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Movie Comments

very hot film. I like it

Who couldn't resist being done over by Daigle. The funny thing is when I first saw his intro vid I thought Big Brother, Big Boring but this fellow is probably one of the MAP best. An all round entertainer, shall we say! Everything about this film was top

Simply can't wait for another "Sextortion" chapter. The clothing, the overall design, the "look," the men and the sex... Superb!

Pablo Nunez: Handsome face, extraordinarily beautiful body, and (thank you!) no tattoos. This is the kind of man who inspires wet dreams by the dozen! Please use him in as many features as he'll let you. How about pairing him with Marco Wilson? Toget

Bring Pablo back! Give him a dildo to use or a fleshjack! WOW! Too, perform on stage again at Heavens. Have Pablo, Neil Stevens, and Francesco Marti perform nude on stage, for they are as sexy at Axel, Julian Vincenzo, and Jason!!

It's an interesting series but I am still hoping there will be a twist and Daigle gets an almighty suited humiliation. He's very cute and acts well but I do wish you could drop the "verbal Americanisms" that just sound a bit cliched.

Very hot and sexy

How hot is Steven Daigle!!!!!!

sparty 04/02/2011
Hey Matt, is there a profile on Pablo? He is so sweeeeeet, need to know more.

Oh boy i bet in the next part Mr. (Steven Daigle's alter ego in these videos) "i really don't know how else to phrase it" your going to get your come uppanceit'll show him to be so smarmy wink/wink . And i agree Mr Nunez is a terrific and sexy find he's b

Oh boy i bet in the next part Mr. (Steven Daigle's alter ego in these videos) "i really don't know how else to phrase it" your going to get your come uppance it'll show him to be so smarmy wink/wink . And i agree Mr Nunez is a terrific and sexy find he's

tiedupsuit 04/03/2011
I agree with the suited humiliation. Hope that comes. Maybe he will get throw into a jail cell with a couple of tattooed musclemen and they thoroughly use him while he is suited. Great movie. Nunez is extremely handsome. Beautiful suits. Again, I wis

Unfortunately it seems clear that this is the finale and there will be no comeuppance. It's a big disappointment. And I do wish if nothing else these massive cum shots could get aimed at a suit - given how well this site is doing the dry cleaning can ha

tiedupsuit 04/03/2011
I do love seeing cum shots onto suits. Guess this goes back to the day when this site was partially a suited grunge site. Seeing Daigle's load on Nunez's suit or even on Carl's suit last time would have been totally hot. I disagree with you that this i

Please stop using Steven he is miserably boring and does not live up to MAP standards. Pablo on the other hands please pair with someone who deserves his beauty ;-)

Was it me or did Pablo looked!!! Steve really looked like he tried to effect Pablo, but it didn't seem to work.....

Time for a trip to Specsavers I think Mr. SDK310!

Matt Jordan 04/05/2011
yes, theres no way we are going to stop using Steven he's AMAZING

sublisime !! the evidence is vvery nyce and very exciting !! pablo is a very nice boy !! I like

Suitsfan 04/06/2011
I totally agree with you, Matt - Steven Daigle is a star. Handsome and convincingly 'executive' in both face and body, he looks totally comfortable and sexy in a suit, as well as out of one. He appears genuinely turned on by his co-stars, gives good ora

Marox 04/08/2011

fucking hot...


Matt Jordan 04/14/2011
i think thats more of an american thing.

tiedupsuit 04/15/2011
Just read your blog regarding this series. Please consider filming a part 4. I have a feeling you guys would come up with something amazing.

this bottom actually looks like he is acting, not participating! love the over the calf socks, feet views, but the bottom .... try to enjoy the fuck.

Steven Daigle really gets into his sex, and that is HOT. The man loves to fuck and that is evident. Pablo is a huge disappointment in this film. Does he even enjoy what is going on? Where's his passion, his lust?

Shame! Shame! There ya go, pickin' on us Yanks again. LOL

Stev Daigle always pleases. He loves to fuck and it certainly shows. I would see anything he's in.

Bonjour, c'est ma première contribution aux commentaires des vidéos du site Men At Play. Je le fais en français c'est plus facile pour moi. Cela fait presqu'un an que j'ai abandonné le site sous le surnom "bernstie" pour le reprendre sous ce nouveau p

Hello, it is my first contribution to the comments of the videos of the site Men At Play. I make it in French it is easier for me. It has been almost one year since I gave up the site under the nickname " bernstie " to take back it under this new pen name

This is so hot. Loved every minute of it. I'm a very satisfied customer. Thanks!

klaus 02/02/2012
... superscharf ... hätte gern mitgemacht ...

Pablo, when you take Steven's cock up your ass, you are my hero!

Okay 03/10/2013
The suits are not used, makes it boring

hatetatoos-4-2 04/08/2013
I loved this movie.

hatetatoos-4-2 04/08/2013
I loved this movie.

Steve Daigle should always be the one fucking. There are some men who are born to be bottoms. Dean Monroe comes to mind. It just seems odd to see Steve Daigle without his legs in the air.

hatetatoos-4-2 06/16/2013
I just watched this perfect movie. Steven Daigle is handsome and very, very sexy. I love a man in a grey suit, wearing black shoes and otc socks. Pllease bring him back.