY LOUIS / 6 NEIL STEVENS / 7 MIKE DE MARKO / 8 LONDON CONRAD / 9 RACE COOPER / 10 KYLE KING....... and then CONNER HABIB THAT that we have some view .....LUDOVIC CANOT and a former actor very elegant DEAN MONROE

Rainer75 12/07/2018
After all, 2 new faces at MAP. It was exhausting and tiring to watch, as always the same guys fucked the same guys. Unfortunately both newcomers don't bring me up - sorry guys - and the sex was the same from the day before yesterday.

musclefucks 12/07/2018
Thanks guys .., let's see a lot more of Mr Malek!

icewheel 12/08/2018
this was not appealing at all

louiscapet6 12/08/2018
bad ! don't skip the faces of your guys when they cum....

Jo2chris4 12/08/2018
Dear MAP men. I like this film, because we - the MAP family - saw most what we like. Well, well dressed, good looking men. Nice story fantasy. A good f*ck and cum on tie an shirt. Thank you MAP for the answer of my question where you are buying this hot ties. Mr. Tobias and Mr. Phoenix are very hot actors. More of them, please. ... Keep up your good work to entertain us.

Jo2chris4 12/08/2018
Dear "mastlehemd" sorry that you find, this video is bad. I don´t agree with you. BUT I agree totaly with your "actorslist". Hector de Silva is my "wet dream MAP-Men". He looks sooo elegant in shirt and tie. Mr. Robles and the others of your list too. ... But I also like the video "Gentlemen" with Marvin, Andreas and Marco Blaze. I missed also sluty Justin Harris and Scott Hunter. Best whishes from germany.

Hmmbear 12/09/2018
What's the point of taking off shirts if your not going to at least pinch/suck a nipple or two. LIked this video and actors.

Sugarman06 12/09/2018
Yeah, Where is Scott Hunter?

Sugarman06 12/09/2018
Get some writers and stop recycling plots with a different name please. Guys check out "Shine" with Allen King. Long standing customers expect more. You have 4 videos a month to get it right. Waaaay les media than other sites are spitting out and we get repeats after repeats. Underwhelmed. Th wheels are falling off of the MAP WAGON really fast.

RQUEST 12/16/2018
not very hot

Suit Lover 04/28/2021
This is one of the Better MAP Scenes - Let’s face it this is a Fetish Site ! For Men who like to see Suited and Booted Studs in action ...You can see Cock Sucking/ Fucking on any porn site you choose- The Suited Ass eating Scene between these 2 Hot Gorgeous guys is Exactly why I joined this site ! Maleks Ass looks Stunning in those Tight Trousers and the suited barrier to his hot Ass is Erotica at it’s Beautiful Best ! Gabriel shows his appreciation with Gusto - The only thing that would have made this better would be Malek flipping and Showing the same attention to Gabriel’s suited Ass ! Great Work MAP TEAM - Hope to see a lot more of this !!! :)