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Movie Comments

The epitome of machismo!! What do you get when you do a photoshoot with two hot, muscular, hairy hunks? Another white hot video from MAP! You guys have and continue to out do yourselves! Continue to let your imagination fly!

vsean 09/17/2010
Cannot download???????????????

great show....loved of my favorites. What a couple of hunks! Loved the long dress socks...and the muscles on Alex's legs showing through those tight socks. Again...great show....and both men in those nylon otc's....very nice. Keep up the go

That's what sex is all about and it was beautifully captured here at MAP . Good job guys.! Good job.!

Rainer75 09/17/2010
Very intensive! Glad I voted Alex Marte for best newcomer at HustlaBall Award. For me the best is the fact, Alex's suit is much too tight, looks a bit vulgar. But in combination with his boasting charm it has the stimulus of a "bad boy" and shows his firm

It was great to see Bruno bottom The best thing about this site (other then best looking guys in porn) is the the guys look like they are REALLY enjoying it, just not going through the motions. Kudos to the staff!!!!and thanks

Wonderful! That was perfect sex between two macho. Praise is the cinematography of MAP.

Whilst I appreciate some guys like the emphasis on machismo, I'd like to see some more "elegant" guys with less muscle (and it goes with suits better).

AMAZING! This is why we LOVE MAP--hot, hairy, macho, manly, men. Don't change---ever!

Rainer75 09/17/2010
Agree 100%!!! When I get muscles served I look at them, but the expectation is different. Real erotic - especially suit erotic - doesn't need Arnold Schwarzenberger-types! Thank you Suitman 63!

Awesome pairing! These guys are gorgeous. Thanks MenAtPlay.

sparty 09/17/2010
Once again a great movie. Map showcases all types of hot men I love the variety. These movies just keep being great. Thanks MAP.

I HATE, HATE, HATE movies like this on this site. Please only masculine, real life situations. Not sex on sets...or photo shoots. What a major turnoff.

dennytheman30 09/18/2010
Alex Marte is beautiful. More of him. Like to see him paired up with Rob Nelson. The clothes need to come off quicker. Fucking in suit, is laughable and is a turnoff for me. Skip Skip!

Rainer75 09/18/2010
Have you ever mentioned MAP is a fetish side? Am I right you don't own a suit and never enjoyed sex in a suit? I don't want to banish customers but are you sure you are right here?

"Fucking in a suit is laughable" - ok, haha, find another site then, there are plenty.

I LOVE this one.. It is erotic and sexual.. My only comment is that the top looks more like a bottom, and while the bottom was immaculate as such, I would have loved to see him toping as well, as I am sure he would have been just as good. Also, I agree th

umm this is a suit fetish site.

Please no more movies with this is such a major turnoff. There are SO many hotter story lines you can do. Only masculine, guys on the down low stories!

Scene is pretty hot. The casting worked, however I agree with others I'd prefer to see Alex Marte on bottom. Also, one of the guys should have been clean-shaven. And I would like to see more guys wearing sock garters -- dresses up the leg nicely.

I really don't get the problem - one of the hottest yet! Alex is stunning and looks amazing in his tight blue pants :-) They clearly loved every minute and had a connection which is the best thing to see. Not some mechanical, bored looking sex. And if

I really enjoyed this one! Handsome Alex Marte is a real feast for the eyes and I thought Bruno was a good match. I love Bruno's style---lots of kissing, feeling and touching and he's equally good as a top or a bottom. He was great in the other film wi

Oh yeah, the suits are hot and are a great aphrodisiac but I agree the clothes need to come off quicker in most cases. A beautiful, masculine, buff body is sexier than a suit.

jiepaul 09/19/2010
well they do look handsome in suits

Suitsfan 09/19/2010
> I agree the clothes need to come off quicker in most cases. A beautiful, masculine, buff body is sexier than a suit.< If you believe that, why are you subscribing to Men at Play? There are LOADS of gay sex videos on the internet featuring naked, buf

alex108 09/21/2010
please put more of alex Mars, but passive and to stay more time with his clothes, but the video, thanks.

alex108 09/21/2010
please put more of alex Mars, but passive and not Quinten clothes, having sex and penetration with our clothes on a little break where needed for penetration, this is a fetish, please this is really

OMG this has to be one of the best scenes I've ever seen. I know they're professionals but this look a lot like making love not just casual sex. You both guys are a delight!!!

