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Movie Comments

LOVED this video!!!!! We need to see more of Steve....he is absolutely wonderful!!!!Can't wait for the next sequel to this!!!!!

good to see Steven as bottom.... hope to see more bttm movies from him...

Great video - well done to all involved! Loved idea of Neil starting in dressing gown and then dressing in suit + going commando!! Can't wait to see next instalment of story...

Wow what a nasty little "need" fest this was. And an awesome storyline as well. I always enjoy what you guys are doing. Of course the only thing better than seeing something like this is doing something like this.


Another incredible entry from MAP. Neil's cock is a work of art and Steven certainly likes it. This series could be another winner, should stop all the criticism. Although it would have been nice to see Neil cum in his condom again. Steven, in this one i

Rainer75 02/04/2011
Well done! 5 stars!

Im really shocked by this !! After watching the interview on Wednesday I thought Steven Daigle was a respectable businessman and now I find he's doing this behind the scenes, Im stunned !! My favourite bit was when Neil Stevens calmly put his crisp white

Suitsfan 02/04/2011
An intriguingly clever story line, with some nice touches - like Stevens putting his clothes ON for the fuck scene! Well done, guys! (Personally, I'd have liked a little more dialogue between the guys during the cock-sucking. For a guy being sucked to

Steven is really hot!!! Neil's got the perfect cock but he's kind of boring....nevertheless, both guys look amazing together!

Steven Daigle 02/04/2011
This movie was so much fun to make! I am so happy to finally see it out ;) and two more HOT episodes to go ;) Love you MAP and love all you hot and horny guys watching!! Blow an extra load for me... THANKS!

Yes this is very cleverly set up and they both act pretty well. I like Daigle a lot and do hope he ends up really squirming and compromised more in the further episodes. My only niggle was the lack of jackets.

The fog was gone! Intrigue manifested! Hot Boys Neil and Steve lit a fire of passion! Sparks fly and passions of fucking brutal! I liked this movie! Ps. excuse the rough language, I studied German at school.

Steven now has his own dildo out! So, if you would like a piece of him--order it! How scene between two studs! How I would love to suck Neil's dick!

In the sequel, Steven needs to get his revenge by tying up Neil, working Neil over with a dildo, and fucking Neil until he cums!!!

Sorry guys....a lot of talent (great actors) but too much time doing it in the same position (6 minutes).

thanks a lot to both of you!

High End Ratings Guys,,,,,,For Men At Play.Net PS,,,,,Getting totally dressed,but not the shoe scene.............LOL

i think that Neil stevend is finished! you should bring back you other sexy man such as nathan price, Marco Blaze, patrick

A Steven Daigle dildo. That's definitely going on my Christmas list ;-)

What a sight for sore eyes. Steven Daigle is looking sexier than ever. Roll on Episode Two! Now you just need to get him together with Ben Brown and I can die a happy man.

i think neil is at the top of his me he's hotter and sexier than ever! please...more of this sexy man!

Neil Stevens is utterly sexless: chilly, uninvolved, glacial, dull. And he sure as shit can't act. I know some creepy types get amped up on indifference but I like sex with a human being.

Steven Daigle was terrific in this film as he was with Jay Roberts. I would like to see him with Jay Roberts again. There was more chemistry between Steven and Jay than he has with Neil Stevens. Neil Stevens is very handsome and looks like a young executi

This the reason why we all love him! All the above comments apply to Neil..... BUT come on, you would, would'nt you. I may be biased, the hustler is one of my favourites and the last Dr. was a bit strange. Mr. Stevens will always be in the MAP top 5 thoug

Steven Daigle 02/21/2011
Tell me about it! I am begging for the to put me with Ben Brown!! I hope to come back this summer and shoot some more ;) Let them know what you wanna see! Thanks!!

sparty 02/21/2011
Hey Steven Loved to see your two comments on your movie. It's good to know that as a model you also read and respond to your veiwers.Marco Wilson was the only other model that I have seen do that. All his movies have been awesome as was this one of your

I have to agree with Garterman, I'm tired of Neil Stevens. Sure he's hot, very hot, but not so sexy. Sexy is passionate & involved. He always seems like he's wondering if he left the oven on. Why do these movies if you aren't into the sex? Surely he could

Daigle is hot (as is Neil) and all your models are. I love the sexual energy. I wish you could have your men in TNT's or sheer socks. Gold toe is hot, but lets add something new! Hey it is a sexy look on these HOT MEN going at it........... thanks for th

Steven Daigle has terrific raw sexual energy. Pair him up with another man who has equal sex drive and excitement. Let the fires drive their animal lust. Daigle gets wasted on actors who simply lay back passively.

Neil could fuck me any time wow

Daigle is sooo sexy! Reminds me of my manager in work!

Rick8668 05/21/2012
VERY HOT! I would LOVE to suck both Steven Daigle's & Neil Steven's cocks!

olderbutsexy 10/11/2012
That long cock was hitting the prostate big time! Sexy guys

My heart be still!!! Being a fan of Steve from Big Brother, and a fan of Niel Stevens, seeing them together was so hot. i won't go into the details of what a mess I made! Thanks Men at Play

Okay 03/10/2013
Nice teasing conversation, when he pull on his dick, with the other one watching. Good boy keeping the tie on during blowjob, and love that the other one is dressing. Love him putting onn the tie to get ready to fuck, but could have wiped his ass with it,

robicart 11/23/2018
Two of the sexiest guys EVER! How to improve the movie? Have Neil also suck Steven's dick. He's good at sucking although he doesn't do very much in movies.