Matt Jordan 09/26/2010
Quinten clothes?

I have no complaints about this video or this site i like what you guys do and this was an excellent entry.( yes the pun was intentional)

Bruno Knight is great, but Alex Marte is an unbelievable find.

would love to see more of Alex Marte. so sexy and one of the nicest butt ive seen on these site. Would be nice to hear from Alex :)

A really hot and sexy video with two guys who obviously enjoyed each other. Again love the suits dressed with pocket squares, it just completes a suit, and love the nipple play while being jacked off. Great, keep it up!!!!!!!

for some reason i can not watch the new videos because it is not play right! The video keeps stoppin. what should i do?

why i can't downnload movie

hector 10/29/2010

best kisser, best sucker, best fucker and best bottom! i love you alex!

Simply hot and that's a man!

Almost unbearably BEAUTIFUL!!!! HOW LUCKY BRUNO IS TO SHARE KISSES (ah! ah!), SUCKING and BEING LOVED-LOVED-LOVED BY ALEX!!! I AM SPEECHLESS.............................................


EVERY SINGLE SECOND IS AWSOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bruno is amazing!

Hell! These two are SOOOO sexy together. Always good to see Alex' cock bursting out of his tight blue pants. Bruno is surprisingly hairy.. lovely!

We DEFINITELY need more movies with BRUNO!!!! There should be a law stopping him from being so underrated!!!!!!!

Wow! Its one thing how sexy and professional Bruno Knight looks wearing his suit.Its even sexier when he removes all his clothes showing off that hairy muscular buff body of his.What I would do to have him in my bed every night.I'd just give him a tongue

tiedupsuit 07/02/2011
Great movie! Wish Alex had been wearing a light colored suit. Always love to see the fabric at the crotch darkened by the lube and fucking.

I signed up for this site purely to watch this video -- I saw the preview and it was I couldn't get it out my head. Bruno and Alex seem to be truly into each other, and there is so much tenderness between them in this vid, as well as scorchin

It is an award winner.......

Two beautiful guys. I love the kissing and fucking.

I wish Bruno was the top,,,,I wish there are more models look like him,,,,I mean with that gorgeous hairy chest

thats what I want to see more of- two handsome men in otc black nylon sox fucking. shoes off- just let me see those black socked feet as they are fucking. they are both very handsome men- I'd like to see more of them. The men I mean- and the sox

Yes, I know they are ACTORS??? What they are really doing is what people do in privacy. They may think this is art? They receive, I am sure, alot of money for this performance. Well, look at them! They are the beautiful people. They can get away wit

Fantastic. Want to see wonderful Alex in a tux .... mmmm ....

amazing man, if i can have alex for one night he can take a big money, reply if you are intrested , i live in australia.

you criticize them, yet you watch. this is hypocritical

Very hot and sexy clip! Love to see two hot and hairy guys go at it and really enjoy each other. I would love to be in the middle of that furry sandwich.

77mojito 08/23/2012
beautiful hairy guys making love. i love man2man love. its the most beautiful thing in the world. woman & man could have good sex but man2man the best ! these 2 men are gorgeous and it was a joy viewing them make love. Magnifiscent !

What is the point of keeping Signor Marte clothed for most of the film? Otherwise, the film is terrific.

I love this video,love bruno smile and alex ass

olderbutsexy 02/09/2013
Oh yes! They both know exactly what it's about, and do a superb job. Hotttest! Well done, team

NylonOTCs 03/03/2013
Very erotic, Very HOT!...Alex has the most perfect ass I think I have ever seen a guy!....would agree, Alex needs to let some one like Bruno mount him!...Wonderful love makiing guys!....can't wait to see what they come up with next!...These two are just m

The most erotic, sexually exciting move ever....two over-the-top beautiful men. Amazing chemstry and passion. Love all the kissing - briliantly done and extremely fulfilling to watch.

rckurr 04/10/2014
There's some super hot fucking here. I only wish the camera had captured the penetration better.